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This Can't Be Happening In America

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:11 AM
For all you out there, I recently wrote a paper on the downfall of Roman society. In the midst of writing, I couldnt help but think about how much our country is having signs that led to the downfall of Rome too. In my paper I focused on the downfall of Rome due to economic reasons: inflation, taxation, and changing economic markets. All of these characteristics can be seen directly in the USA today with inflation rising and the investment in gold to combat the de-valuing dollar. Increased taxation on the middle class and all citizens to support government "operations". Finally, the change of economic markets that are going from USA based to overseas.During the time of Rome, the cities were hotbeds of taxation and economic turmoil so citizens migrated to the rural areas to escape heavy taxation and started doing crafting work as a new form of economics. They focused on basics such as farming, wood-working, pottery, and other "crafts" that were different from the times. Below are a few interesting facts I discovered during my research:

1) Part of the economic downfall started when Rome was fully expanded to the East (Asia) and they had no more land to conquer. You see, Rome used the golds, silver, and precious metals that they receive during war to back up their currency and make it stronger. The gold/precious metals they used were put in their coins, which gave them value. As the empire didnt take over any more goods or land, they had less precious metals to put in their coins; thus, more coins were required for people to buy a good and this led to inflation.Emperor Nero and the government took part of this de-valuation when they tried to fix the economic problem.

2) In silver coins, the percentage of quality silver was reduced in the coin from 75% to 50% and then to 5% by the middle of the 3rd century AD

3) Citizen’s hoarded higher value coins with high percentages of precious metals in their mixture and used lower quality coins for paying taxes and rent. “Owners of older denarii would probably melt them down or hoard them, rather than exchange them for coins with the same theoretical value” (The Archaeology of the Roman Empire 61)

4) Look up The Archaeology of the Roman Economy by Kevin Greene of page 60 and theres a graph showing how imperial coinage lost value due to less precious metals.

5)Diocletian imposed the death penalty on anyone who hoarded the coins with a high content of value

6) Citizens were heavily taxed and government gave citizenship to more people than granted before in order to increase their revenue base. Maximinus increasingly taxed farmers to fund his large military and took money from the welfare fund. However, this push had an inverse effect and some citizens and farmers sold themselves into being tenants to be exempt from high taxes and governmental pressure. “Many people handed over their property to the nearest big estate. The estate paid their taxes, and the farmers went on working the same land as colonii, or tenants.” Only citizens could be taxed and tenants were exempt. Leaders pushed to legalize slaves to Roman citizens so that they could be taxed and generate revenue for the empire

7) This decline in the civilization hurt farmers and contributed to less grain in the market. To combat this, Emperor Julian infused reserve grain into the market. However, this act led to over-pricing and corruption “Imperial wheat was purchased by the rich merchants; the proprietors of land or of corn withheld from the city the accustomed supply; and the small quantities that appeared in the market were secretly sold at an advanced and illegal price.”

8)Economic markets were also damaged by the decrease of national work projects created by Augustus such as the creation of roads, trade routes, and public areas. The leader Tiberius cut back on these projects and put revenue into reserve stashes. This decrease of public projects cut back on jobs and also damaged trade routes. Roads were no longer suitable or safe for trade and fewer areas were connected as before.

9) At one time, citizens were threatened by the empire with the death penalty if they hoarded high value currency that was produced earlier. However, this law was later revoked.

If you look at the USA today you will see incredible debt, increased taxes, government expanding into the lives of citizens more than before (in my life), and factors that mimic the fall of Rome. I hope this has helped people gain more insight into the Roman Empire and their economic troubles and how they relate to the economic troubles of the USA today. If interested, I have my paper thats about 12 pages if you would like to read it; PM me if so. Thoughts, comments, complaints????

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:12 AM
Things must balance and be corrected. Somehow, whether it be of our choosing or an event, things will change. Who knows, maybe it will be good? Who says the way it was should be the way it ought to have been?

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:16 AM
Perpetual war is correct.

"Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia" - George Orwell, 1984.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:16 AM
What people tend to forget is that, they don't need a militia to defeat the tyrants, Only hit them where it hurts their pockets. Simply take down the banks, how? by withdrawing your savings and not being part of them. You don't have to resort to Violence to be able to win, you just have to decide to turn your backs and simply not play the game.

