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a dream...not so much

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 02:09 AM
where we are is not where i saw us
this world, my life, our vision, the hope
all changed....
....warped, manipulated, corrupt or broken
dreams and aspirations......gone, drained deep like the planet's lifeblood
negativity does not encompass all however....within us lies spirit, and with our spirit, lies free will
we think and create, and that is our true gift, and with this there will be no difference
we will make way for change and survival will follow
It is on the horizon
.... a new sun will soon shine for all to be warmed and enlightened from
the darkness which slipped inside our walls like a dagger in the night,
purged like poison from a wound....
an awakening, full of us all, gripping every corner of Earth is what turns a spark into a fire


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