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Possible Acquisition Opportunity - Action Memorandum

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posted on Jul, 29 2004 @ 01:20 AM
"A Top Secret Department of the Army memorandum describes a proposal to allow Iraq to buy U.S. military helicopters in exchange for intelligence information."

This letter head or what ever it is, seems to be created in 1983 11th of April. Declassified 1991 13th of August. Perfect for the first gulf war...

If they were selling surplus or non surplus back then just for some intel, can't even imagine what would be on the platter now days. Not sure if this could be considered a national security issue, but I see how it could turn into one. Going over other posts of mine I'm sure it wall be made clear. It all just doesn't add up...

Running with the case number, I wonder what else can be found.

So much more can be found in the following link, if none of you have already tapped into this gold mine on info that is.



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