People dont seem to understand this process. a company needs customers, without customers there will be no company.

This is the most effective way to go about things, and here is the beautiful part. It is done peacefully and no one gets hurt.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:19 AM
The OP asked if we can ever go back and restore our honor.

Yes. Yes we can.

But how? Lots and lots of hard work, discipline, personal responsibility, and caring for not only ourselves but others.

On second thought, we are doomed. It was fun while it lasted. Good luck, everyone!

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:20 AM
reply to post by Hessling

There is a lot going behind the Citizens' back.

They don't tell you this for fear.

Look me up and you will see what I mean but will you know?
Link to news.

Fear not, fear none.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:25 AM

Originally posted by buskey

Originally posted by WillNiendick
reply to post by Bonified Ween

People don't realize that this country is going to fall. Gas will be 6.00$ a gallon by August.

I have to vehemently disagree. People have to realize this country is failing, the signs are everywhere, most people are simply ignoring them as they don't want to deal with it. They are too busy texting and Facebooking every insignificant detail of their meaningless lives to each other and watching Jersey freakin' Shore to care.

The old American way of life is quickly becoming history right before your eyes as the economy circles the drain and the leaders just watch it go down the little white bowl.

Every day I wake up and thank god that I moved to Canada 10 years ago when I saw this begin to really escalate and realized that there was nothing one person (me) could really do about it.

When I moved here, I converted my money to Canadian dollars at $1.37 to the US dollar, instantly gaining almost 40% in wealth. Now I can buy US dollars at .95 to my Canadian dollar, not that I would want to as it's soon to be essentially worthless.

I really feel for you Americans who are going to be left to pick up the pieces when the bottom drops out. Best of luck to all of you, seriously.

edit on 25-4-2011 by buskey because: (no reason given)

ROFL!.... Wow buskey, are you in for one rude awakening after another in your life in the very near future...

This downward spiral isn't an 'American' issue... it's soon to become the NAU's issue, if Harper has his way...

Think he wont?

800 BILLION 'Ameros' were printed and shipped to China recently, to replace 'U.S. Dollars' in American Debt... how did 800 BILLION Ameros equate to $3 Trillion in American Indebtedness to China?

Guess the other NAU's partner - CANADA - Pitched in, ya think?.....

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by NAeagle89

Only one other thing I would add that has been listed as being a contributing factor to the fall of their empire, and again we to are not heeding that lesson from history either, is allowing the infrastructure to crumble to ruin.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:37 AM
reply to post by Hessling

Dear Hessling,

Great question. I have been politically aware all my life and have a degree in Political Science and you are correct this is not what was normal, far from it. Having said that, lets look beyond government. What is going on in business is also not normal, what is going on in society is not normal. If the buildings didn't change and the rules didn't change then the people changed. We as a society stopped caring for one another or about one another. The majority of people believe in torture, that is a change.

We, in my opinion, began telling people that is was acceptable and right to think about yourself first, we began justifying every action including our own. We became obsessed with status and wealth rather than honor and integrity. The destruction of honor and integrity must result in bad government and bad business. I like a phrase from the bible, it says that the people of Israel had lost the ability to blush. Simply put, we have no shame and only care about what we can get and this is what we get.

Consider Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Madonna and numerous others, we reward bad behaviour with notoriety and wealth. Look at the bonsuses that were handed out to the bank executives, we reward bad behaviour. We applaud people for "getting around" the system. How can we go back, we would need to make the system reward only good behaviour and teach that to our children. If you cheat on your taxes, lie and put yourself first, none of the outcome will change, it is nature.

A few years ago I was asked to meet with some people and explain to them what was going to happen in the housing market. This was when the market was still rising and a year or two before the crash. These people had made a lot of money and ran mortgage companies. They flew down to where I was and we went to dinner at Moonshadows in Malibu, same place that Mel Gibson later made famous. A nice restaurant by the way. I looked them in the eye while drinking the very nice wine they had bought me and told the housing market would crash and in which month, I told them to get into reverse mortgages before then. They told me I did not understand the boom could go on forever (Ponzi thinking), they told me how much they had made and that everyone needed this to continue. I told them why it would crash, a simple thing called "The Affordability Index". In the end it was just numbers.

