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do you feel it?

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 05:13 PM
Yes, I have felt the same way and had the same sensations/intuition.

Here is my intro post to ATS that includes some of my visions/reasoning. Always amazing to meet others and it's phenomenal we all feel this.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:20 PM
I've begun to 'prepare' as well, but i am growing my food from scratch - i also live in georgia. The truly wonderful part of all of these changes is that they are for good (and not evil) intent. I've seen things these past 16 years that would baffle most of you, but the past 16 months have been illuminating. The land i live on is sacred - of course all land is truly sacred, but i feel as if i have lived on this parcel thousands of years ago - i recognize many landmarks - they have shifted and some things are larger - some are missing, but the ground itself sings with its own unmistakeable unstruck melody - only i seem to hear it. i have had so many 'mystical' experiences outside here in these woods - and i was never a mysticlly inclined person.

I will be 52 on may 6. in mayan culture, i am about to begin a new life cycle - i certainly don't feel as if i am 52 - (more like 12) --- so, in the past few days i have this strange feeling that i am still in my mother's womb, with 3 days to go until birth. i wil be thrice-born, the first in 1959, the 2nd in 2009 and the third in 2011.

As for carlos casteneda, you all should read about the 'magical passes' - especially the women in the group here - it has been 1000's of years since females have been 'allowed' to study the Mysteries without condenscension or plain bias, but the magical passes are proof, to me, that most of the 'divine teachings' originated from the fairer sex. If one noticed how movement is with the magical passes - and chi gung as well, they would see that everything in that pass is a slow motion of real life movements - made by women - years and years ago - performing simple everyday TASKS. Men didn't want women to know they were 'magical' - at that time in history women were lower than pond scum - and still are in many parts of the world today - sad

anyway, i don't mean to bore anyone here, if you find yourself in a 'temple dance' - just remember that dance has already begun - 40 thousand years ago - or older!!

you are attuned to the universe! it may not be the popular dance of the times, but it will be the longest-lasting movement upon the earth. - made by human - and it is not in the guinness book of world records...


reply to post by ICEKOHLD

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 06:19 AM
reply to post by ICEKOHLD

I am going through the exact same thing, and surprisingly enough, my best friend (who does not really believe in the "wild and fantastical" conspiracies I have presented to him) has shown a HUGE decrease in his sex drive (He used to be a lady-hoppin' pimp who cared for pleasures of the body within the last year) and has also done his best to cut out all artificial crap food and eats as fresh and healthy as possible.

He is only 18 years old (I am 21) and these changes came to him out of the blue. I have been watching him slowly grow into a compassionate, conscious human and he has NO idea what is really going on. He just thinks things are how they are, he doesn't devote much energy to questioning he just goes with the flow. It's rather beautiful to see purety in such a naive individual lol

It is only proof to me that consciousness expansion doesn't have to be a conscious effort, we need only to live according to the natural flows within us that follow compassion and integrity.

I have also been going down the same path over the passed year, especially in the last couple months. I live quite a minimalistic lifestyle and am content with very little. I feel like I am preparing for something, living almost hermitically, always searching for some tiny glimmer of understanding that will light the way through the illusion. My compulsion to seek answers is what drew me to starting an account, and I am glad I did.

I appreciate the links you showed me, they were really helpful at giving me a nice basis of what the hells going on lol I was particularly intrigued by the note of the wide, penetrating, "soul-searching" eyes that were mentioned about Crystal children. I follow the pattern almost to a T of the Indigo Children description, I've had a deep spiritual connection with the world since I was young and am stupidly sensitive to everything, good vibes and bad lol but i hate that which lacks true integrity, and in my more naive times I loved acting as "the anarchist" lol

But the eyes. Nothing could describe my eyes better than "soul-searching", I feel like I look right through people and see what they are, and I read their eyes like open books. And friends reactions to my intense moments of "wise-words" when I'm speaking straight from the heart without a real thought only strengthen my ideas that somethings a lil #y in my eyes lol

Any more information you can think of for the noob-learner on any topic involving consciousness expansion, starchildren, zodiac/numerology significance, and generally what might be going on as of end of 2012, would be great
It's hard to find what others believe is legit aswell, so any links you can send my way I will be sure to check out.

