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Uncovering The True Story Of Paul F. Bennewitz

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posted on May, 29 2011 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

Hey Kandinsky, those are good questions. Thanks for the pdf document, it appears to be a final draft from McCampbell with some added information then what I have, and is much cleaner than the versions I saw on the net. I believe we spoke a while back about a book with some Dulce info, I ended up buying it and it contains the original notes McCampbell made of his interview, along with all of Paul's notes and corrections. I was surprised how much of the interview is not contained in your final document which included details I posted earlier, the first interview half appears to be cut short.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:53 AM

Originally posted by Kandinsky
On Dark Matters Radio, Don Ecker interviewed Bill Moore (mp3 right click save as). Moore depicts himself as a partially helpless participant in the whole affair in the same way Rich Doty has since. Moore goes on to suggest that two major figures in ufology were also involved. He hasn't ever brought evidence for the claim; one of the people he accused was J Allen Hynek. Personally, I don't believe him, but that's my opinion.

Thanks I just heard some of the interview, Bill claims to have been recruited by the government 10 days before the national release of his Roswell book in September 1980 to enter the counter intelligence campaign in the Bennwitz affair, yet Jim Lorenzen founder of APRO had him go out and research the Bennewitz case prior to that when Paul was getting his first hand information about the Dulce base and Myna Hansen's abduction. Maybe the government saw this or maybe they had some involvement with APRO I don't know.

Moore is taking the innocent side to this and I believe that, I don't think Bill did anything wrong beside stir up all the emotion in the 1989 MUFON conference.

Moore claims John Lear received the Dulce Papers from Paul Bennewitz. That is a major flaw because we have found the identity of Cherry Hinkle and TAL Levesque as the proponents of the Dulce Papers. I think that Bill just didn't focus on the heart of Paul's story (the Dulce base) in the early days because it was far too outlandish for him, he thought it was more like a plot for a science fiction movie and just not possible. I also think Bill knows what happened with the controversy between what Jeff Bennewitz claimed in 1989 to what Greg Bishop speaks about, which is the biggest contradiction in the whole affair, even bigger than all the misdirection.
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posted on Jan, 8 2012 @ 12:07 PM
Still a lot out there to be discovered...In this post I would like to describe some of the ways disinformation has played into this affair. The true invesitgation of Paul Bennewitz was of an alien invasion and base location in northern New Mexico that provided all of the furnishings for alien creatures to produce their hyrbids and take earth life elsewhere throughout the universe.

Those in the Air Force and counterintelligence (CIA,NSA) worked extremely hard to provide a story told to the public of Dr. Paul Bennewitz who founded Thunder Scientific Corporation in 1966. They hired people who don't seem like agents and recruited them to be 'disinformation agents' (the government goes to extreme lengths in order to create disinformation, it is extremely psychological and all about telling people things that are not true, based in something that is true, usually vented through the media). They placed real agents in the house next to Bennewitz in order to suggest to the public that his UFO electronic transmissions (he produced scientific instruments which were on board space shuttles and was very knowledgable in measuring electronic data coming from frequency transmissions) were coming from the agents. You will hear disinfo today stating that Hynek helped with the transmissions but the truth is that Hynek and Bennewitz saw a UFO together in Paul's backyard, then Hynek told Bennewitz the truth regarding abductions and that he was still a cover for the government, and that even if it did happen it had little to do with the true story of Paul Bennewitz concluded by the timeline of events (some go as far to say that Paul learned about the alien implant from his transmissions, but the implant was discovered by hypnosis of a girl and her son who saw a cow being abducted by a UFO and had missing time, then there was a catscan verified, then the actual transmissions were measured to come out of the implant).

The biggest publicity stir created - Paul Bennewitz's electronic UFO transmissions over Kirkland, Bennewitz 'tapping' into the government. Paul Bennewitz did not consult with an impressive list of high ranking AFP on a project that he was working on about Kirkland, Linda Howe and John Lear Know that Kirkland's Security Commander of Operations confirmed Paul's proof of the existence of an underground alien base near Dulce New Mexico. Paul did not write to the Pentagon or the President about his communications with lights over Kirkland but an underground alien base in the mountains by Dulce New Mexico, not the Archuletta Peak but 20 miles to the west. Paul did not speak to the Senator of New Mexico on the phone continously about lights hovering over Kirkland and the Manzano mountain range, he spoke to him about cattle mutilations that were happening in Dulce and his proof of a US underground base location in the area.

They were truly successful, all the hard intelligent work payed off - the whole world thinks exactly want the government wanted them to think when they started eveything in September of 1980. Why would Bennewitz even care that everyone turned there back on him, his proceedings in getting to the know the aliens lead him to being an actual abductee himself. The security commander who saw the proof was promoted and shipped off to Germany, not before he aided in talking to the Air Force headquarters in Washington on Paul's behalf, and 'blew up' at them when they lied over it and gave Paul the cold shoulder. One lie after another, still being continued to this day. It is so much that these people want for us not to know about aliens performing abductions and cattle mutilations on the planet, they are so ruthless in not wanting us to know about their activities in underground bases. It wasn't the lies or disinformation which caused Paul to have a mental breakdown as written in every article, the true answer is out there somewhere...

