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Peter Jennings Blames the U.S. for Saddam Hussein's Cruelty

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posted on Mar, 25 2003 @ 06:32 PM
Would someone shoot this guy please...What an IDIOT!

Peter Jennings Blames the U.S.
for Saddam Hussein's Cruelty

Last week, the Media Research Center released a report demonstrating that Peter Jennings has offered the most consistently anti-American, pro-evil dictator reporting of any U.S. news broadcast. Not surprisingly, he continues unabated.

Friday night, March 21, at approximately 10:45pm EST, ABC presented a taped interview of four Iraqi women by Barbara Walters. These women, now living in the United States, told horrifying tales of Saddam Hussein's cruelty. Walters finished the interview with agreement by all the women that Iraqi citizens will be "rejoicing when the Americans arrive."

Following the taped interview, Walters joined Jennings live: "One of these women took part in the uprising in 1991 and waited for help, the help did not come, and she finally escaped to this country. So she has somewhat mixed feelings, you know don't ask us to rise up and then not help us."

A legitimate complaint, yet the primary focus of the women's message was an evil dictator's use of torture to keep people subjugated by fear. Rather than expand on their point that Saddam Hussein is a despicable and heinous monster, hated by the Iraqi people, Jennings had this to say:

"Yeah, I think, you know, who's to guess the future, but I think a lot of Iraqis have some mixed feeling. It's often been said by the Iraqis, we'll be greeted by bullets, the U.S. forces, that the U.S. thinks it will be greeted by flowers. But the truth is the United States enabled Saddam Hussein to stay in power for a very long period of time, led the campaign to keep sanctions on him for a long period of time which hurt the Iraqi people and when there was the uprising to which you refer in 1991, the United States, at least in their mind, encouraged them to go and then didn't support them as they had anticipated. So these are issues for the future."
Here are a few points for pompous Peter:

U.S. 'enabling' of Saddam Hussein ended a long time ago.
France, Germany, and the United Nations Security Council are chief among his enablers even now.
Sanctions did nothing to hurt the Iraqi people. Misspending of 'Oil for Food' money on weapons of mass destruction is to blame for any shortage of necessities that they have suffered.
Most Americans were not in favor of leaving Saddam Hussein in power in 1991, but if Bush 41 had sent Americans troops sweeping on into Baghdad and deposed him, Peter Jennings and pals would have been on the front row screaming about how the U.S. was "breaking the rules".
Apparently no low is too low for 'Appeasement Pete'. No matter how cruelly inhumane Saddam proves to be, Jennings finds the United States far more distasteful. I invite you to contact him with your thoughts. Below is the contact information. And further, encourage your friends, relatives and neighbors to get their news from someone who doesn't openly despise our country.

World News Tonight
77 West 66th Street
New York, New York 10023

Phone 212-456-4040
Fax 212-456-2795

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