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More Evidence Freedom Of Speech No Longer Exist In America (Cenk MSNBC)

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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by UcDat

Originally posted by beezzer
reply to post by UcDat

Exactly why I'm such a fan of Rep. Col. West. I wish the guy would run for president.

But there ya go.

Two people, two opposing viewpoints. No need for outside rhetoric.

I got a feeling there's a lot more to his story that we should know
Would you consider making a thread about him I'd like to know more and maybe you can swing a few voter his way here on ATS.
btw I never claimed to know the whole story I just kinda hijacked it cause it fit my message. If you know what i mean lol


I'm actually waiting on an email back from his staff. I have questions and as soon as they email me back, will gladly post it.

Edit to add, I was helpful in getting Mike Lee (Tea Party) voted in against an incumbant republican in Utah in 2010. I have a regular column (political magazine) under my real name where I write. I still get emails from Lee's staff. But I hold their feet to the fire as anyone else. So, hopefully, West's staff will be as forthcoming. Especially on issues like the Patriot Act etc.
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