Spread the word ladies and gents. The #-storm approacheth

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by ICEKOHLD

I'm still sexually obsessed as ever but recently I've started feeling it is distracting me from certain signs. This will probably sound paranoid but I somehow think it's all related, as if some darker force or what ever you may call it is trying to prevent me from reaching a certain level of awareness. I've just joined a 12 step group to try to get a handle on it.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 11:29 AM
I've often wished that I could be like you describe. I'm interested in the different energies all around me, and I wish that I could sense them and feel them and be able to be like you say you are. It's just so interesting and fascinating. Do you think there is any way that you can tap into the different energies without being born with the gift? If so, I would really liek to know. I've often dreamed of being able to feel the whole world through my senses.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by seenow

I think TPTB put a stigma on sex that made it taboo so that we (as a people) would obsess over it. Everyone knows that it's human nature to want what you can't have. So they make it hard to get sex so we spend our lives chasing it. The sex drive is strong!

I think sex is normal and healthy. I don't condemn it, in any way, married or not. I just think too many people think about it too much. I think it is a distraction. I mean...i feel that life as we know it is nearly over so the need to perpetuate life (aka child birth...which comes from sex) is very low. I think as this movement gets stronger and the tipping point nears, a lot more people will lose their sex drive, also. Once the desire to recreate life is gone, sex then becomes nothing more than indulgence of desires. We are all starting to feel a decrease in the need to worry about this physical world so I THINK this is only natural progression.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 03:14 PM
Experiencing similar sensations and the last couple of months has been very painful for me. It feels as I have been given a new body, it's vibrating of energy. Even my muscular body has been modified and I have lost a lot of weight, people say I look younger, eyes feel big and open.

I have been into meditation for 2-3 years but what has happened the last months I can't really describe in words. Trying to be strong and to have faith.

When this process was as strongest I experienced several strong panic attacks daily for about 1 week, it was as if was dying, sometimes l could not do else than laying on the floor and just trying to accept that this might be it.

I have never been really religious, if anyone started to talk about Jesus, 2012 and energy 3-4 years ago I would probably not taken it very serious.

Now I am spending most of my days, floating around, trying to learn how to handle this new body. Many habits and friends have been cut off, I feel there is no other option than leave everything I have and start a new life, if I don't I will suffer. I have tried to go back, the mind and some of the old thought patterns wants to go back but I can't.

Trying not to see those experiences as anything negative. I know I had a lot of bad stuff inside me and I am not surprised a strong process is needed to get those things out and turn this body and soul into something good. Something strong is needed for new realizations, for a new life.

Love for you all


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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 08:57 PM
My anecdote:
In which I tell you, dear members, things pertaining to myself I have not spoken with to family. God bless the anonymity of the internet. It first started about 7 years ago when I started to get a feeling inside, call it intuition if you will, but I never claim psychic ability. Just a whisper inside, every once in a while, that the world was going to change via a big event that was going to affect everyone. I was not into conspiracy theories, and the feeling started off as vague. From the beginning of this feeling, it was like a flash or lightning or rolling clouds in the sky. Something to do with the sky, and people looking up confused. Makes no sense, so you ignore it until it comes back later, right?
I kept feeling it, and feeling it. Never talking about it, never researching it online. It was not every day, but it was more frequent. I don't think I ever took it seriously until...I came across another person with the exact same feeling inside. Shocked, I wanted to see if there was any kind of correlation between us. Where did we get this idea? Could it be that two different people who are talking for the first time are saying the exact same thing, despite nationality, faith, religious upbringing, etc? Yes. And I met more, and was blown away by the lack of correlation. Like thinking you're crazy and then meeting another person you would not have conspired with with completely different thoughts than you, yet feeling the SAME thing. So I began to take it more seriously. I think the best part was my atheist best friend turning to me and asking (after a fun night of drinking and laughing, the conversation in no way going that way/out of the blue), "Do you get the feeling an event is going to happen?" We had a long talk that night, because we found it amazing our completely different spiritual beliefs lead us to the same sensation.

As the years went by, it started to become stronger, almost like more is revealed to me as the time gets closer. I am going to be directly blunt and to the point of what I feel inside:

