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It's Begun, Crop Circle watch 2011

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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 08:42 AM

Is see the number 7 everywhere
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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 08:48 AM
01000101 E
01100001 a
01000101 E
01101110 n
01101011 k
01101001 i
00100000 space

it has ASCII code

E a Enki (annunaki?)
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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 09:10 AM

Originally posted by TribeOfManyColours

Is see the number 7 everywhere
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Great find! This is first real crop circle i have seen this year.
The boring crop circles in the UK look like they were made by a couple of drunk Brits.

Italy got lucky.
The crop circle looks like another countdown clock based on the number 7.

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 05:18 PM
I was browsing google earth today and found some crop glyph ghosts - here's the coordinates:







The majority being in the Avebury area and
I think most are from 2005.
Have a look and if you find some new ones post them...

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 01:18 PM
I downloaded this BING image in SEPTEMBER, 2010

( Click to enlarge)

Notice the CIRCLE enclosing some spheres.That is the territory where an alien encounter took place.In time, I will decode the image.

I downloaded this image in October, 2010

(Click to enlarge)
I’ve had a fantastic and bizarre encounter. I have compressed it and removed some of the bizarre elements.This is not about Earth and the Planets.It’s an experience with a
1. Craft
2. Laser beam and gas
3. A large Laser Apparaduce that creates an electric-magnetic field
4. An alien presence
5. movement of bars and/or containers from the rear of the craft
6. white carpet held the containers and/or bars

This explanation will cover about one/third 0f the encounter.In time,I hope to have the whole EVENT on the board.

I felt something burn on the top of my head. Instinctively, I turned my head and looked up behind me. Above me, about thirty feet away, a luminous craft stood stationary, silent, motionless and non-threatening. The luminosity gave off a polished bronze in color. I gripped the strap of the carbine and realized the weapon was in an awkward position. I started focusing on the craft. I didn't move a muscle and my head kept looking back and up. The metallic "object" looked too smooth. It was elliptical in shape like a football with rounded cones... I turned my head and the craft was above and beside me. It was about 25 feet away and was moving very slowly.The craft was between 16 to 20 feet long and about 8 to 10 feet high... The rear of the craft was flat and had one round port hole on the outline of a door. There were fins on both sides of the craft that extended out about three feet.

A thin light blue beam came out of the craft from the bottom left side. It went out and up at a 45% angle and about half way the height of the craft. Moving my eyes between the craft and the thin blue light, I caught the appearance of a gas or fog near the light. It began to spread out. It was not very thick. I could see the trees through it.

Suddenly, another light appeared across a gap from the thin blue light. This light was thicker, brilliant and moving intensely out and up at the same 45% angle.with two elongated glasses.... I tried to find the source of the light.There was a gap between the thin, almost solid blue light and the thicker moving light. I didn't see anything moving between them. Looking through the right glass( I don't remember seeing much through the left glass) the light flowed energetically, streaming excitedly. There were three or four streaming light lines that flashed through the glass. They had varying widths. My eyes retraced its movement, back to the gap, across to the thin blue light down to the craft. Then, there was a silent backfire. I didn't hear any noise but I sensed one.The blue light and the glass were gone.Something was erupting behind the craft. It looked like a large mound of dirt was piling up above the ground behind the craft. It grew so high that I couldn't see the craft. And then it stopped. The craft backed and climbed up into the dirt and was partly visible again...

.I moved my eyes to the left. There was a white carpet platform stretched out below and out away from the craft, stationary and brilliant.It had three dimensions but very little depth and was very close to the ground. There was some movement, which after observing it I refused to acknowledge it. Flying up to the side of the dirt was a small entity which had wings above and below its shoulders. When I first observed it, I estimated its height being about 2.5 feet. My recent recollections took in the distance I was from it, and I would place it between 3 and 3.5 feet.It had a bubble helmet around its head and I could make out eyes and an indentation of a nose. The body was covered in a thin white cloth. I didn't see any arms or legs. It flew up to and behind the side of the dirt. Seconds later, it was sitting atop a brilliant bar of silver. Bubblehead, as I’d named it and B1 for short, was perched on the front end of the bar. The right wing which was below its shoulder, moved up and down in a measured rhythm. The left wing rose vertically above the head and was jerking arrhythmically left and right. The silver bar descended from behind the dirt like an overloaded plane. Bubblehead accelerated the wings and the cargo, the silver bar, rose and slowly dipped. The bar landed perfectly aside another bar at the back of the white carpet. I estimate the bar's length was five feet, the width approximately two feet, and the height app. 1 to 1.5 feet. After landing, Bubblehead immediately lifted up from the bar and winged a path to the dirt. Another small entity came descending from behind the dirt winging its way smoothly, rhythmically, harmoniously atop another silver bar.Its wings were symmetrically aligned. It descended perfectly and deposited the bar alongside the other two, making a row. I'll name this Bubblehead, B2. B2 immediately rose and gracefully moved upwards. B1 jerked back guiding another bar toward the white carpet. It rose again and then dipped and glided accurately and landed atop the first bar placed. The bar seemed to melt into the bottom one and the height of the two bars shrunk. Again B1 rose and laboured toward the dirt while B2 gently descended and landed on the middle bar in the row. There was a shrinking of height as they merged.

Above the white carpet, a charcoal fence formed diagonally upwards on two sides. The third side connected them. The fourth side, the one closest to the white carpet, remained open. The fence had two railings but no posts. The railings appeared knotted or like nodes at random intervals. There was no ground. The lighted trees were the background.

Inside the fence, lightning rays shot across from the inside edge of the left fence to the right side. Most of them appeared to be short lived. The thin light rays appeared at different points of the inside edge with no set pattern. Once, the entire area inside the fence lit up dimly but briefly. As the seconds ticked off the thin light rays stayed connected. There were six or seven lights on inside the fence and most of them were grouped in the middle. They seemed to be gaining power.

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