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 02:28 PM

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posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 06:07 PM
A great deal of disinformation was spread about Paul Bennewitz and what he thought. From my experience, he was willing to speak to just about anyone who wanted to speak to him, which was a positive thing for many of us, but obviously left the door open for many to say that he said things that will forever be impossible to prove.

Those who know me will know that I spent a good bit of time and effort looking into the experiences Paul had. I know some things and, like many others, I have my opinions. But the evidence is what matters now, and a few years ago I decided to have my say.
I very recently finished a book that relates everything I know about Paul's experiences, everything I have learned since then, and expresses my opinion of many things that I see discussed in this forum. I greatly regret that did not complete this when Paul was still alive. The book is about two films, one of which is Paul's original night-films taken from his rooftop--few people have seen what that film truly shows. The second film is something equally profound, though unrelated to Paul.

Title: X Descending

I'm not sure if ATS frowns on referring to sample pages on Amazon, so this can be edited out if necessary, but you will be able to see several images and read the first chapter there. It is only available as a digital book at the moment (a full color print edition is planned...cost is always a factor). The Kindle version is available on Amazon and an ePub version should be on the iBookstore soon. But all formats are available from:

Hopefully it will answer many questions.
Chris L.

posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 07:08 PM
This area is the one that intrigues me the most aside from the DUBs part of the ufo topic. The Archuleta Mesa ranges from NM to CO and is so wide that its existence cannot be denied just because one didn't see it at one particular area, Many claim there is something somewhere there.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 11:23 AM
I wanted to share a new post here because I'm not happy these new books are continuing to stray the public away from what really happened by Dulce New Mexico in 1979-1980.

First, there are thousands of ideas over the unsolved cattle mutilations of the 1970s, but none of them except Linda Howe's research is correct. At first some of the researchers like Chris O'Brien were picking it up, the idea of Fastwalkers was thought up. The real researchers such as Tom Adams Do Not share their findings with the public, just the same as Paul Bennewitz, the last thing they wanted was to release their information. Paul even refused to discuss his experience with Jacques Vallee, he was just completely tired of all the lies and disinformation and thought it was of no use, that people wouldn't understand anyway after everything.

Yes, I know that human beings have mutilated cattle, but that was a small percent. The world cannot forget that a large percent of the mutes were completely unexplainable and obviously could not have been done by humans. So these new aged researchers just look at the non-mysterious ones, then blame the whole set of events on humans.

This case is the same thing almost as Rendlesham, but 10 times better. We know that many of the mutilated cattle were in the US, and we have heard that UFOs visited the nuclear weapons storage facility in England. Well, since the UFOS were mostly situated in the US, why wouldn't they go to the nuclear weapons storage facility in the US by the cattle mutes? Well that is the Bennewitz story. The story is specifically the only civilian in history to establish contact with aliens and the first human to ever discover the (alien or human, it is not yet determined) abductee implant. But, the new aged researchers don't tell you about those parts of the story - they purposely leave out the most important parts of the story because they don't believe in the truth or they don't want you to believe in the truth, either one.

It wasn't just Paul who saw UFOs at this weapons storage area, at least 4 individuals had a similar experience to Rendlesham and they claimed that because of the odd flying attributes the UFOs had to be from space. Now Paul could have got off easy when he met with the higher ups of the base over this, but he made the mistake of telling them that he has established contact with the UFOs.

Dr. Bennewitz also related he had documented proof that he was in contact with the aliens flying the objects.

Is anyone familiar with the black helicopters? Well it turns out that the biggest factor for the second agency along with the CIA (the NSA) to harass Paul Bennewitz was strictly because they got involved with the Myrna Hansen abduction case. We can learn a lot from this case, besides the first proven and documented UFO implant, we can actually learn which group is responsible for the cattle mutilations. If we go back years earlier to the case of Judy Doraty it is one of the only other cases in which a cattle mutilation was witnessed. She talked about the knives, also the act, but the most important detail is that the aliens had slits for pupils. People started thinking, maybe Corso was right and aliens have black lenses they put over their eyes. But people were having experiences with another group of aliens besides the greys - green aliens with slits for pupils. In the Hansen case it is very specific - the aliens in the pasture who initially abducted them were green and had slits for pupils just as the Doraty case. In the underground base two more aliens came along - tall greys. Now this may be a surprise to some thinking that the greys were behind the very strange mutilations. But look at this, we know how cold blooded reptiles are from earth, so if there was an outer space type of being how easy would it be for them to mutilate cattle? It would surely be in the nature of a reptilian alien to cut up a cow because of that reptilian nature. So the evidence that brought this conclusion exactly makes sense - the culprits behind the strange cattle mutilations are the reptilians, not the greys.

When the story is looked at from this perspective, all of a sudden we have answers for Everything. When we listen to the stories those researchers write in books about this case, None of the answers are given and it leaves the reader with more questions than they started with.
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posted on May, 3 2014 @ 11:53 AM
Cattle mutes go back farther than 1972. I lived on Malmstrom AFB in Montana in 1968 and 1969 and can remember them being in the news there at that time.

posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 12:50 AM
why isn't there more of Paul Bennewitz photos available to see? I can only find very few and hardly any of his writings.
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