Everybody wants to be Paris Hilton or Donald Trump and nobody wants to work for it, that is destroying our nation and the world. People are fighting over not getting pay cuts in government unions; but, there is no money. People are raising fees and interest; but, there is no money. There is no longer enough cookies for everyone to have as many as they did and so the organizations are all fighting to see who wins, who gets our money. Me first, musical chairs to see who wins. We want ours and don't care if it means that you do not get yours, that is what is causing all of the effects that you are seeing, it is our selfishness and now comes paytime, that is nature. Be well.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by Hessling

Excellent rant.

And now a message from the NWO.... all who have clicked a star and flag on this post, we will need an Iris scan, SS number (note of irony), iphone number (for real time tracking), and a DNA swab.

Those who do not comply will be sent to the gulag : Guantanamo.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by Hessling

I was quite moved at the OP's statement and I acknowledge the fact that, even though I'm reletively new to paying attention to the government, something seems very wrong. Our government has thrown aside even looking like it's trying to be PC with all of it's actions now. It used to be that the biggest cover up was convincing the public that they are making the right choices. Now they don't even care. Representatives are denying laws that just slightly help it's people. Its almost like they have their own agenda.

I can't deny that it looks like we're in for some serious trouble. Almost like the government throwing a coup d'état in reverse. Planning on oppressing it's own people into submission. What makes this all so scary other than what the original poster said is that this in conjuncture with the conspiracy of the FEMA camps makes this even more distressing.

I can't say I'm a full believer of everything I hear but thinking of this post and those camps that could possibly be out there sends a chill to the bones.

Has anyone ever seen V for vendetta. Where the government used a political means to shape a republic into a monarchy simply by manipulating it's people in lieu of a self made catastrophe. I believe a similar occurrence might actually happen. It's like a twisted game of chess. Putting the right pieces of the puzzle in order in a fashion that completely blind-sides the opposition, us. The FEMA camps which were put in place to be a detaining facility to hold illegal immigrants while they interrogate and eventually deport them. The premise for this is "Just in case" a mass incursion of illegals cross the border. They spread from the southern border all the way up to the northern border, because we know how much the Canadians want to get over here. Now with enough of the camps scattered around no one could know why they are there and still be dismissed as conspiracy and wild imagination. Most questions that come up are dismissed the same way. That they are for an emergency "Just in case." When has the government ever spent Billions "Just in case"

By the way it seems that if you think about secret societies and what they stand for, you would think that they have a huge sense of concealment, not being known to the public. An assassin, however, knows that the best place to hide is right out in the open acting in the same manner as everyone else. The reason I bring this up is because people openly dismiss conspiracies because "You can go and sign up to be a freemason tomorrow if you'd like" Or the illuminati, They are known about everywhere as a wide known myth or conspiracy. EVERYONE knows about them some people know even more than they should. You can't kill the "knowers" because they become martyrs and someone else might actually follow their footsteps and figure it out. If you let them keep preaching to an empty pew they will die on their own and be lost to history. So with this being said, if I was to make my own secret society I would make sure it's right out in the open. I wouldn't jump if someone called me out, I'd simply act it out as if it were a wondrous and vivid use of imagination which led them to their conclusion. You make sure that nothing can be connected to you that you are actually planning. i.e. If I wanted to buy out a building to make as my base of operations it couldn't be tied to me at all. It would have to be under a company or conglomerate so as to conceal the names of those involved.

This is exactly how one must think in order to really pull stuff like this off and it's not something that is very difficult to pull off. I hate to say it but people are very gullible. I used to be a magician and a couple of tricks are so minute and simple that no one could figure them out no matter how slow and careless I was with the movements. In many cases the people don't want to believe that it's really a trick, because they like the thought of magic existing in this world. It's similar with this situation. People don't want to be told that the nation they live in their whole lives, a nation who at one time was the most powerful and wealthiest and noble nations ever to exist on this planet. They would rather be in a dream world that all is fair and this is still what they were raised to believe that it was. Hell, half the people in this country don't even know that we aren't a democracy anymore and that we are a republic.

