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British Queen said she wants Turkey kept out of the EU for a long time

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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 03:36 PM

Originally posted by Saracen2
I wish some folks on here would check their facts before posting!

There is a clear agenda (part of the clash of civilizations garbage), to paint all muslims as the beligerents in any dispute, unwilling to listen to rational argument and debate. The subtext of all of this is, " war is the only option"!

That article should also include the proposal in simple terms: which was an official split of the country along the Attila line.
In retrospect, consider a foreign nation invading your land to accomodate a very small Turkish minority (18% at the time) who feel shunned. Then this foreign nation illegally occupies over 37% of your country for 30 years, and then wants to legalize the partition. Would you vote "yes"? Neither did the Greek Cypriots who were, and are still living with a hostile foreign force occupying almost half their country.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 03:38 PM

Originally posted by moogins

Originally posted by scoobyrob
i wish she had said that to ireland before we joined.

but ya she has an opinion but that should be kept to herself imo!

wonder what her reason for that is if that statement is true!

You can always leave anytime you want, pick a country and get a flight.

If he done that for outside Europe he would be "inconvienced" in the long "non-EU" customs line.

A lot of people want to cut off their own noses despite their faces regards to Europe.

They also forget that alot of non full members are actually in the EEA and aligned in their laws and can become full members any time, infact Iceland is furthering discussions of becoming a full member.

They also forget by being outside the EU and also the EEA would make them not as competitive due to higher tarrifs when trading from outside to inside the EEA and EU.

The EU has actualy upheld and strenghthened and aligned privacy rights laws that the UK has trampled (been in the news lots of time).

A lot of companies in those coutnries that leave the EU would have to most likely close due to their existing inter EU markets, collapsing due to higher tarrifs if outside the EEA.

The EU and EEA has saved lots of small companies by opening up new markets as their existing local markets died off.

For all their BNP, EDL and patriotism huff puffing and being anti Europe, they would be WORSE off if outside the EEA.

Lets not fool ourselves the UK will not leave the EU or EEA. Go ahead, I dare you.

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