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Hello, salam, zdrasti, nǐ hǎo, guten tag and aloha

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 03:19 PM
Hi Everyone,

Having lurked around these boards for over a year now I have finally decided that it’s about time I took the plunge and signed up to become a fully fledged, bona fide member of the ATS community... Yeeeehaaaaaa!!!!!

Over the last year or so I have been on quite a bit of a journey myself; actually it was during this journey where I discovered ATS which can only be a good thing.

Before this, I was just your average Joe who really couldn’t have cared less for anyone else’s problems as long as they weren’t effecting me... I served in the Army for many years where i had the displeasure of serving in both Gulf Wars as well as service Afghanistan.

If im honest I would have to say that it was only after my time in Afghanistan that I started to realise that things had gotten pretty fubar which obviously caused me to begin to question our/my actions over there. Obviously I didn’t speak about this at the time as I was still serving and as I’m sure anyone who has served on active duty knows, the last thing you do is open up your heart and express your true feelings to anyone.

Anyway, needless to say after many questions, a bit of independent reading followed by more questions and more reading I decided that what I was representing was immoral and wrong and so I decided to leave the Army and although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, my journey had begun.

After learning to do independent research rather than just listening to the media it wasn’t long before I began to realise that things are messed up soo bad, I mean, I knew things wasn’t right but when you look at what’s kept from us, what’s done in the name of freedom, etc you soon start to realise what your so called leaders really think of you and for me that was a hard pill to swallow. It was hard to come to terms with my actions, not just my actions while serving but also my ongoing actions and my attitudes toward my fellow human beings. So, I set about changing this in the hope that I could become a better, more tolerant, loving individual that wasn’t driven by financial gain or the illusion of power/promotion that i used to strive for.

And so, here I am, still on my journey to be a better human being and still learning many new and amazing things about the real humanity and not the one that is portrayed to us by our governments via our media outlets.

I would love to say that it’s been easy but it aint, old habbits die hard, I still get afraid and I honestly have no answers or solutions to propose regarding this mess that we have been left with but I can only go by what I feel, and guys.......IT FEELS AMAZING!!!

I Love you all and hey, thanks for having me!

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 03:25 PM
Great to meet you and welcome! Your post should be an example to soldiers every where - used as pawns for those with evil agendas NWO. We would all stand up and protect our own country from attack but when did that happen?

Enjoy your journey and look forward to reading your contributions.

Good Luck Mate!

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 03:40 PM
Welcome and thanks.

Your process will be an example to others, so don't hesitate to share any further perspectives you may have.

One never knows who you might influence when stating your truth...

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 03:52 PM
Welcome to ats humanplc, good to see someone who has finally chosen the right path in life.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by HumanPLC

HumanPLC, welcome to ATS you seem to possess some good energy, enjoy and see you round.

posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by Seekeye2

Hi Seekeye2, thanks for the kind words...

Yeah, sadly it is true, todays military are nothing more than pawns. In my humble opinion a lot of our troops are already aware of this. When serving on active duty they encounter/witness real messed up situations on a weekly basis and to think that it dosent effect these guys the same it effected me would be a no brainer. Im sure it effects them, and im sure the time will come when they realise just how much they have been used for hidden agendas.

As soon as you start questioning, realisation soon follows.. I can only speak from my own perspective and for me, it was like a snowball effect... As soon as you realise just how currupt everything is then the dots all start to fall in place...

It has literally changed my view of everything, obviously for the better.

reply to post by antoinemarionette

Hi antoinemarionette,

Thanks for the welcome message.

I will be more than happy to share any experiences my friend
however, I have no tales of heroism or acts of bravery just of a scared human being who slowly learned how to think for himself.

As for people listening to me, well, heres a story, lol.

I have a facebook profile and obviously i have also tried to use that as a medium to relay information that i believe will help others in seeing the truth.. Since then i have lost over 30 friends, well so called friends, lol.. It used to fustrate me so much but ive kind of got used to it now and ive come to believe that people have to want to change, they have to see it for themselves to realise why change is needed and all that i can ever do is keep trying to get these people to look in the right places so that they can then start on their own journeys.

I do believe this is happening though and that more and more people are becoming aware

Nice chatting my friend

reply to post by lewman

Hi lewman,

Again, thanks for the kind words...

You know, i used to actually worry about this.. I used to stress and lay awake at night analyising my decisions and think oh my god, i hope im right. For some reason i dont do this anymore, i have honestly given up worrying about it, lol.. All i can say is that it feels right for me, its actually so much easier to feel love, sympathy, empathy for someone rather than hold any negative feelings. In fact i actually think the human bond comes naturally after you have started to deprogram yourself from societys ways.

I actually get a great buz about not being angry at someone when even they are expecting it...

As i say though, sadly i do slip up now and again but... hey ho, we all trip up now and again.. i just get up, dust myself down and hope that anyone who i may have hurt in the process has enough good in their heart to forgive me..

Have a cool day my friend

reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

Hi Ophiuchus,

Thanks for that, it was lovely...

I love trying to give out good energy as most of the time it reflects back by people also treating you positivley.. I say most of the time because some people can be really cruel and nasty which makes it hard to try and stay positive but i still try and understand why they are being this way.

See you round the boards my friend

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