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Had a confirmed "Time Slip"

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:57 AM

Originally posted by coquine
This is a totally wierd idea, but I thought about it when I read your account, as well as the other poster, who talked of a similar event, in which they were heading for a potential accident when the "slip" happened?

Me and my family have had such events happen twice, one in which we lost two hours, one which was approx. 10 minutes. In the second one, we were on a plane, that started to have trouble coming onto landing. Everyone was panicking. Then "bloop" it was quiet and we were landing normally. My son and I (he was 17 at the time) looked at each other and asked each other if we dreamed what just happened? What DID just happen? When did the problems smooth out and everyone calm down? We didn't see the transition, either of us.

When the plane came to a stop, he said, "Mom, I think we died." And we began to explore the possibility that perhaps, we don't ever experience dying! Perhaps our consciousness just steps out before a trauma and moves to an alternate universe or reality, so similar to the one we were in, we don't know what happened. Even in an alternate reality, everyone we know could have "dopplegangers" that we continue our relations with - even if one version of them is crying for our loss in another!

The other time it happened, we drove into a sudden wall of fog, so it could have been possible we hit another car or something.

I'm not saying I believe this to be true, I don't have any beliefs, but the hypothesis has always intrigued me since then! How many times could I have died and not know it??

Man, I absolutely got goose bumps reading this. I've had a similar experience and also had similar thoughts about it. I doubt I have mentioned this to more than a handful of people in the 40 some years since it happened.

I am 60 years old now. I guess I was maybe 17 or so years old and had just recently gotten my driver's license. I was living in Maryland at the time. My mom let me take her car (a '61 Pontiac Bonneville) and like most kids that day and age, I just wanted to take a DRIVE. No destination in mind, just experiencing the new found freedom of WHEELS.

I was driving down Harford Road heading towards town and had gotten in the left hand turn lane to make a left onto Cold Spring Lane. I was able to make the turn without stopping so I had turned the wheel to make the left hand turn when I heard a car horn to my left. Like a dumbass I turned to look to see if someone was beeping at me, while right in the middle of that turn. Now there was a drug store on the right side of Cold Spring, and if I remember correctly, a used car lot on the left. Hell, I can't remember what I did yesterday, but this is all so vivid in my mind.... Anyway, after I had turned looking for the source of that car beeping it's horn, I turned my head back to look forwards and to my horror I saw that I had turned too wide and I was about to smash into a parked car on the right hand side of the road. It was just getting to be dark and I had the headlights on, and all I could see in front of me was the back end of that parked car. All I could see were it's taillights and license tag with NO room to spare. I don't know how fast I was going, but certainly faster than I should have. Anyway, I KNEW there was no way to avoid hitting that parked car so all I did was SHUT MY EYES and think "Mom is going to KILL me!" I did not hit the brakes nor turn the wheel. I knew neither would make any difference at all as close as I was to that parked car.

Next thing I knew I opened my eyes and I was PAST that parked car, maybe about 100 feet, maybe going 10 or 15 miles per hour. I pulled over to the side of the road and just sat there dumbfounded and shaking like a leaf. I don't know about any lost time but I swear my memory is of it being LIGHTER out than it was when I started making that turn. Maybe my eyes were just dilated in shock.... When I could bring myself to drive again, I headed right back on home and didn't say a word to anyone about that incident. But I have thought about it constantly over the years.

I have absolutely NO idea what happened. There was just no way in hell I could have missed hitting that parked car. I didn't even TRY to avoid it because I knew my goose was cooked, but good. Of course I tried to come up with all sorts of explanations. Did I unconsciously whip the wheel to the left and miss the parked car? With my eyes closed? And then whipped it back again to put me straight on the road instead of plowing into that used car lot? Heck, I drove back to that intersection MANY times afterwards to try to figure it out, and nothing seemed possible. I couldn't have done anything to miss that parked car. But yet I did and I did NOTHING at all to make that happen. I had my eyes closed and was clenching the steering wheel with all my might waiting for the impact. That never came.....

