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Who would you consider worse?

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 12:33 AM
Hi folks I do not post in this forum so excuse me if I'm off topic but a curious issue seems to come to surface more to me today than ever. It sort of deals with human intentions and purposeful disingenuousness. I have an old saying I like to recite that I think clearly states where I'm coming from asking responses but it may turn serious replies off to start with, so maybe later.

Here's the crux. Person one is working at a job that this person knows is telling lies and exaggerations to deliver their service under. Padding the till so to speak but not fully understanding what they are promising to their customer/client that may be unreasonable for the workers to fulfill.

Person two knowingly promises a service that is known to violate moral code or distort an issue to the point that a service will be delivered as promised by deflection and deception.

I guess that is vague so let me simply state person one is a PR professional, person two is a lawyer, they both are handling a client disingenuously, simply lying to them to gain their trust or business. The PR person is unaware of what it may take to fulfill the promise of service while the Lawyer well knows deception must occur to fulfill the service, win the case or settlement.

Who is worse?

Person one lacking in the particulars of the process they are soliciting? Or person two who knows the process must be deceptive to deliver the service?

One is not quite there, two is there to the point of offering to manipulate the system.

This is not a question of who you would choose to hire on your behalf, (that would depend on your circumstances and their professionalism, salesmanship).

Who do you despise the most?

I believe my one-line saying states this better but it could be interpreted vulgar to some and/or offensive. Any thoughts?

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 12:04 PM
Wouldnt hire either one. In many ways am quite old school and have a strict code of honour that I live by. Tbh Ive no respect for bankers, lawyers, politicians, merchants etc as they produce nothing from which to earn a living instead they bleed those around them and profit from misery lacking any honour or morals.. Thus I would not hire them.

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