Look at our country full of billions of people. To most of us, government agendas aren't even something we can pay attention to because were to busy bending over so "The Powers That Be" can screw us while we're wondering why. In the actual face value of things the people just think that our system can't come to any agreement because both parties are just bickering back and forth. We go to war because we're the good guys trying to help the people win over the bad guys. We are led to believe so much that isn't true at all. Like us going to war because it's humanitarian. SINCE WHEN HAS WAR EVER BEEN HUMANE!! We are led to believe that we have oil problems and our debt level is slowly getting better and since we are the best military around that we have to engage the worlds problems for them. It's the best war-mongering ever because we go for it with a roar of agreement. We are the worlds police so we are constantly at war with something like terrorism when terrorism is only so depending on what side your on and what the date is. "Treason is only a matter of dates." one day I might be considered a traitor but that all depends on who wins the war.

To be honest how can one person change anything that is already set into motion right now. One person can't step in front of a fully up to speed train and actually think they can derail it. The system itself is being used against us because we never took the time to educate ourselves on it's meanings. While people spend their whole lives studying the manipulation of it's laws and rights. Now that things are in motion you can't stop it. Not until the whole country wakes up. But when will that be. Right now as your reading this half of you are going to think I'm crazy and ranting while the other half think there's a little truth to what I'm saying, and finally a small portion of you who understand fully the capabilities of our Government right now. Earlier I went on a rant about someone bringing up a statement on dem vs republicans in the media like it mattered. Saying that If this representative was a Democrat then we wouldn't hear the end of it. It was like a slap in the face that some people still think of their bipartisan system like they are trying to work for us. A politician is a specialist in juicing people up to believe what they say. All the while their thought process is concerned with just getting elected, then they can sit back and chill out. (Half the time not even concerned with what the people actually want, they just evaluate and act concerned so that the people will choose him as someone who cares about their views and beliefs.) So my question is why are people still believing what they see on the news. Why are they still listening to the speeches saying we're doing the right thing.

There are people out there who did get elected under the radar but they are being kept out of the loop until they fade away. This isn't just a here and now thing. It expands over generations of people.

But anyways I've ranted and raved long enough an I'm sure that half of you are sick of my doomsaying for the night. I am not very knowledgeable of out past political history but I have a very keen intuition. When I said I got chills thinking about the FEMA camps and the OP's post it wasn't because I fully believed it's real. It's because I could see it happen all to easily if it were real and it's scary. It would be all too easy to make it happen and it's deathly close to an American Holocaust.

Half of the Germans didn't even know they were slaughtering German-Jews until it was too late and they couldn't do or say anything for fear of retaliation.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:02 AM
Well said. Many notice, not many care!

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:03 AM

Originally posted by Bonified Ween
Reason #1 TV
Reason #2 Movies
Reason #3 Porn

The three ultimate distractions for those inept to taking in large quantities of valuable information. The vast of the collective don't and will not care until their cheeseburgers and beer costs $10 more than it used to. I will say all of the above with a touch of people being ignorant and not caring, and only caring when it happens to themselves. Our greed has taught well enough that we could give two turds for the man next door.
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neh, I watch more movies and tv than anyone and am still pretty active.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:38 AM
Nothing I could say could express the current (and ongoing for decades now) state of affairs better than this quote in my opinion:

"Americans seem to think that the party's gonna last forever, and that the holiday goes on and on, and they don't really see the error of certain things. Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury was an educator in the 19th century, and he said, 'It never ceases to surprise me at the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the introduction of useful knowledge.'


It's a steady downhill slide. This country is really finished. I mean it really is, technically, finished. It's just a matter of playing out the end game. Anybody who can't see it or smell it doesn't understand. There's a medical term that they use in hospitals when a person has no future left on this planet; they can't be helped anymore. They put it on the chart. 'CTD.' Circling the drain. And that's what we're doing. We're slowly circling the drain, and the circles get smaller, and they get faster."

-George Carlin.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by Hessling

These people have no care for the non-wealthy, the non-elite, the non-aristocratic. I just watched a movie on another country who went through this exact scenario. It's about 2 hours long, broken into 12 parts (so I will post a link instead of imbedding the video) and it's all in subtitles (unless you understand the language that its in). It's about the economic collapse of Argentina, you'll recognize similar aspects, as well as the private interests involved.