Yeah, I often wondered if I had actually died in that car crash that day. And perhaps when that happens my consciousness simply "switched channels" to "something, somewhere else". Another copy of me and my life where I didn't make that dumbass mistake that killed me. Pretty much an unprovable theory. I had no witnesses. All I know is that an impossible event happened that I just cannot explain. And even at this late date, I sure wish I could...... But I'm not about to go out and purposely try to test any theory such as this. Even more terrifying, what will happen if I should be laying in my death bed from some terminal illness. Will I be there FOREVER in that death bed, never really dying, just "switching channels" again to another version of me that still keeps on living.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 02:16 AM
Those are some amazing stories. Clearly their are dimensional distortion occuring - people slipping into alternative realities.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by Rich Z

interesting! and that make sense to the weird history of the timeline shift with many threads here about Australia shape and death in the past of celebrities that NOW they are not dead ... but alive

ps. i am one of the tribu experiencing these changes in the timeline

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 02:48 AM
Fascinating topic!

Reading through some of the 'time slip' accounts here, the insinuation that someone may have experienced a harrowing incident, and actually died and returned, made me wonder if I've experienced such a thing myself. Maybe I have.

Late in 2008, the economic situation where my house was located, in Beaumont, Riverside County, California, was so negative that I ended up staying with my parents and working in San Diego. The drive to reunite with my wife and family was a two hour, 100+ mile ordeal that I took usually on a Friday evening, and I'd drive back to San Diego on Sunday evening, or sometimes mid-week if work was slow, and I'd been given a few extra days off.
I don't recall the exact date this occurred, but I remember it being somewhere in the middle of the week. I hate the long drive up and down the many mountains and hills, and usually I'm hauling butt on the fast lane, or the second fastest lane, and driving at some 70 to 80 miles per hour. This was my normal driving habit at the time.
That strange day, I'd driven three quarters of the route, and was taking the I-15 right before reaching Rancho Bernardo, with 30 or so minutes left to go.
Traffic was steady, and I suddenly felt like switching over to the slow lane. Nothing urgent, nothing I can really point to, other than a nudge in my head, saying I should switch over. Casually, I slowed a little and left the fast lane, and abruptly had to slam on the brakes when the cars in front of me suddenly did the same.
There was a lot of construction taking place in the center of the highway, where there was an open dirt area and various medium and large size construction vehicles were parked or moving about, and incredibly, I witnessed a smaller construction pick-up slowing down ON THE FAST LANE, actually come to a stop, and the driver lean out of his window and call over some of the workers.
I thought, this @sshole is going to cause a big accident, as that was the point where all of these other cars had put their brakes on, and as some of them swerved into the lanes next to them, it caused a ripple effect on all four or five lanes, and all the traffic was stopped.
I don't know if this is a miracle, but I still had a clear path to the slowest lane, and I crept over there. As I did so, I glanced into the rear view mirror and saw all these stopped cars behind me, and some distance behind them I saw a semi-trailer still going at full speed. I've driven big trucks before, and I knew this one was not going to stop in time, and it barreled into all these stopped cars and started shoving them aside just like you see in the movies. The truck split apart, with the cab rolling over the cement barrier and uplifting a huge cloud of dirt from the construction area, and the trailer kept slamming into the cars and pushing them forward towards where I was. The car beside me was hit hard enough to end up spinning around directly in front of my vehicle, but my vehicle wasn't hit, even though I felt it should have been. I don't remember seeing the driver of this car, but from the way it was spinning, I should have seen them.
As the crash seemed to be over, I kept slowly driving until I set my car in park on the shoulder, and I slid open my window to get a good look at the massive damage involving some thirty smashed up cars or more, and I remember my first reaction was wondering if I'd brought along my camera or cell phone so I could get a picture of the construction truck that had started it all, but I hadn't. I also wondered if I could help anybody that might have gotten hurt.
That same feeling I had that told me to move to the slow lane, was now saying 'you should drive home', to my parents' house in San Diego. I was kind of undecided, for several moments, seconds or minutes I don't know, before I finally gave in to the feeling and drove away. The scene was very surreal, as if it had all taken place in slow motion, but I do remember hearing the screeching tires and various crashes clearly, but nothing else seemed 'right'.
As I was driving the rest of the way, I remember feeling guilty, or like a coward, for leaving without even trying to help, and I turned on the news to find out how serious the injuries were. There was no mention of the accident on the TV. In fact, there was no mention of the accident on the following day's newspaper, or in the newspapers in the towns closest to the accident, or in their websites.
I was employed in Rancho Bernardo, and a few days later when my company called me back to work, I drove up the additional couple of minutes to where the accident had taken place, but guess what? There was no evidence that anything had happened. I parked in almost the exact same spot on the side of the roar, and I didn't see any tires marks or damaged cement barriers. The only other person who remembers it was my wife, as I had called her as soon as I got into San Diego to tell her what happened.
My car had not been hit, when it should have, and I made it smoothly from the fast lane to the side of the road, and although I did see the construction people walking towards the pick-up, and the irritated looks of the drivers when they first slammed on the brakes, I do not remember seeing another human being once the trailer truck started hitting the rest of the cars, or after the accident was over.

