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The Best Dream Ever/What was yours?

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posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 10:19 AM
Last night, I had what I consider to be the best dream I've ever had. It might sound a bit silly but...

I found myself left alone to clean up after a very large cake exposition. There were partially intact and very pretty cakes all over. Classic cakes, cakes that were shaped like cool stuff (there was one depicting a World War I battle, with strawberry puree for blood and guts, chocolate trenches, and marzipan soldiers), cakes with fillings... most any kind of cake you can imagine.

After murmuring to myself in awe, "I must be dreaming..." I realized that yes, oh my goodness, yes I was dreaming! And, knowing that, I concluded that it was time for me to at least try to eat every single cake in there, since I could. And I did. I woke up a few times, and immediately went back to sleep to eat more cake. I spent the whole night eating dream cake by the handful. And I ate every single soldier on that WWI battlefield.

I had previously ranked the dream where I got to play live with Nine Inch Nails as the best one... but this one eclipsed that. I love cake (who doesn't?) but I've never been able to eat more than a single three-inch square of it without getting pretty friggin' sick. And even longer than I've wanted to be a rock star, I've wanted to be able to eat a lot of cake. So it was like a childhood dream come true (oh ho) even though I was only dreaming.

So, ATS, what was YOUR best, most favorite dream?

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 11:02 AM
Well just last night I had a flying dream and would say that it's up there on the list of best dreams. I've only had a few flying dreams and usually don't have full control over it, but last night's dream was awesome as I could roll, climb and dive like a plane with little fear of falling. It was night and I was flying over a city so I got to see all the lights... it was a beautiful as it was exciting!

Another favorite when dreaming (and is a rarity) is breathing under water... I love it when I finally give up holding my breath and inhale only to realize that I can breath, and then wonder why I haven't tried this in the past (my first dream breathing under water, I remember thinking 'what else have I believed that has been false?' ... I was pretty young for that dream (10 maybe?). And in retrospect, wonder what I must've just learned that was against what I was previously taught to encourage such thoughts).

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 12:52 PM
Im a vivid dreamer with good recall and know the manner of my dreams, I don't have prophetic dreams, but i do have ones influenced by a book or film that day, anxiety dreams, hope/anticipation dreams and the ones where its quite obvious the mind is just having a good sh....erm' letting off steam.

But there are two types of dream i relish becuse i just dont understand them. The dreams that are so otherworldly, so bizarre and alien that it seems like a visit to another dimension/reality, although they can be fleeting visits at times which is annoying. I can recall this type years later. Then the other type.

After dreaming of an ex-girlfriend, an old house, feeding leaves (comfrey i think) to a small dragon and being a student to Master Yoda. "suffering is life" he declared as i carried him on my shoulders, i found myself in an army (european 1800ish), marching with low spirit on a forest road. Now what is pertinent is that i was aware of events that would occur. The main event that my artillery unit would be over-run by heavy cavalry before we get off a shot (army in retreat it seems). I'm asking other broken units to join mine on the rise ahead where we will stand and fight, but to no avail. The last unit i approach is led by a young downcast officer in a pastel blue uniform, and i know that minutes later he will take his life with a pistol, the blast heard from amongst the trees. I stood in front of him put my hand on his shoulder, my voice almost breaking i whispered "don't" as a single tear ran down my cheek, and he knew that i knew, there was so much feeling in the look we shared. Yet his suicide was set in stone i couldnt change it.

We approached the rise where we would make our stand, a slope with a small building atop it, and i lent a hand setting up our guns, i was informed we have a new piece, i know before i'm told that its a mortar, yet i show surprise and mention it will be good to see it in action. My C.O approaches, a grizzled unshaven veteran and i ask for the last time can we have more men, "we will face heavy cavalry i tell him, we will be cut down, see they approach now". Indeed they were, before we fire a single shot, i grabbed a pike and leapt to the right of our line, the cavalry were large men wearing blood red uniforms, bearskins on their heads, i speared a young man twice in the throat, quickly i moved left to spear another this time in the face, his head turned as the point pierced his skull, and then i awoke my head itching. I couldnt re-enter it, the snow outside reflecting the sunlight into my room, my head spinning with a battle rage.

The emotional content, the vivid colours, the lack of anything bizzare, the knowledge of all that would occur before it did, well.. this was different to the usual. When i awoke i was left wanting only to be back there, to try change what could not be changed.

On a side note, i dreamt last night about some kind of watery trouble in the atlantic heading for europe, Oo.

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 10:41 PM
lol, Your dream sounds awesome!!!
I LOVE cake too!!!