Argentina's Economic Collapse

Make corporations pay corporate taxes for corporate debt to the government, and make the public taxes go towards public services. These companies like General Electric and Bank of America not paying taxes is a slap to the face of everyone. How do you do that much business in a country and not owe ANYTHING back?!

I believe Zack sang it best...

The main attraction, distraction
got ya number than number than numb
Empty ya pockets son, they got you thinkin that
What ya need is what they sellin
Make you think that buyin is rebellin'
From the theaters to malls on every shore
The thin line between entertainment and war
The frontline is everywhere, there be no shelter here
Spielberg the nightmare works so push it far
Amistad was a whip, the truth feather to tar
Memories erased and burned to scar
Trade in ya history for a VCR

Cinema, simulated life, ill drama
Fourth reich culture, Americana
Chained to the dream they got ya searchin for
The thin line between entertainment and war

There'll be no shelter here!(x3)
The frontline is everywhere(x3)

Hospitals not profit full
The market bull's got pockets full
To advertise some hip disguise
View the world from American eyes
Tha poor adore keep feeding for more
Tha thin line between entertainment and war
fix the need, develop the taste
Buy the products or get laid to waste
Coca-Cola was back in the veins in Saigon
In Rambo 2, he got a dope pair of Nikes on
Godzilla pure mother#in' filler
Get your eyes off the real killer

Cinema, simulated life, ill drama
Fourth reich culture, Americana
Chained to the dream they got you searchin for
Tha thin line between entertainment and war

There'll be no shelter here!(x3)
The frontline is everywhere(x3)

American eyes, American eyes
View the world from American eyes
Bury the past, rob us blind
And leave nothin behind

American eyes, American eyes
View the world from American eyes
Bury the past, rob us blind
And leave nothin behind

Just stare!(x4)

...and live the nightmare!

Rage Against the Machine - No Shelter

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:42 AM
I have to agree with the OP in most cases. Although i can't blame the military action as a major reason or cause of the problems. During the cold war we were more militarily involved around the world.
The problem with America is all of us. We let our drive for greed come at our own expense. Instead of seeking security and the American dream we all are shooting for the big time. This requires long hours of work which in turn destroy families and lead to loss of self education.
The loss of self education is another major point. We are being told specialize and focus on increasingly narrow subject matter we are losing our ability to reason through difficult subject matter out of our own field.
This brings me to the largest problem. When you have specialists who can see just one area, too busy working to delve into other areas, and too focused on wealth accumulation to the hazard of their neighboor and themselves... it becomes easy to manipulate as bills can be tailored to help by a small margin a majority of the people and hurt a lot a large minority. When the groups get switched you end up having a net loss of rights for all.
I don't think most people even want the benefit of these bills for themselves. I do believe they do not realize the degree of harm that happens to others though.
I can go on to specific examples, but I am not trying to make a political point just a social commentary. Making those examples would make this political.

In the end we all need to realize a rising tide lifts all boats and instead of looking at personal benefits of laws look at the most extreme harm imaginable. Make sure you're not just saving 2% a year at the cost of 5% to a larger segment of society.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by GalacticJoe

Well, self criticism is good, but exactly what is happening in other nations? Are they much more diligent, caring, and able to govern themselves, or are they also experiencing the same thing that America is experiencing. From what I gather the entire world is having trouble, not just the USA.

There is no doubt that the democracy that America practices is a failure. Originally, it was intended for only a certain group of citizenry to have the power to govern, but as time passed, more and more groups are allowed to vote, ending discrimination due to sex and age. Now, we have a game plan of you versus me, which is ridiculous. No nation can truly govern using a two party system, left and right...too dumbth for words and that is not all that is wrong with self government as practiced by uncaring Americans.

I just read a most interesting study of the sins of the Asians at Facebook, and found that if that poll is correct, America has nothing to fear from other nations, especially Asians, since they are all consumed with other interests and do not wnat to wage war either. War never benefits anyone, so yes, indeed, some action must stop America from its over participation in dropping bombs around the world.

If the warrior action is due to stupid politicians, let's elect sane politicians instead of the current crop!

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:58 AM

Originally posted by Hessling
Folks, I’ve been politically passionate for many years. During this time I’ve seen scandals, bad decisions, foreign misadventures, economic crisis’s and so forth. While it is easily understood America is far from perfect, what has been going on the last 10+ years is nothing short of insanity.

