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First crop-circle in UK - Innage, nr Chepstow. Gwent. Wales. Reported 22nd April.

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 01:56 PM


Well done to Olivier Morel and Francine Blake's group for photographing this aerial shot of the formation at Innage, nr Chepstow. Gwent. Wales. Reported 22nd April. We know this was a long and expensive flight due to this there was great reluctance by other photographers to take to the air. Well done again as there is ...nothing like an aerial shot to be able to grasp the over all effect of the crop circles.

©Olivier Morel - 2011

Rape is a very fragile plant that does not support trampling...

Let's wait for ground photographies if there's any damages...

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 01:59 PM
Obvious, poorly made fake.
Second line.
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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 02:03 PM
As much as i love the crop-circle phenomenon, i think this one looks man-made.
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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 02:35 PM
This looks very much man made to me. The spheres aren't even spherical.

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 03:35 PM
Yeah! Crop Circle season!

Just FYI. This happened on Good Friday.

To me I see Nuclear.

Right up the river from the CC is a Nuclear Plant that had an "incident" a few weeks ago.

Steam Coming Out Of Oldbury Power Station Reactor

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 04:01 PM
For people crying fake already, these are the first circles of the year done in flowering rapeseed. The nature of flowers leads it to look that way, not as crisp as the mature crops that come in a month+

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 04:02 PM
Looks man made to me too.

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 02:24 PM
I live about 2 miles away from that, and I havent heared anything of it.

It's wicked to think that I live that close for a change to something hear on ATS.

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by IndieA

I bet that we will not have to wait that long for another CC to be discovered in rape seed field...

It's a pity we haven't have any ground pics as it could easily validate or invalidate the man-made theory for rape seed CC.

Rape seed is a very fragile plant that can't support stalling. Any mechanical flattening will undoubtely let some traces...

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 02:04 PM
I today had the chance (as i live very close by) to wander to the field and go inside the Crop Circle armed with my camera...

I did notice that if it was other intelligent life they must bring wire cutters as the fence around the site had been snipped!

I will try and add some pictures very soon for you all to see..

Dan - Chepstow

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 05:43 PM
Here is a few pictures of todays visit to the Crop Circle.

That is one of the open cut gate....

Here is some of the ground itself...

I hope this will be something that will help you make your mind up on wether this is a genuine case or not so....

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by mrwurzal

How you doing Dan, ye me and the kids went down there the other day too.

Did you get to it from the style that allows you to get into the field from the layby on the bypass?

We got down to the bottom too, albeit for some cows which didnt like us, and saw that the wire had been tramped down too.

From Caldicot I am.

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