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Strange e-mail I received

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posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 05:16 PM
Hi guys, I received this e-mail today. Apparently I can collect 5,500,000 by claiming to be the next of kin of someone who died in a plane crash several years ago. Anyone else had anything like this?
Here's the body of the message :


Dear Partner


I am Mr Phil frost, and I am contacting you on
business transfer of a huge sum of money from a
deceased account. Though I know that a transaction of
this magnitude will make anyone apprehensive and
worried, but I am assuring you that all will be well
at the end of the day. I decided to contact you due to
the urgency of this transaction.

I am the account officer to Mr Abdullah Saleh (deceased)
one of our foreign customers. While he banked with us,
I oversaw his accounts and other official/financial
obligations as my office demanded being his accounts
officer.Unfortunately, he died along with his entire
family in the plane crash of 31 October, 1999 on board
the Egyptian Airline 990 alonside other passengers.
Please consult the British Broadcasting Corporation website
below for verification.

While he was alive, none of his family members was
ever known to me other than his immediate nuclear
family.Since his death, none of his next-of-kin or
relations has come forward to lay claims to this money
as the heir. I cannot release the fund from his
account unless someone applies for claim as the
next-of-kin to the deceased as indicated in our
banking guidelines.
Having made a very fanatic and exhaustive search for
any family member that would lay claim to this fund, I
decided to take my chance with you.I now seek your
permission to have you stand as next of kin to the
deceased as I have all documentations including his
certified Death Certificate that will facilitate your
stand as next of kin to him as he had a closing
balanced of 5,500,000.00lbs pounds sterling (Five million
five hundred thousand British pounds sterling) here in
our bank in London. I also have secured from the
probate an order of mandamus to locate any member of
deceased family to become beneficiary of this fund.
Please acknowledge receipt of this message in
acceptance of our mutual business endeavour by
furnishing me with the following;

1. Full name and address

2. Direct Telephone and fax numbers

These requirements will enable me make some internal
re-adjustments and file your name in form and
other vital forms as next of kin which before now was
left blank by the deceased upon opening of the account
six years ago. Upon your reply, I will advice the way
forward. I must assure you that if you are serious and
follow my lead religiously, then this funds will be
released to you within a seven-working-day period.
If this proposal is acceptable by you, do not take
undue advantage of the trust I have bestowed in you, I
await your urgent mail.
Please reply

Mr. Phil Frost

If only, eh?


posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 05:48 PM
Yeah to me sounds like a scam to he can get your number and sell it to telemarketers.

posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 06:07 PM
This is actually a scam out of Nigeria..
You may have heard about it on 20/20
This website explains more:

They will try to get you to give a little (in comparison) to get a lot.
But in the end, you will just be out the "routing fees" (normally a few thousand) with nothing to show for it.

posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 06:31 PM
I remember i got one of these emails a while back

it was saying some great cousin of mine died in america etc etc and they traced me or something

yip..a shady scam


posted on Jul, 29 2004 @ 01:36 AM
I actually got 2 or 3 emails similiar to those. They were out of Nigeria I believe. It's a common scam. I kind of liked the story in one scam that claimed millions of dollars in the oil industry in Nigeria that had to delivered out of the country so local residents wouldn't get it. I was amused that if someone had millions, then why would they be sending a public email off to someone far far away to help them move their millions. What a joke.

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