I don't have time now to carefully read the whole thread, but just skimming thru some of the responses, I'm surprised that there aren't more conspiracy theorists responding to the OP. After all, this is ATS.

Hessling, I strongly recommend that you read Jim Marrs "Rule by Secrecy" which should give you an overview of what's been happening in this country since Woodrow Wilson.

The "agenda" has accelerated in the last ten years to the point that even some of the sheeple are becoming aware that something is profoundly wrong in this country.

1) At war in 3 nations, each of which it attacked and 2 of which it occupies.

Need I mention that the military-industrial complex is overjoyed. (Try finding a copy of "War Is a Racket" by a former Commandant of the US Marines named Smedley -- published about 80 years ago.)

I think there is something even more nefarious going on than the usual "human bloodshed for fun & profit" -- the US military resources are being intentionally stretched to the limit. The climbing war debt is undermining the Dollar and our enemies are rejoicing. Why are so many of the Islamic countries in the Mid-east erupting into revolution all at the same time? It's orchestrated.

One of the most useful functions of creating war is the distraction of the people.

War is also useful for mass kills -- culling the herd -- depopulation.

2) Runs secret torture cells on some of its distant military bases and contracts out other torture, while it also runs "kill teams" where it chooses. It even has a private army of highly paid "contractors," little of which it discloses to the American people.

3) Seizes people it deems terrorists, those it doesn't kill, and locks them up indefinitely, in many cases no charges, no trials, no rule of law.

Those "contractors" -- mercenaries -- really worry me. Most Americans do not want to know. US use of torture is not new. Have you not heard the stories from Vietnam? Waterboarding is mild stuff compared to the stories I've heard.

4) Censors its wars from the American people, many of whom are indifferent to the suffering our beloved nation is causing. U.S. news media often cooperates with the government but not WikiLeaks nor Aljazeera but most Americans ignore it. No military draft, no interest.

5) Censors even the horrors its wars cause its own soldiers and their families. Once again, the U.S. news media often cooperates telling few stories or sharing few pictures, making these people largely invisible, left to bear their pain in silence and in a cloak of secrecy.

The US news media is probably entirely corrupt. All our media is owned by giant corporations and is run to manipulate the masses (us) and to make money. If you want real news you'll have to scour the net. I would not endorse anything from either WikiLeaks or Aljazeera.

Why would they need to institute an unpopular draft? When you have masses of poor who are desperate for any kind of job just to have a paycheck.

How our youth has been used in the military is heartbreaking.

6) Once the greatest manufacturing powerhouse the world had ever seen, most U.S. manufacturing has been shipped overseas. But there still is a sizable amount of U.S. manufacturing as the government contracts with manufacturers to build weapons of mass destruction and deadly delivery systems such as jet fighters and drones in most Congressional Districts across America. All at taxpayer's expense.

The Elites do not care about members of the "herd." By using Communist slave labor so cheap, that they could ship their goods thousands of miles and still make obscene profits -- they stripped their compatriots of decent paying jobs -- gutted the US middle classes -- and are helping to turn the US into a Third World country where you have a small number of obscenely rich at the top, a small & powerless middle class and masses of poor.

7) Because of reckless government spending and huge trade deficits, the U.S. dollar which was long the gold standard of currencies is now so weak, many investors prefer gold or even other currencies as the dollar sinks in value.

The collapse of the Dollar has been intentional. Once the Dollar has been deemed worthless, Americans will be urged to adopt a new currency to replace the Dollar. A new type of government of NWO "Communitarianism" will be instituted to restore order from the chaos of economic collapse.

8) Once the U.S. ran the greatest financial surpluses since the British Empire was at its peak. Now it is the world's biggest debtor nation running a borrowing and printing Ponzi Scheme to pay its bills.

"printing Ponzi Scheme" ?? You mean fiat money. The US is not the biggest debtor nation yet, but we are getting there.

9) Standard & Poor's, a globally respected credit rating agency threatened to downgrade the U.S.'s debt securities, the first step at what could lead in stages to having it declared "Junk." That would send interest rates through the stratosphere, making it cost prohibitive for home mortgages and small business borrowing and destroying the value left in the dollar. Newport Beach, CA based Pimco, the world's largest bond investor has already sold off its holdings in U.S. government debt.

