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The Kristos state

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posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 10:27 AM
Hello, this is a first thread. I don't kown if it should go under metaphysics, new world order or Aliens...

On the surface, It looks as if the New age universal pagan narration has trouble with the Christian narration of Jesus Christ and a forciori orthodoxy.
Of course.
Two millenia of misunderstanding, war and social control only calls for emancipaction and for means to restore a certain sense of personnel sovereignty that we feel being a birht right versus a persistant dominant orthodoxy.
But let’s pause right here.
From the word orthodoxy we can delicately pull out it’s homologous partner, orthogonality.

Orthogonality is one of the most important properties that can help make even complex designs compact.
Compactness is the property that a design can fit inside a human being's head. A good practical test for compactness is this: Does an experienced user normally need a manual? If not, then the design (or at least the subset of it that covers normal use) is compact. One subtle but powerful way to promote compactness in a design is to organize it around a strong core algorithm addressing a clear formal definition of the problem, avoiding heuristics and fudging.

We find orthogonality in the 4 cardinal spacial orientation, in the Zenith and the equator, the cosmic tree, the tree of life, the axis mundi, the wooden cross ect…
Here’s the catch. Just a few angstums « beneath » the spacial 3 dimensions of a profane wooden cross is the « breach of levels » as Mircea Eliade calls it. A very « thin » angular moment that can access dimensional breakdown.
I mean a gate to otherness or extra dimensions.
Orthogononality encodes that secret, every mystical traditions know that.
Sacred geometry is in fact both a simulacrum and an ontological media that form a membrane for dimensional travel or access.
Note that if x and y are real and orthogonal, the cosine of the angle between them is zero. That looks like a dimensional tipping point.

In other words, our spacial, empirical, topological orientations are but metaphores or allegories for the inner orientation. The one of the soul, the holly ghost, the Purusha, le pure esprit, the astral body ect… you name it. An inner orientation that rifts the 3d hologram condition.

Here’s the next catch.
It is as if we are telescoped with a soul partner already operating in another dimension, our « witness in heaven » or guardian angel as it has been descibed for christians. As if we were a bi-unity with a broken connection that has remained opaque and separate for a long time. At least from the time our known civilisation began.

The legacy of a Christ through the alchemical allegory of resurrection or transmutation would reside in the historical narration of the two way ticket through death and back, 3D to extra dimension and back.
The transhuman ship of our bi-unity in action.
Jewish caballa mystics, pre-Islamic Sufis and pre-christians gnostics knew that. The inner orientation, the Kristos state. But mystics can’t educate nations. So the clergy and the scribes do and become biased for social control.
New age and Christian narrations have this in common; the restoration of personal sovereignty ; The promethean myth, returning the light to man.
Restoring a broken connection.
That’s why homo sapiens is angry !
The problem with the written law, as Jacques Derrida says, it is the only condition of it’s transmission always already pairing with it’s contamination. So are all religious inclinations.

Here’s for your metaphysical bet, in the form of a question.
If there are indeed trans/ inter/ extra dimensional entities, call them extra/ intra/ ultraterrestrial beings, intra-psychic, ghosts, trolls, djinns, demons, blood thirsty vampires, that feed on our ignorance (the suffering of our lost connection of our bi-unity) for their own life support, who do they go for ? what are their favourite output ? where are their best thriving centers ?

I would bet that orthogonality has a higher immune system.
If anything Christianity had to offert man, it would be presicely this.
Its soteriological content. What has to be « saved » is the secure example of the orientation, the passage of the bi-unity. What people also call ascention.
Something to remember when the new world order goes around banning Christ or any soteriolgy still alive.

The New age universal pagan is somewhat correct in wanting to find a direct axis with the divine (a form of entheogenesis) with out suffering the social, political and historical weight of doctrine. After all, we’re all cosmic fabric and the default intuition is that we have that power somewhere already within us. So we risk by-passing the orthodoxa to get that direct contact.
But this is where, in my view, the « meta-immune » system can become porous in contemplating all homologous forms of might indiscriminate, thereby becoming meta food for those hypothetical entities with agendas unbeknownst.
The luciferian narration is still under examination as far as it is still the vent of paranoia, conspiracy, duality and embargo from which the New age calls for emancipation. So what’s the price ?
Is the devil real in that he pretends to not exist or is the devil real in that he only pretends to exist ?
The answer is still above top secret

I guess it’s a thought that needs to be challenged for clarification.
Anyone ?

Anything goes, place your bets !

posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 10:53 AM
Sounds like a conversation one would have around 3:33amET after crashing the party boat into a lagoon full of shape shifting frogaroo's that live solely on peaches and BP oil.


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