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What would we do - what should we do

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posted on Jul, 29 2004 @ 04:00 AM
I was reading some replies in ATS and this article from the german magazine "Der Spiegel".

as it is written in german I summarize: It is about threats coming from a group called "Abu Hafis al-Masri-Brigads" and that's their message:

"Wir werden die Städte Europas erschüttern, und wir werden mit dir anfangen, Berlusconi, und wir werden es blutig machen, bis du auf den richtigen Pfad zurückkehrst. Warte auf uns, Berlusconi, und auch deine anderen Verbündeten, wartet auf unsere Versprechen, die wir dir offenbart haben, und die wir nun Europa kundtun."

"We will rock the cities of Europe and we will start with you Berlusconi, we will do it bloody until you step back on the right path. Wait for us Berlusconi, as well as your allies, wait for our promises, that we revealed and confessed in Europe."

Threats against Italy and Europe in general aren't new, that's something coming up for quite a time but that's not my focus now.
I was thinking about what would we do, here in Europe, if terrorist dare to strike even harder as 9/11?

Imagine a nuclear bomb or dirty bomb in a city like Berlin, Paris or London.
What would we do?

Thinking about it I came to a conclusion which I don't like. My guess is that we will stick pretty much to what the USA did.
More monitoring, more security checks, less privacy...all what we Europeans currently criticise about the USA. Maybe even military force against certain countries or groups. Our general viewpoint will become more agressive and hostile against foreign countries and our opinions more right and conservative.

All that we currently criticise.

Another question that came to my mind is "what should we do?". While the first question implies a reaction on something that already happened this one is for now.
The game is currently Frenchs/Germans bash the USA, Americans bash the French and the Germans.

What I would like to know and understand is what Americans want from France and Germany. What should we do now in your honest opinion?

- Please remember I am asking "now" and not about the past
- we can't change the past anyway -

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posted on Jul, 29 2004 @ 06:01 AM
i have no clue i happen to like french and german people, as for their government they can do what they want, this is a free world after all. if they were attacked by some terrorist which i think is highly doubtful scenario, then perhaps a complete middle eastern takeover by the US and EU would be neccesary. now hopefully those dern muslims will keep out of trouble.

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