Bizarre, you ask? Yeah, I'd say so, and while a part of me still feels that I shouldn't have left the scene like that, another part of me is saying that was what I was supposed to do. I mean, maybe if I'd stayed there, I would not be alive today. Guarding angels? Destiny? The Matrix? I don't know, but something very weird happened to me that day.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 03:06 AM
Maybe you have amnesia with all these "time slips" your having?

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 05:58 AM
I want to share a bit of my experiences with the topic being discussed here. Before I do that I would like to say that the OP has a great thread going here, whether you intended for it to run toward a compilation of member experiences or not, I definitely appreciate you starting this thread.

I also think this thread goes to show how great the ATS community can be when a great topic is merged with manners, respect for one another, curiosity, and open minds on a subject that could easily be seen as threatening to one's secular opinion and may sound fictitious to many people as well. This is just a great thread you all have going at the moment.

Ok. before reading this thread tonight I had often wondered about the idea that when an event happens where we die, instead of dying we live. Instead of dying, our timeline splits.

Either we enter a new dimensional reality and in the previous reality our friends and family are mourning our death or, instead of the actual event happening and being permanent, we simply jump over the incident and keep moving on like nothing happened - with very subtle differences immediately after the event as the only clues that anything happened at all. Kind of like a video game my little brother plays. When the character dies in the game, instead of it being permanent dead, he re-spawns in several seconds.

The reason why I ever thought of this in the first place was when I was wondering what the closest to death I had ever been was. I thought about a couple experiences I had, where I could have easily been dead, and began to wonder about the myth of a cat having 9 lives.

I wondered if I too had a certain number of lives I could use before biting the big one.

II will give a couple examples where I could have easily died and didn't... or did I?

Traveling in the far right lane down a congested, rush-hour, 3-lane highway @ 65 mph (posted limit of 55), like I had done many days in the town I grew up in (Knoxville, TN), I approached a common traffic signal. The light was green, so I only slowed a slight amount, maybe to 50/55 mph. I came closer and closer until I was passing under the green light.

As I got threw the traffic signal I was absolutely shocked to find that a lady was traveling in the opposite direction in her lane to turn left across the highway. Instead of waiting it out, she had tried to dart her late model minivan into the Captain D's parking lot.

There was absolutely no way to avoid hitting her in the side or one of the other cars travelling directly beside me or to my rear and causing massive damage to us both, possibly/probably death. I reacted immediately out of instinct and violently jerked the steering wheel as hard left as possible so to cut off her angle. I don't recall what happened directly after the event for the next 2-3 minutes.

The first thing I remember was sitting at another stop light, several miles away, across the Tennessee River and on the campus of the Univ. of Tenn. I had no idea how I got there, only that I was there. No other memories at all after I jerked the wheel. I did not notice a time shift, because I didn't have the where-with-all to do so, I was really so scared about losing the memories and trying to figure out how I came to where I found myself.