10) To sustain and expand its military machine, the U.S. government would sacrifice Medicare, Medicaid, its educational system, its police and fire protection and other programs that bring quality of life to its citizens and protect its children and its poor and frail.

Very powerful people make lots of money from war, so of course, the crooked law-makers will do everything they can to sustain & expand the military-industrial machine.

Medicare, Medicaid, "free" public schools (universal suffrage), government subsidized college tuition, are all "nice to have" stuff if there is enough tax money to pay for it. None of these things are "entitlements."

In the really old days, if you wanted any "learning" you had to pay a teacher for it. Taxes were not collected to pay for it. If a town wanted a sheriff, the townspeople had to chip in to pay for one. There wasn't any "free" medical care, unless a doctor was willing to donate his services.

And Social Security, there's a pyramid scheme. Those who got in at the beginning of the program fared well, they probably got more out of the system than they paid in. The problem is that the longer the scheme runs, the larger the base you need to support it. The tax base cannot expand enough to support the growing number of payees.

When the US was rich, there was so much tax money, the country could pay for public programs. Those days are over.

Trillions of Dollars have disappeared from the US Treasury over the years to fund secret projects of the Elite.
The US taxpayers have been treated like sheep to be shorn.

I used to “fight” by voting in every election. However, it seems as though our elected leaders no longer care about us. Recently elections just seem like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Also, there is very little doubt that the media is not doing the job they were intended to do.

Voting seems like an act of futility. However, on the outside chance that it might make a difference -- vote.
There's barely any difference between the Replicrat candidates. An outsider like Ron Paul will be destroyed if it looks like he might win. Remember how they destroyed Ross Perot's campaign.

Obama has got to be one of the worst US presidents ever -- he is so over his head. But Obama has a good chance of winning again because the anti-Obama forces are divided.

It's probably naive to think it makes any difference who's in the WH. The men behind the curtain remain the same.

Younger friends of mine do not understand why I’m freaking out over current events. They consider it “normal”.

Perpetual war…Wall Street bailouts…rampant unemployment…rich vs. poor gap reaching preposterous levels…sky rocketing inflation despite government numbers stating there is no inflation…blatantly illegal actions taken by elites with absolutely no repercussions forthcoming.

Damn it! This is NOT normal.

I simply want to know how in the heck we reached this point and within a breathtakingly short span of time in relation to our history? Do you think we can ever go back and restore our honor?

It's probably too late by many decades to undo what's been done. But we must act as if we can make a difference, because to do nothing is worse than futile action. At the very least, we can let people know what is being done to them and why.


posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 02:01 AM
I'll add a few more. How about the election to the presidency of the US by a man who:

1) Was raised as Muslim,
2) Is an avowed Marxist,
3) Smoked crack
4) Had many homosexual relationships,
5) Had his gay lover killed,
6) Can't find his birth certificate,
7) Was groomed by communists funded by the former soviet union,
8) Hates his own country and wants it replaced by a one world government.
9) More warlike than his insane warhawk predecessor.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 02:23 AM
I want to add a separate post that's more concrete. Here are the areas that I feel the US needs the most work:
Criminal defense. Fact over 90% of all criminals in the US never see trial. While the US states pump tons of money to prosecutors public defenders get hardly any attention. Many public defenders don't even know who their clients are since the state overloads them with so many so they tell most to just plea bargain...

Housing. US housing has become too high. Buying a home should not cost much more than a years wage. These prices also trickle down to those who pay rent. Soon homelessness will be rife if these prices cannot fall. Homes should be homes not money market speculative investments.

Corporatism. Corporations have far too much power. I do not mean the small corp. I am talking the multi million corporations. These entities strangle small businesses, pervert political discourse, and move our jobs overseas while minimizing job growth domestically.

Finally using the tax code to effect policy. While I do not believe in a flat tax per se, a simple progressive taxation % on net income needs to be established so we can know how much everyone pays in taxes.

I would like to say I am disgusted by people who think US civil law is a problem. Honestly being able to sue right now is the largest most direct change a average citizen can have in the US. Large businesses paying large sums is the only punitive means we have. Once we lose that ability and corporations who know only 5% of those injured will sue them will receive only compensatory damages is going to be the day we become a oligarchy.

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