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Rep. Giffords shooting, violence in Mexico, Project Gun Runner and Rifle registration legislation Co

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 03:38 AM
While putting together this post - ATS - NRA to ask for Holders resignation, and reading this post - ATS - Obama wants to know if you buy a rifle I saw an intresting pattern.

Read up on both links for the more finite details -

When Rep. Giffords was shot, there was a call by some to clamp down on guns, again. Several ideas were floated, a few made it to bill form that died in committee. Personally speaking my opinion is if Rep. Giffords had died, then the next part might not have been used to the extent it has been.

(its also inteesting to note her shooting took place in one of the targeted states for rifle registration)

***This is the lynchpin so to speak***
After her incident, news coveage picked up about the violence occuring in Mexico with the drug cartels going after each other. President Obama and Secratary of State Clinton both went on record with media outlets, deploring the violence, and laying partial blame at the door step of US gun Manufacturers.

Fast forward to when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed in a shootout with Mexicna cartel members who crossed into the United States. He lost his life Dec, 2010.

His death sparked ATF agents to begin whistle blowing on their supervisors for Operation gunrunner. This ATF program, which started back in 2005, tracked Mexican nationals coming into the US, purchasing rifles from gun shops in the 4 border states, and then tracking those weapons back into Mexico,where the cartels were using them.

The gun that killed Agent Terry was one of the weapons the ATF tracked back into Mexico. Currently Sen. Grassley has been conducting an investigation into that ATF Operation, and recently subpoenas were issued because the ATF was not cooperating in the investigation. The question now being asked, aside from asking Holder to resign, is how much, if anything did Obama and other members of his Cabinet know.

The Conspiracy -

If Clinton, Obama, along with AG Holder, knew about Operation gunrunner, it appears they were taking advantage of a situation they in part helped create in another country in an effort to pass gun control legislation here.

There has been talk about trying to backdoor gun control legislation somehow, and this looks like it is it.

* - Allow weapons into Mexico, knowing they will be used by cartels
* - Publicise the death count while laying partial blame at US gun maunfacturers
* - Use the death count of Mexicans to gain support for gun control legislation
* - Exploit the continued violence in Mexico to back the claims and bolster legislation
* - Exploit the agents death by using his incident in an effort to gain support for legislation.

Result -

Exploitation of a Mexican inernal drug war between the Mexican Government and rival cartels in an effort to pass gun control legislation in the US supposedly directed at stopping the flow of weapons into Mexico.

The Result -
A gun control legislation that is directed at only 4 states, but can easily be applied to all 50 states. Since the legislation would already be passed, it can be modified to add other states.

Im not good and coming up with these things, but thought I would give it a shot and see what others think.

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posted on May, 6 2011 @ 10:23 PM
I think you pretty much just summed it all up in a nutshell! Im wondering when Mexicos gonna get peeved enough to do something serious other than just talk big words. Its insane the lengths some people will go to, to stroke their egos.

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