I know without a doubt that, as hard as I jerked the wheel and as fast as I was traveling, it was impossible to avoid an accident - whether it be with the van, a car in the lane to my left, or in the oncoming traffic lanes.

The very first time this ever happened was when I was 15 and had no driver's license yet, but had a friend who did. At my friends (friend a) house were my buddy, another friend (friend b) from school and myself.

Friend 'a' told us we could ride with him to pick up his paycheck from a go-cart track he worked at.

We take back roads around here a lot, to avoid the tourist traffic caused by Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

On one back road there was a short steep hill and a creek to the right of the road. Friend 'a' say's 'Hey, you want to jump it?' Without hesitation we said, yes!

So, in a 1988 chevrolet s-15 4x4, my friend a punched the accelerator. We approached 70mph before hitting the gill. We went airborne. Stayed aloft for near eternity, landed and friend 'a' pulled the steering wheel HARD right. The over correction of the steering wheel caused us to be pointed directly at a 12 ft drop off the shoulder and into the icy waters of the creek below.

As we landed and headed for the creek, friend 'a' slammed breaks and slid on the loose gravel... right over the edge at around 50-60 mph, maybe a bit faster, as we hit the hill doing 70+.

The last thing in memory is looking out the windscreen and seeing the creek below. I remember a devastating blow to my head as I struck the passenger window.

Next thing I remember is being woken by the icy waters rushing into the cab. I crawled out and lay on the side of the hill. My friend's had came out already, one with a cracked sinus cavity and the driver unscathed.

As emergency responders arrived they gave us each a blanket and asked that we ride in the ambulance to the emergency room to be checked over.

As we walked past the tow truck operator I heard him ask 'how many died in this one?'

I later learned we had flipped end over end, while rotating, no less that 7 times, landing upside down in a creek.

The crash was so violent that the entire engine had been ripped completely out of the truck and was thrown 35 ft away, the bed was gone and the cab was completely crushed.

So, my point isn't that we wrecked, as most have described they do not wreck at all, but continue on their way, with nothing happening to them physically. My point is that we should have died in the accident, at least someone should have had a more severe injury than a slightly cracked sinus cavity.

I believe something happened those two times for sure, but like many of you I also have many other close calls that could have easily gone horribly and had death as a consequence. Did we jump dimensions, have an angel there to help, etc?

I also find it intriguing that no matter when you think of it you can always ask yourself this question 'how do I know for sure that I didn't just now wake up in my current body with every past memory implanted to make me feel like I had been alive here my entire life?'

How can you be sure that you haven't just now woke up in your current body, with every single memory you ever had implanted to give the illusion you have been here for ever? You can ask yourself this question every second of every day and you still wouldn't know 100% for sure!

Sorry for such a long reply, just thought I would contribute a bit to the thread with my stories.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 07:39 AM
Mabye these 'time slips' are just what everyone else calls day dreaming. From one side you can look it as you were sat day dreaming then snapped back into it without realising how long you have been like it for, or from the other side you can look at it s when your day dreaming you are actualy experiencing a time slip and the mind has been in another place for a period of time. Surely everyones experienced this at school or can remember the dopey kid who always got told off for day dreaming.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by heffo7

Autowrench that was an amazing story! Is that where you got the inspiration for your avatar?

Yes, that, and rather stark memories of that particular war my own self. I fell like I was there, in uniform, and those men served with me. for some reason they followed me, I do not know why. I do know they have been there for me on many occasions when I really needed a helping hand or two. By the way, that photo is my Great Great Grandfather, he fell at Gettysburg on the second day's fighting.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 10:10 AM
This is such an interesting thread.

I think I've died once and don't remember the night even though I had to have been wandering around. I was all bruised up when I got to the hospital (my legs and back had a ton of bruises). I thought it was weird because colors were so much brighter for a couple weeks afterwards. I've always thought that was strange and have mentioned it before to people. The colors have since faded but this thread made me think of that.

