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Gallop Appeal Decision

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posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 09:42 PM

Originally posted by filosophia
reply to post by Six Sigma

If her claims were frivolous, then dismiss it and move on. The fact that she was forced to pay twice the court costs is an indication of prejudice against her which undoubtedly sheds the light of truth onto her side.

What they are basically saying is, because she tried to sue the government, and whenever you try and do that the government dismisses it as frivolous, then they have the right to double the court costs.

Keep laughing you hyenas, you're living in Nazi Germany and you think it's all fun and games. This is a government that does not allow itself to be sued. Good luck.
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No, it wasn't because she sued the government, it was because she tried to have the dismissal of the lower court reversed, based on a FLAWED premise, that she couldn't have won by a longshot.

She had NO legal grounds to appeal the lower courts decision. It's because of this, that her and her lawyermust come up with 15,000 for being complete jackasses.

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 09:12 AM

Originally posted by hooper
Any comments?

Summary, April Gallop's claim of conspiracies are so frivolous that the court has not only turned down her appeal but has also ordered her and her attorney's to pay twice court cost.

This is only a taste of what the truthers can expect if they genuinely wish to pursue their conspiracy claims. It's one thing to use desperate, "Cheney said he was in the bunker at 9:35 but he really got there at 10:00. Isn't THAT suspicious?" bottom of the barrel scraping, childish "Rice had an oil tanker named after her" innuendo dropping and idiotic "Bush knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew Hitler" Kevin Bacon games on conspiracy discussion forums, but in an actual court of law they'll need actual tangible proof of their assertion to survive cross examination. Gallop for example claimed the Pentagon was blown up by pre-planted explosives and that no plane ever hit it, but all the defense would need to do is call a few eyewitnesses who specifically saw the plane hit the Pentagon to throw that assertion into the trash. Of course, they didn't need to because she couldn't even show there were pre-planted explosives.

THEN, after it was dismissed, they had the gall to appeal. An appeal isn't a request to try the case all over again. An appeal is a request for a higher court to dismiss a lower court's ruling due to procedures not being followed which may have caused an improper ruling, and it's only a surprise to her and her lawyer that they couldn't even show that actually happened. What, did she and her lawyer think they could recreate the rule of law to their liking simply because they were spouting really sinister sounding accusations?

Until they learn to get their heads out of the clouds and get their act together, the conspiracy people are destined to lose and lose horribly. It won't be due to any secret conspiracy to silence them, or due to any campaign to punish them for speaking out, but rather, it will be due to their own horribly bad mishandling. I find this sad because this necessarily derails any real investigation of the failures of the gov't at preventing the 9/11 attack, since it will forever be associated with the alternative reality Alex Jones groupies like April Gallop.
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posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by filosophia

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! Wrong!

There were no trillions missing. For the TRILLIONTH time, that whole affar was about the poor and outdated method of tracking finances and such that is tying up the beurocracy. Antiquated systems and storage which tie up the money paper. They can't track up to 2 trillion dollars in transactions because they are ALL OVER THE PLACE in old storage systems and filing systems that are not compatable, old, or stuffed to the gills. They wish to make it more streamlined. THAT is what Rumsfeld was lamenting. There is NO mention of ANY trillions missing. That claim is a LIE that was created by a TRUTHER. A truther lied. And you truther sheep swallowed it up as if it were written by God. Just another shining example of a truther LIE being touted as truth.

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by GoodOlDave

Not to mention she sued American Airlines first!
Yeah, first sue American Airlines for damages, THEN sue the govt and claim bombs and no plane were used at the Pentagon. WAY TO GO APRIL!!!

Also, she claimed to walk out the entry hole unscathed. Amazing since it was enveloped in jet fuel and fire and thick black smoke for hours after impact. Must have had on an asbestos coat that day.

Sorry, but when truthers go to this extreme to actually LIE blatantly and continually, even in the face of the facts, it makes you wonder their true motives, or sanity.

Let's go back to this thread from two years ago:
"April Gallop Sues American Airlines, but claims there was no plane?, "

If only the truthers can get their stories straight before opening their mouths.

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