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Nothing can be done until...

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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 05:36 AM
The main problem with the NWO conspiracy is its lack of consistency, each and every thing gets labelled as part of the NWO plot, whether it be aliens, corporate greed, shape shifting royalty, global warming, ancient civilisations, miraculous returning brown dwarfs, banking crisis, chem trails, the antichrist, devil worshiping masonic nutters haarp, bluebeam each and every thing gets pulled in and claimed as proof of the global elite, though we cant even agree on who the elite are, bankers, royalty, Jesuit, Zionist, fascist, communist, illuminati, mason, templar... all get blamed.

Being an amateur historian, and there is a definite emphasis on the word amateur, the whole concept falls apart, you only have to take a cursory look at royal linage for example to understand these people cannot work together, the vast majority of them are no better than bunch of scheming vipers consistently murdering each other and betraying each other, definitely not a global elite working together for each others benefit.

A lot of things are contradictory to, for example, people claim the elite want us in shackles constantly paying all of our wages to them in taxes, yet then people claim the elite want to wipe out 5 - 6 billion people, dead people don't pay taxes... They say they want to enforce a plan of Eugenics and slowly kill everyone off, to save the resources of the planet, then claim that they are using radiation to kill us, how does poisoning the planet save it? Wouldn't it be far simpler to just create a biotic threat like a mutated virus than to create earthquake machines to create a large earthquake, tsunami and radiation poisoning to destroy the very thing you are trying to protect? There are loads of contradictions like this


We sort out the wheat from the chaff and sort out what is really going on, we need to stop pulling things together until we have a positive case for it being linked. The NWO theories have got to stop being the dumping ground for every other conspiracy theory.

It seems logical to me that there would be far more than one cabal anyway, probably several different groups with different agendas, and I think it would be beneficial to us as a whole to look at it that way, that there is probably several different groups doing different things, some may be linked others wont be and until we can identify what is what we don't stand a chance of beating it. Throwing everything together just muddies the waters, clouds the insight.

We all have different beliefs, different theories as to who is doing what and why, and we are all to aggressive defending our own stand point and ridiculing others to ever get anything done. We all know the saying "Divide and conquer" and yet here we divided and seemingly conquered.

Perhaps we should just focus on what is happening, and how we fight it rather than concentrating on who is behind it, if the earth is being poisoned does it matter if it is the fault of the Greys, Elitists, shape shifting lizard royalty, corrupt governments or Bankers? Or does it just actually matter that the planet is being poisoned? We just need to know what is being done, and who is perpetrating it, then how do we prove it and how do we stop it. Running round in circles blaming this or that doesn't actually get anything done.

So please your thoughts and suggestions
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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 05:50 AM
I am in complete agreement with you! I think you've hit the nail on the head! The biggest issue with the the human race at the moment is the complete lack of adhesion amoungst the people. Its all well and good the governments making decisions and doing all their back handed deals, the ever increasing price of fuel, but it is up to us as the people to to make a joint decision if we dont like something. If we want to know the truth about issues that are clearly being hidden from us, then we need to demand in one voice to be told! But unfortunatly it seems to be easier for a majority of us to stick our heads in the sand, get lubed up and take it like men from the powers that be!!
Just my thoughts.......

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 05:50 AM
A lot of it could be disinformation too, what better way to hide certain things than to have people saying OMG ufos and obama and w/e else is todays favorite NWO conspiracy.Though yeah a lot of it is just plain ridiculous there may be some truth somewhere in it.

But i highly doubt if the NWO has some great plan that everyday people would find out about it, its not like the movies where 'i'll tell you my complete plan and map it out for you because i will kill you in a moment' (and then the guy escapes).

If they have such a plan the details surely would be hidden pretty well, but what better way to keep your plan hidden than to make up other stuff to keep us all busy with, they could be planning to kill everyone by some special laser that when shot at earth it reacts with everyone that has consumed a certain type of chemical in the food produced for mass consumption and everyone just combusts.

Anything is possible but the likely hood of us really finding out the details i highly doubt, we may find some breadcrumbs but for the most part they have more money they you can imagine and killing people who they perceive might speak out would be nothing to them.

So yeah its all just conspiracies with a few bread crumbs here 'n there, but all along it could be breadcrumbs left out to keep people guessing and looking at certain topics while others are not even imagined.

/end of rant

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 06:02 AM
Yup. But there is some truth to this NWO thing. But I don't think that its fearful. I have never ever believed that the elites will just kill off people to save themselves. If so, why do they do it? If they want the people of the world to unite, against what and whom?

I believe that the elites are highly informed about many things and that makes them act crazy. The truth is we will never know. There could be a valid reason for an NWO-bad aliens out there to wipe us out. If a race of aliens are bad, I see no reason to unite people. We can pretty much do nothing about it. Crashing the dollars, blue beam, north-american union wont help. They would bring in the NWO and make christianity the only world religion. Then what they would do to the people of other faith?

I see a long-term work in progress for some reason. Why do they want to enslave us with this monetary system? Why politics? Why filthy entertainment? Why do they want to control us and for what? Why don't they just tell us what the hell is happening?

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 06:05 AM
You cannot see it because you are not thinking big enough - plus of course the whole structure of everday thought processes are all designed to steer you away fromever seeing it.

We are somethings 'smartmonkey' project - they 'own' us and are being held to account for it most likely.

It is inevitable that the smartmonkies are going to learn how to re-write their own genome via a technological singularity at some point (tower of babel) - and Borg swarm the Universe as immortal cyborg hypersmart mutants.

That is why they need a NWO of limited no's of dumbed down humans completley under their control.

They manage the whole project via the bloodline elites - interfacing with them via occult rituals.

They in turn create whole societies of usefull idiots to do thier bidding - Religions at first - then later communism, freemasons, illuminati etc -

That is the reason it all seems a contradictory mess - because it is! - what you see are all usefull idiots pursueing agendas created for them.

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 06:23 AM
Excellent, one of the most sensible threads regarding this issue for a long time. I think it's easy for people who know nothing about the area to just pin it on the NWO or whatever you want to call it. Similarly to religious people who use the phrase "god did it".

Like you said, the leaders of each individual countries all want different things. Even leaders in the same countries want different things (David Cameron & Nick Clegg for example). Never mind the leaders in different continents.

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 06:55 AM
reply to post by Griffo

It is not that I don't believe there is anything in the NWO theories, I think there is a are a lot of possibilities, large banking families and large corporations would indeed benefit from a single global nation, without any import export restrictions and taxes and it creates a lack of accountability also.

And lets face it, history does prove man's over all desire for power and to conquer nations to become leader of the known world, but there have always been opposing factions, rival states and empires, there has never been unity between leaders.

And that is what I think we have now, rather than outward imperialism as we saw in the last few centuries, but a hidden imperialism, a hidden agenda, constant shadow wars, like the assault on the dollar, the stirring of the people in middle east, the grouping of nations is becoming apparent, with the EU, the African Nations, the proposed (semi hidden) grouping of the US with Canada and Mexico, we are being played, but I believe we are being played by different groups, maybe loosely aligned but with their own separate agenda

We just need to identify what each group is up to, then look to see if there are any links, rather than just thinking it is all one big plot

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