*It will happen within my lifetime, not after I'm gone.
*To me, it starts with the sky (I met another who had the sensation, but his started with the sea, that could be his location when it happens) Years later, (like, last January) I was informed about Project Blue Beam. This MAY be matching my visions.
*Chaos, disruption, fear, confusion. Here's where it gets weird. For years, I'm in some sort of lock down, protecting people scared around me, possibly on my current campus, but we're hiding. From people with guns. WTF? It never made sense to me. As of last January, I've been informed about the NWO, and this MAY explain the invasion.
*Sojourn. After it happens, I will eventually be on a journey, like many. I don't know where I'm going, I don't know if I'm running, but I'm constantly traveling for some reason, I'm not hiding in my apartment.
*Communes. People will be traveling together.
*Electricity. This one is wild. I never put them together (people in communes and lack of electricity) until years later. Duh. For some reason, electricity is out. I don't know why. Not right away, but eventually, phones don't work, computers, cars, etc. Everyone is walking. At an air show some years ago, I came across a scientist from San Francisco, he began to talk about his line of work and mentioned a predicted Sun flare to disrupt the Earth (before this broke to the media). I asked him if such a thing would disrupt electricity. He said yes. I thought, "bingo." But this is just a possibility to WHY power is out, there could be many. There is also esoteric electricity, like this one...somehow I get a motorcycle to work. I have never driven a motorcycle and have no intentions of buying one. I don't......even..........
*There will be a group of people. A *very* specific and important group of people AGAINST what is happening. They are undesirables (obviously), but a group of civilians that come together and form themselves. No, I do not know who they are, or what they call themselves, and there will be many communes, this one in particular will just be well known and the hope of a lot of people.

I know I'm not the only one, and I'm sorry if I sound crazy, but I want to reach as many people as possible, our collective insights could shed light on some very important things.

Thank you for reading this and your responses,

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 02:10 PM
there's definately something going on. things seem to be speeding up

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by soul_of_light

I think "speeding up" is an understatement but yeah. Time is quickly unraveling. Faster and faster everyday. Everyday feels like it's 10X closer than the day before.

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 04:54 AM
I have always felt that I was ment to do something great. I could read people like no other and I used it to my advantage. I did magic and was said i could read minds! I was just good at sensing everything around me. I knew I was ment for bigger and better things since I was young. And lately things have shifted to ready me for something big. I am excited and nervous at the same time

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by ICEKOHLD

I have been feeling something since last year. It feels like a reprogramming or an organization of the clutter in my mind. Alot of clarity. Like the pieces of a very large puzzle are coming together. I know there are others who feel it. It's just hard to describe. I got really sick before the big earthquake in japan and I even told my husband that there was going to be a big one. I also felt strange and worried before the tornado in AL. I have always been extra sensitive but my intuition is spot on lately. I do have a feeling like I was chosen for something.

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by iamawitness

"I'm 6 hours away from graduating but seriously don't care about all of the work I've put in over the last 4 years. It's almost like it was time wasted. But my lack of motivation in a school and work sense isn't anything out of laziness. I still feel motivated, but I feel like I haven't found what I'm supposed to direct it towards. It's almost a feeling of sit, wait and everything will reveal itself soon enough.

I don't know if our perception of reality will completely alter, I don't know if a global catastrophe will wipe out all we know. What I can tell you from a personal point of view is that it seems the very way of life we live has become mundane. My parents don't understand it when I tell them I don't understand why my life's goal has to center around making money. I understand the way our world works in a logical sense of necessities, I just don't understand why I have this deep rooted feeling that I'm capable of veering off of what society tells me is the way to live."

Im 21 years old and you pretty much described my life situation to a T bud, you definitely aren't alone in this madness. I have aspirations to DO a lot of things, but something just doesn't feel right. Like I know it's not going to lead anywhere because something is coming that'll change it all. My parents are the same, I live a very laid back, minimalistic life, and I don't really care for paying bills on time and my credit rating, or putting a lot of time and effort into finding my "career". I just feel like many things are going to change for us, but all I can do is sit and wait for a sign.

Just live right, laugh lots, and don't worry, all things reveal themselves in time. Can't say I'd be sane without such advice having been given to me lol

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by AFlickerInTheDark

I've talked to A LOT of people about this and we all feel the same: we have no real dreams, no life long goals...just kinda feel like we're just here, waiting on something. None of us really "want anything out of life" as far as materialism goes. We don't care about a career, house, nice car, credit rating or "living the dream". We realize jobs are necessary because money is necessary but all we really care about is having enough to get by. We all feel like none of these things will matter before long.

We're a generation of mom and dad's basement dwellers who don't care about moving out. We don't worry about our financial futures. We just want to be happy and we've seen what "the dream" does to people! Everyone wastes their lives trying to have stuff. I just want enough to not be in need, everything else will work out. I just know it.

Like you said...just be will come to you...and all of us. Don't lose sight. Everything that is supposed to happen will happen. Just listen to that inner will be your compass in the coming storm. It will guide you through to the other side! We are on a path of Divine Plan...nothing can stop us. What is to be will be.