The thing that bugs me about different dimensions (and something some others pointed out) is the soul. Say for example I used the quantum leaping or doorway method to get to another reality/dimension (or even went to another reality on accident) and I am with someone I it really the same person? Is my current family the same (same soul/same people) or did I leave them the night I "died" and they are now missing me. That freaks me out!

S+F for sure!

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 10:29 AM
(decided this was off-topic - sorry)
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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 10:58 AM
Call it what you will, time slip, dimensional shift, reality check, glitch in the matrix or just plain absentmindedness, but....

A few months ago a whole street disappeared for a few nights. The first time I noticed it I was driving home from work and passed up my street because I knew it was two streets past the intersection but this time it was the very next street. At first I chalked it up to daydreaming or distraction after a long, mind numbing work day.

Later that night I went out for a bite [being a professional bachelor my fridge is rarely stocked
] but on the way home I was trying to keep track of the street signs. Not intently keeping all my focus on them, just looking at them and saying the name in my head as I read them. Up comes the "cross street" of Bayou Adois and Pelican Way. Next is Bayou Bleu....wait, what? Bayou Black? (my street) what happened? I actually turned into my street, back out and went back the way I came and there was Bayou Bleu. It remained when I came back to my street so I figured I was just loopy or not paying attention again.

The next day though, I really did intently watch the street signs and sure enough, no Bayou Bleu (yeah, I know, Bleu, it's french, sue me! ??? Even after the weekend when I went out of town to visit the folks, on the drive back, it wasn't there. About the Wednesday after everything was back to "normal" which meant that instead of passing my street I actually started turning early on Bayou Bleu and had to make the round trip through that subdivision, get back on the avenue and then turn down my street. Weird.

Also, as to what Johnny Anonymous and others have written... This is a second hand story (it didn't happen to me), I can't verify any of this except that it happened to my uncle and I got it from him:

My Uncle is a Pentecostal Minister. He and his wife were in South America. I think it was Colombia but that may be a mistake. Anyway, when they were on their mission there (wherever it was) they were returning to whatever "city" the main church was in from a trip to the boonies to "spread the word". As they were traveling along the road (at night, rural area, no lights) they turned a corner and there was a "checkpoint" (that's his word for it) that a militia group or cartel or what have you set up. (He said that the people were wearing green fatigues but he knew they weren't police or federal forces) As he was driving "American Style" (i.e. very fast) he couldn't stop in time on the dirt/mud road and the people manning the checkpoint raised their AK's and started firing. He said all he could do was grab his wife's hand, duck his and her head down and pray "Dear God, help us!" When he ducked, he said the last thing he saw was that he was about 40-50 feet from the sand bag wall set up across the road with 5 or more "soldiers" starting to shoot. He heard, and felt, the windshield glass shatter and "tinkle across" his neck, then it was silent... No wreck, crash, blood or guts. He looked up and the windshield was intact and the road was open. He slowed down and he and his wife turned in their seats and looked back and there was the checkpoint, only two "soldiers" looking back the way they had come but not at them. Of course they got back to their church and never said a word to anyone about it (which is unusual for him, being a "godly man" and using any excuse to talk to someone about God you'd think that this would be a prime story in his arsenal of proselytizing)

He told my dad (also a preacher) and I overheard them talking. I was younger (about 13-14) when I heard them and I've never heard my uncle's voice crack or waiver that much until my Grandmother's (their mom's) funeral 20 years later. Also, weird to say but, I've never heard my dad say thank God or praise Jesus that much before or

Of course, now, my Uncle will not talk about it at all. My Aunt, on the other hand, will talk about it at length, but only if you ask her, in private. Many of the details I got from her over the years (which I didn't include here as by "details" I mean DETAILS, the smell of the wet jungle, the brightness of the lights at the checkpoint, the apparent ages of the "soldiers" and their lack of

I know that anybody can lie, but as far as my uncle, why would he lie, to his brother, and not profit from it? My aunt had too many details for a lie, plus, she's not one known for her vivid imagination so to make up all these details is beyond her capacity (not that she's dull or stupid, just that it's not her way, she's a simple country girl, that's all).

