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Ideas for a time/universe slip experiment please.

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 10:10 PM
There is elsewhere a very interesting thread where people have posted personal experiences of strange phenomenon involving missing time, going back in time, changing realities and the like.
Had a confirmed "Time Slip"

This thread now is not for personal stories, but for ideas on how to test and run experiments.

It occurred to me that if you were to encode a time stamp onto a laser beam, shoot it at a distant object and then test the returned reflection, 99.99999% of the time the data would be normal and show the normal time delay for such a journey... but if reality or time got messed up in the journey then the time delay would be 'off' by some anomalous amount.
Anybody got the equipment to reflect lasers off the moon?

Then it occurred to me that the same could be done with radio reflections off the moon. Amateur radio operators with huge dish antennas do this every day. Anyone out there got the equipment?

Then it occurred to me that ever since amateur radio started, they've been hearing echoes of transmissions. Seconds, minutes or hours later.
So some kind of experiement could be done with a radio beacon with a time stamp encoded in the data.

Maybe even by using the internet. There are obviously going to be delays and losses of various kinds throwing data around the world in this way, but has anybody done an experiment where they specifically look for anomalies of this kind?
The best thing to find would be a data packet with a time stamp BEFORE it was sent.
Any programmers want to give it a shot?

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by alfa1
I am not much into the idea of time slips, missing time and other such perceptive phenomena, real or imagined, but as for a physical anomaly...well.
Sounds like the Wiki article you linked on LDE's has a good possible theory.

Ducting in the Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere at low HF frequencies (1-4 MHz). Some similarities with Whistlers.

Whistlers are an interesting phenomena.

So radio waves (EM waves) from electrical discharges (lightning) create signals that are delayed and stretched through the Earth's magnetic field lines.

They undergo dispersion of several thousand kHz due to the slower velocity of the lower frequencies through the plasma environments of the ionosphere and magnetosphere.
If the Sun effects the Earth's magnetic field lines via the magnetosphere then it would also play part in the interference of these radio wave's distortions and time delays.

Alternative Hypothesis

Some believe that the aurora activity that follows a solar storm is the source of LDEs.
Maybe not a source but a contributing factor. If we were to accelerate a particle (or radio wave in this case) a slight time dilation occurs, the signal slows from our perspective, and a length contraction, singal appears distorted.

The best thing to find would be a data packet with a time stamp BEFORE it was sent.
All of these relativistic explinations show that the signal can be slowed, speed up and distorted as seen from the perspective of an observer but not reverse time. We would need more than just a big magnet and a plasma solar flare to do that, I would think...if it were even possible.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 06:32 AM
The idea that time is relative to the observer has to be factored into the equation. The idea of 3D is basically the physical dimensions of objects on the cartesian plane, however, "4D" is generally the idea of the movement of objects. When we enter the domain of time slips and alterations to time itself, we are talking about the change in inter-referentiality between objects. Therefore, there is such thing as the "rate of time", however, such a thing is dependent upon the observer, so, in effect, you can experience a time slip, despite the people around you experiencing time in the regular manner.

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