Stay strong, be patient and chase your dream...not "the dream". You already know everything you need to just have to remember. And that little voice...that is your "memory" coming back, slowly, one piece of the puzzle at a time...

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 11:11 AM
reply to post by ICEKOHLD

Yes and no. My enlightenment started over 10 tears ago. Even then there were people already aware of this. Though the lack of ambition may not be consistent with all people. As for me, I experience a lot of this, but I know there is a journey I must take when the time comes. I know that for a fact.

I'd like to talk to you more about this.

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 12:50 PM
You know as I read this thread as a whole and try to throw my personal feelings aside ( which is difficult at times im only human), and process it all, I come up with this.

Alot of people are having different types of feelings, some feelings sound outlandish, some are claiming to dream the same, deja vu, the lists is growing on and on.

But what I see both sides of the debate having in common in general for the most part is the one main factor thats being overlooked.

That there is a feeling to get prepared for something.

It could be good or bad, new or old, enlightening or horrific, but it is indeed a feelings of some sort of journey to become prepared mentally and emotionally.

Now some will say it is because of the 2012 theories and that because of being exposed to that theory on a daily basis we have caused oursleves to become a prisoner of the moment, and yes in some people that 100% the case.

But read this forum and remember the things you hear from the people that make sense with no agendas. Some of them have the same feelings without stating a magical presense.

My conclusion with these feelings from looking at both ends is our human nature. We are programmed to sense the need to prepare even if we don't know what for and in my belief our God giving abilites have become enlightened and awakened for reasons I have no answers for.

My point is I see these occurrences by logical and non logical thinkers alike around this forum and it makes the debate a viable discussion.

It's not as crazy as it seems, maybe our visions are natural and we see them as magic because they are all coming alive in unisom when in turn we are forgetting the magic in itself that is being a human being?

Something is telling us something rather you believe it or not, and that is just my peronsal belief.

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posted on May, 6 2011 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by JAGx1981

Funny jag...i recently had the thought that maybe there is some kind of huge event/change coming that is part of the natural cycle of life. Perhaps this coming change is preprogrammed into our dna. Perhaps there is some kinda survivor gene waking up. Perhaps you're right jag. Maybe nothing "magical" or special but it's being perceived by our minds that way because it's unprecedented.

Who knows...but yeah...everyone does seem to agree that something is coming. Great observation...

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by ICEKOHLD

Thanks bro!

We are the magic, our souls, the way we can tell right from wrong, in the wild wild world if you take away all our advancements and technology we have a light to us that can do amazing things, we lose sight of that sometimes, but we are the magic, even the ones that don't agree with us are indeed apart of the same.

Some of us are just to blind to see it and to rational to think it, but I think alot of people are feeling the same way and just haven't stated it for whatever reason they seem fit.

The ones that don't see it now, doesn't mean they won't see it, maybe it's just not their time yet, I dunno.

And I agree with the DNA too, if that is suddenly awakening in all of us and all the different beliefs but is still there it becomes a much more concrete statement to believe that maybe we aren't full of BS sentimental rubbish that some claim we profess magic or special awakenings.

Why is it happening, how can we know something is coming that is naturally programmed in that DNA but not know the specific objective ahead?

It's different from the wolf or the lion, we sense the bigger picture of life in general. We have senses but they are senses of things that outrank other natural beings. It is magical in truth.

So yeah we can call it natural, but who's to say magical can't be the same meaning? It would all depend on that person's definition of that word.

Time will tell, thats the only way to find the answers is in due time.

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by ICEKOHLD

I think it might come across better if you only spoke for yourself..

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 06:12 PM

Originally posted by nightbringr
Let me ask you this; why is it some people are so sure the end of the world is coming, and filled with dread, yet some people are so sure that a new frontier will open to us, bringing joy and wonder? Why such a large disparity? Are both going to happen? If so, why do some feel the good and some feel the bad? I suggest its because you have tricked yourself into believeing these things.

i think this brings up an interesting point.. i also saw NAM and figured id pester him

The brain, being fully relegated to the material world of duality, can be swept up in its own current if one does not have an "anchor" elsewhere. Such perceptions are generally based in thought processes solely, which is only one system amongst many. Most experiences that one goes through will be run through this filter, which is (in this state), a coded program that self-sustains its own bias. Intuition is a very strong tool, but it is simply another right alongside everything from logic, to emotions, to our lungs and brain. These different systems can also be representative, metaphorically, of the individual (but not separate) systems involved in this thread. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they disagree. There is no need to discard one for the other, simply accept all but do not let such things be the sole source of ones perspective. As i have found, using them all together continuously and simultaneously, along with the countless other systems that make up our being, is the most effective way to use them. Cooperation instead of competition.