The best dream I ever had...

happened about 10 years ago...

I was dreaming that I was walking around a baseball field and tornado's started popping up...
it was fracking scary! there were more tornado's than you could count! This massive one gets closer and closer to me! As its about to wipe me out, I realize... wait that's kinda outlandish... that many tornado's in this area, it can't be... and the fact I haven't been blown away yet... WAIT... i'm dreaming!!!

I turned all the tornado's into grain silo's... (i don't know why, I made them grain silo's, seemed fitting? lol)
I then decided to fly around... I rearrange the topography of the hills and rivers/lakes here...

after that got a lil boring to me... I decided to fly to a Mall located about 80 miles away...
I got to the mall and I was just walking around drinking a coke and eating a slice of pizza...
all of a sudden my dream changed! I didnt do it!
then out of no where, Freddy Kruger runs up and tries to slice me with his claw... had no effect...
He was like "Too Weak!"
He then started killing people in the Mall... I started to become afraid...
He kept looked back at me, and laughing saying "Soon you be very scared... THEN YOUR MINE!!!"

So then I was trying to figure out a way to kill him...
I tried collapsing the Mall on him... he just stopped it from falling...
I "made" a gun and shot him... he caught the bullets with his teeth and spit them back at me...

then it occured me... The only way I could destroy him...

I pulled out of my pocket The Lament Configuration, ya know the Puzzlebox from the Hellraiser movies...

I then sat on the floor and tried to solve it...
I DID!!!

then this is were this dream earns it place, as my favorite/best dream ever...

All of a sudden the world grew quiet... the people in the mall froze... and the wall started to open, just like in the Hellraiser movies... a blue light beamed from the opening as it grew wider... Finally after opening the Cenobytes stepped out... The female Cenobyte pointed at me as if I was in trouble... but Pinhead grabbed her arm and pulled it down and said
"NO! HE IS ONLY THE SOLVER... WE WANT THIS ONE!" all of a sudden hooks shot into Freddy and ripped him into pieces! I was like "That is awesome!!!"
Then Pinhead looked at me and said...
"Your soul is free this time... The next time it is mine!"

The wall closed back and everything went back to normal and I finished my coke...

Hope I don't run into Pinhead again!! lol

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by nithaiah

I have two dreams I would rank as my favourites.

In the first one I am walking along a pebble beach during a very stormy dark day, it's raining etc. There are about 4 pastel coloured terrace houses lining one side of a road facing the beach. It seemed like a european sea side town in many ways on a very dark day.

Suddenly all the water receded from the beach and a tsunami came rushing in to wipe it all away. I just stood and watched it calmly roll in and as it crashed over me I felt real calm, like I was expecting a kind of death. I then found the water had formed a sort of shell over me and I was standing in a kind of bubble underneath the tsunami with a superfine mist dropping down around me.

As weird as it sounds that is when I heard what can best be described as the voice of god. To my ideas at the time it was what I can best describe it as. God said a few words and was gone again. I woke up feeling more energised than I had ever felt, with a massive energy level. So that was nice.

The other favourite dream was that I was standing in the grounds of a an old church, very sunny, very beautiful. I met a young nun in the church grounds and we ended up talking about various topics which are of interest to me concerning the world. She was young and beautiful but really knew her stuff, amazing to talk with and wise beyond her years. Afterwards we walked inside the church to find an elemental cross on the floor and it made me realise that this outwardly looking christian church was a disguise to hide a church which worshipped the very powers which hold this world together.

It seems weird to say but I believe the church and that woman exist somewhere on this earth in physical form. It felt very much as though I had been there on an invite in the spiritual realm. I'd like to find if it does indeed exist one day and visit there, silly as it sounds

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 09:54 AM

My best dream involved a massive lottery win, two prostitutes, some illegal substances and 10 bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne.

Simple pleasures..


posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 09:56 AM
The dreams where you have to change your boxers when you wake up!!!

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 12:34 AM
The best dreams I've ever had were a series of recurring dreams I had as a teenager and young adult.

I would find myself in the most beautiful, tranquil locale I could ever imagine, with forests, fields, streams, waterfalls, and mountains for as far as the eye could see. Everything was brighter, more vividly colorful, and richer visually than I could ever see in real life.

Magic and playfulness abounded. There were what I can only describe as faeries, shimmering balls of energy and color, who I felt some sort of kinship or familiarity with. Everyone I had ever known or loved was there. Everyone was playing, exploring, reading, learning, or simply being, in this beautiful land that my mind had conjured.

There were bright, stone structures. The few I can recall were vast libraries, enormous arboritums, and some sort of docks or piers where ships docked.