So, make of that what you will.


posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by Rich Z
Even more terrifying, what will happen if I should be laying in my death bed from some terminal illness. Will I be there FOREVER in that death bed, never really dying, just "switching channels" again to another version of me that still keeps on living.


Hey Rich Z, got sucked into your story, till u mentioned the above...I may had a time lapse just thinking about it...That would a living hell...

Okay, the theory of switching channels may explain, why I think I just can't die
...I have had numerous near death experiences, at least three instances i can recall..., that made me think sometimes, that I'm immortal...sure sounds crazy, until you hear me jokes.

I just don't have the time right now to share my life, but I will share with you one of my experience.

Well we were coming back from the village on this Japanese made Izusu truck (Pic Insert, minus the crane). I'm from the pacific by the way.

Everyone was at the back of this vehicle (it is legal in my country), totally packed to the rim and dangerous too.

We have transport issues here, so going back and forth from the village to the city is a pain in the ass, so here we were traveling on a bumpy road riddled with river tones and packed to the rim, good Lord.

I was at the very far end of the truck, facing the drivers cabin, atop a 50 kg sack bag with coconut. It was a pretty darn uncomfortable ride, for the love of me, whatever made me get on the truck in first place. And a max 4 - 5 hour trip, so you can imagine the numbness, lack of blood circulation, I got for sitting in the same posture for some time.

So to relieve myself from this numbness in my legs i had to switch around a face the back road, with my legs hanging free, right at the rear end of the truck. I had move slight away from the sack bag and slightly on to the ramp of the truck. My two hands were the only support I had, gripping tightly at the ramp which i was partly sitted on. I knew at the very instance how dangerous it was but, i couldn't help but relieve myself, for I could not hold the numbness any longer. i thought to myself If I could sit a couple more seconds to let blood circulate and ease the numbness, so could switch back to the my original sitting position. I had no choice. This was like in the middle of nowhere too, so couldn't help it.

Then it happened, all of sudden the truck hit a bump, and before I knew it, I was airborne some good half a meter from where I was sitting. In that very instance a felt the truck moved forward, and I was about hit the dirt...there was no doubt in my mind at that point that I will have missed the ramp on my way down. When suddenly ,I found myself back on the sack bag, at the same position looking back at the road.

I knew that this couldn't have possibly happened. How could I have pulled my self back on to the ramp, given the vehicle was in motion, and I was literally airborne for some time. All alone I had my two hands on the ramp but I felt I had lost my grip as soon as the vehicle went passed me and also due to the bump that threw my in the air. I could even see and feel the truck going right past me. So there was no chance of me getting back on the bag, which for reasons beyond my comprehension, I find myself sit again, as if nothing had happened.

However, the amazing thing was that I remained calm during the dramatic event, even though I knew at the back of my mind that S*** was about THF for me. But amazingly, I found myself on the bag anyway, i just turned myself around and could careless about the numbness during the rest of the trip, for whatever made me get back on that ramp/bag made me saw the light of day again. whewwww...

Well to say the least, I like to thank the good Lord for giving me back my life...
In relating my story to this theory, this can possibly explained how all this happened the way it did.
This kind of experiences definitely changed the way I perceived life in general, perhaps i may have actually died in that instance, who knows, but one things for sure. I here sharing this amazing experience..


posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 11:06 AM
What interesting stories! I am really enjoying reading them!

I thought of this alternate reality idea once also when I read the story from a person who sees auras on everyone (I do nto remember who it was or what book it was in). This person was about to get in an elevator, but when the doors opened, he saw that none of the small group of people inside had auras! He had never seen that and it so surprised him he didn't move, didn't get in. The doors shut again.

And the cables broke and the car fell many stories and all the people within were killed.

So I kept wondering about that....could it have been that their self consciousness had already moved on somewhere else?