How is there destruction of the ego? As i see it, the ego is the total result of a system such as the human body. It is there as long as a body is there. The sense of ones body as an individual entity are not necessarily misled as long as they are not accompanied by the notion of separation. Like the other systems, residing and anchoring ones perspective solely into such things is where issues arise, as one is essentially, "not using all of the tools at their disposal." More specifically, one is not even aware of the perspective of the other tools or how they could be useful. So, the presence of the ego in this context is not just "non-problematic," but a natural result of "what" we are. It is the decision to have ones perspective based and reside solely in only one of the many systems that make up our body that i feel breeds the notion of separation, division, and bias. As i have seen, this is most frequently the thought processes, or mind, which is frequently labelled as the totality of the ego. Even in this context, however, it is not in denying or getting "rid of" that perspective that allows one to grow, it is in realizing its place amongst the other perspectives. Not only in ones own body, but in the surrounding universe as well. "Being" able to grow ones perspective to continuously and simultaneously be aware of multiple individual systems is not an exercise of forcing them to be understood through one system. For this one, it was in realizing the.. total individual nature of each system and allowing them to all exist and shine in a sovereign nature, as the planets and sun in our solar system. Cooperation instead of competition, and in this case, assimilation!

This concept seems to apply through all scales, including relating to one another as in this thread. Our goal should not be assimilation of only one viewpoint (which in this case, as many others, is a nebulous and uncommunicated variable) but in allowing all individual viewpoints to shine as the individual, but not separate, systems that they really are. It seems to minimize the true wonder of simultaneously existing sovereign systems to one homogeneous blob. For me, i feel this was a direct result of the fact that i had yet to truly understand that my thought processes were not "me" in totality. i only existed within one perceived system, so it was likely a natural result to apply that throughout the scales. But it is when those individual systems find their place, and start to truly shine, that things come together and growth starts to occur. Even when things seem to agree, the individual stories can differ drastically. So, the opportunity to learn from how another system views the same thing (the universe) is presented whether one, on the surface, agrees or disagrees. In some cases, one may find they have more in common with those they disagree with than those they agree with. Such things would only be discovered upon active exploration of others perspective though. Once again, cooperation instead of competition.

When we have these large disparities (and even when everyone seems to agree), it is an opportunity for everyone involved to not only learn about one another, but learn about themselves as well. Instead of "us vs them," we should approach it as "we." Differing opinions are not the enemy, they are an opportunity for growth and exploration. Even when everyone seems to agree, if they were all to write a book about it, individually without communicating with one another, they would all have quite different stories to tell. The only way to explore such things is by asking questions. But it seems many times, when someone asks a question it is viewed as some sort of argument, or "division." The reality is that it is the only way for us to explore what concept another being is trying to get at with their context. So, some who disagree with the context being proposed may just be differing on the context and not the concept. There are also those that will agree with the context, but if explored, would differ on the concept. Those who are based solely in their mind, or are proponents of division, will be present on either side regardless of the topic (even if its love and unity). It is only by asking questions that we can allow all perspectives involved to shine appropriately, instead of simply becoming consumed by the initial biased idea. i wont say it again at the end of this paragraph

We should be unafraid to be perceived as right or wrong, as we can only gain a limited understanding through words and thoughts anyway. Questions should not be viewed as a problem. Sometimes it is someone simply trying to argue, but if argument is all one sees anyway, then all who question will be lumped into the pre-programmed compartment of "non-believers" without further exploration. In my experience, many people do this and in many contexts. Look how quickly it happens, even when the questioner is saying they agree. i feel that argument or bickering is when both sides assert themselves as the totality of "right." However, even when the opinions differ vastly, the conversation can have an exploratory tone and intent if those involved cooperate with each other to learn. i dont feel we should limit it by not asking questions of others, even when they agree. As i said earlier in this book, by not exploring in such ways, i think it minimizes the amazing true depth of simultaneously supported sovereign parts of the same system, on scales far beyond what we can truly comprehend. i think we should be setting an example in threads like this by openly accepting, discussing, and exploring everyones perspective on the matter. Cooperation instead of competition (couldnt help it
) is once again the concept i am trying to communicate

TL;DR (because..
) Even if we disagree, we can still cooperate and explore the topic at hand, right? The only way for that to happen is by people asking questions, of themselves and others. Do i misunderstand that it is implied that such things are not welcome in this thread?
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