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Eccentric and Underground Music

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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 04:04 AM
Just what the title says, really. If it's strange and/or obscure, it belongs in this thread.

Nothing mainstream! Nothing ordinary!

Warning: Language

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 06:44 AM
An open mind imagination knows no bounds
Think it out in cheap and twisted times

'Cutting Face'


I've seen the best minds of my generation running on empty, Superglued to the T.V.
Dreaming of prosperity, Talking incessantly, Saying nothing
Sleeping on platforms at train stations, Sipping chemical cocktails
Alive to the Universe, Dead to the World

Hallucinating delusions of media reality in Camden Town,
Desperate in the pursuit of cool
He's in a suit, she's in a straight jacket, 7-11 nightmares at 3am
~~and the moon is quiet and holy~~

Watch all the bridges collide, Well I think we might have to lay low, for a while

I saw the best minds of my generation caught up in the virtual reality of living.
Memorizing pin numbers and secret codes
Swaying robotically to non-existent rhythms
Flashing memberships to clubs so exclusive nobody belongs

Scared $*itless, Witless, Clueless, Useless, Tight-Lipped, Tight-Fisted, Tight-A$$ed
Half-A$$ed, and A$$ Lickin' Coke Sniffin' Money Grabbin' Needle Jabbin'
Sniveling and Groveling. Moaning and Groaning.

The city's all wrapped up in plastic like an electronic cocoon.
If you lay in the street you can hear it humming
Building up slowly from underground

If you close your eyes you can observe the blueprint
The man-made dna that spirals breathlessly out of control
As synapses collapse, bridges snap, into a restless utopia, Nutopia!!

Now the rain has arrived and I think we might have to lay low
Watch all the bridges collide and I think we might have to lay low

Jesus said " Lay down your arms", Jesus said "Children come home"




Parental Advisory; Due to Dennis Hopper's use of foul language, Parental Discretion Is Advised.
The following is not intended for virgin ears.

'Sick Asp %*@&'
^^(Full Gimball/No. 1/Club Mix)^^remixed from 'Asphole' and '%#@& It Up Pigface'^^


A couple others that I have posted that are closely related to Pigface-
Pigface- 'Burundi'
The Damage Manual

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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 07:16 AM
I'm So Postmodern - The Bedroom Philosopher

I would include the lyrics but they're in the video.

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 08:38 AM
Underground? Here ya go

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 01:31 AM
Just thought I'd take a break from my other thread. PHEW.....

BTW, Juggallete, you read my mind regarding that Twiztid video!

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 10:54 AM
Strange song my friend showed me:

Just, chaotic

The lyrics for that video are kinda funny

I gues i'll add to the juggalo music lol

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 09:18 PM
Whoop Whoop!

Warning: Explicit

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by AngryOne

More underground...

All Explicit


and how could I forget...

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 11:39 PM

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 12:25 AM
You MUST hear this song. Creepy as hell!

Nobou Uemetsu (or however the hell his name is supposed to be spelled) is amazing...

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 11:21 PM

Your Organization was lying to us.

I'm convinced this is the soundtrack to the end of the world.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 08:04 PM

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 01:35 AM

Not really underground but seems like most people dont remember

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