For some reason, water could be used as a method of travel (and not just by ship.) Water there had the power to act as a portal of sorts. One could step into a stone water fountain, and submerge themselves, only to emerge somewhere completely different.

I loved these dreams, and when I awoke from them, as crazy as it may sound, I used to "miss" them and would be sad that they were over. Sadly I haven't had them in a very long time. Remembering them to post this has been somewhat bittersweet. It's crazy what the mind can do. They're "just dreams," but I actually miss having them.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 04:59 AM
Well, I think that I don't have one, because I usually forget them. Dreams are a random things, but my dreams are real random. I haven't dream anything that is to remember.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 11:33 AM
A well earned break from my research to reply to this pleasant thread and it makes a change to centre on my pleasant dreams rather than my messages from .....lets say concerned ancestors and visitors in the know or dips into the stone of knowledge(I prefer Sacred Library) If you needed to put a label on it.
Ok narrow it down to say three dreams in a process of ilimination and I will skirt over two of them in short for you(very short). In reverse order:

3. Spending time with long passed family and my beloved dog, Tara.

2. (now it really is a coin toss as to which is no.1 at this point I'll leave it up to you) Drifting in space looking back at Earth the sun catching only the top half of our blue/green gem. A water fall made of stars falling upon the surface of the planet,and coming into view above earth different layers (lets call them planes) each plane hugging the sides of the star fall. At the far edges of each plane, including Earth was a transitional (lets say stairway) way to rise up one plane at a time. A serpant (snake) guarded the doorways back to the Star Fall. On the top plane it's ceiling was the stars and at the end of this plane was the return to the stars.

1. Running from something but not in fear but excitement. I reached a tower and began to run all the way to the top.......I didn't stop, as I reach the final floor I was changing..... I leaped into the ether and transformed into a Glorious White Translucent Dragon, flying around the sky for hours my heart filled to bursting(for an example of the feeling...being in love/watching your child being born and taking its first breath/the love of a mother and father infact this doesn't even come close...Finding your soul mate is abit closer but not stick it on the greatest roller coaster drop you could ever imagine). Have to clear this up, I'm dyslexic and my wife checks my posts for me...
Having your Soul mate close is like living in a're close but the body gets in the way...In the dream it is the feeling of being Eternal nothing is in the way, no physical.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by nithaiah
Throughout history, dreams have been considered one way in which another reality can communicate with this reality. Although 99.9% percent of my dreams are what I consider normal, I’ve had a handful of dreams that I consider special. By special, I mean dreams I believe were given to me as a form of communication from an unseen reality. Three dreams I’ve had in particular have convinced me that reincarnation is real.

The first dream I had several years ago. I dreamt I was a bombardier in WWII. I had a different name and I was stationed in England. I dreamt my plane was shot down on a mission over occupied Europe and I died in the crash.

The second dream I had was about four months ago. I dreamt I was in a room with four or five other people. I felt the presence of my deceased father in the room with me but I didn’t see him. I and the other four or five people were told that we were about to be given a “gift.” Shortly thereafter I felt myself flying through blackness. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I was being guided. I looked off to my right-hand side as I was flying and all I could see were two flashes of light. It didn’t take too long, but eventually we reached a place that I can only describe as a place of light and pure energy. We then turned around and started to fly back through the darkness. After a short time the blackness turned to grey and then the grey parted. I could see the curvature of the Earth down below me. Soon, I woke back up in the room where we were originally and I understood what was meant when we were told were being given a gift. I knew then that there was life after death.

The third dream I had several weeks ago. I dreamt I was a young man in my early twenties and I had enlisted in the air force. I was being trained along with a young woman about my age on some kind of simulator. We were going to be stationed at a “Space City.” I was kind of amused by the term Space City because I knew that term was really more for public relations than an accurate description. I knew where I was going was to be difficult and the living conditions sparse, but I was looking forward to the experience.

I know this doesn’t amount to proof for any doubters. However for me these dreams are real experiences and I believe I have been given a communication of what my past life was, what will happen when I pass from this life, and a glimpse into what my next life might be.

posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by nithaiah

I got to play live with Nine Inch Nails as the best one

That is awesome!

My favourite dream that has stuck with me for years was when i was picking magic mushrooms on a high grassy cliff/hill on the edge of the ocean,and as i looked over the ocean there was another ocean in the sky but it was red,i remember feeling complete euphoria and happiness as i stared at the beautiful scene then i just jumped of the edge and slid down the side of the cliff like a giant slide!

Coudnt stop thinking about it when i woke up
Never forgot this even though i dreamt it about eight years ago!

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