Here's another crazy brainstorm idea-
When people get old and start to have problems with their mind, could it be that their self consciousness has moved on then too? That all that is left is the vehicle, the brain with it's store of memory and conditioning....maybe they stepped out earlier. I know at first that sounds wrong to even think- they are still individuals! They are still alive! But I kind of make a difference between this very aware self consciousness, and what you have when you are younger or, I don't think I became aware until I was somewhere around 30.

What I am getting at is that hypothesis that we have dopplegangers- many versions of ourself, existing in many realities, simultaneously, and our awareness of present could jump from one vehicle to another at different times in our life.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by coquine


Are you in my head?

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by coquine

You span all copies of yourself. You don't "step-out." Old people aren't "gone."

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 11:53 AM
oh WOW..When was this, exactly? I ask because something very bizarre and similar happened to me last Wednesday. (4/20)
My husband has been working his regular job (he's a research scientist) and also teaches courses in the evening at a local university. Last wednesday was one of those nights he was teaching so my little boy and I took our time getting home from our errands since I make dinner later on those nights.
We had watched the movie "Rio" earlier in the day and my son wanted to go to Target to see if there was a Rio stuffed toy. I told him we could go look. It was probably about half hour before dark..just getting to dusk. As I drove down Clairemont Drive in San Diego, there is a series of up and down hills. All seemed okay..we were listening to the Halo soundtrack and chatting. Getting closer to Target, I suddenly realized that the place we might want to check instead is Toys R Us in Mission Bay which was only a few minutes further down the road. My son agreed and so we passed Target and took a right onto Balboa Ave, heading west. All was fine for a minute or so down the road. As I started to descend down a hill, things got weird. All I can describe it as is time suddenly "reversing" or SOMETHING. As we reached the bottom of the hill, I felt suddenly alarmed, like I did not recognize where I was and actually thought for a minute that I was back on Clairemont. The scenery around us was completely unfamiliar (despite that technically I had driven this way dozens of times and know it very well!) and the cars that were around me had disappeared..As we started to come back up the long hill, I realized it was no longer daytime but completely dusk..almost as though we had lost 20 minutes or more. I would have thought I was just tired or something except my son said "Mom, where are we going?? Where are we? I want to go to Toys R Us!" Neither of us recognized where we were for at least one minute more. Finally I approached a light which was pretty deserted and THAT was strange for that time in San Diego. We sat at the red light, my heart beating hard. I looked around and realized that I knew exactly where I was and fully recognized the intersection and had indeed not lost my was completely bizarre. Suddenly my son piped up and said "Oh this is the right way now."
I would have thought that I had lost consciousness (except I was driving and I am sure that could have had bad results!) except that my son was just as confused as I was and we had only driven in a straight line down that hill and back up..there were no turns or confusing should have been a simple matter. So what is with the loss of time and the sudden feeling as we descended to the hill bottom that we had driven off the map somehow??
I grilled my son and asked him from his point of view what happened. He said we drove down the hill and then we were going the wrong way. That was his description. But the thing is, the hill all the way down, on both sides, has concrete barriers to prevent you from driving into the canyons.
I was shaky after that. We continued on to Toys R Us and found the Rio toy. When we left, I kept to the highway and got home as soon as I could..I was seriously freaked out!! I still don't know what to think and the best I can come up with is that we went through some sort of warp or something...

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:12 PM
Seriously good thread, fascinating to read some peoples theories and stories.

Once when i was younger i was messing around playing football with my brother in our garden, i managed to put my foot on the ball and loose my balance, i slipped backwards and hit my head on a wooden bench. I got back up feeling a little light-headed and started to run around again (pretending not to be hurt as you do
) but i dont remember anything else after. According to my brother i fell backwards again as i blacked-out and hit my head (yet again) into a concrete patio-type area and i was unconscious for around 10 seconds.

I cant remember myself hitting the concrete the second time, i was obviously already 'out' by the time i was falling. But the weird thing is that i can remember what i was thinking/dreaming during being unconscious. My mind just completely wandered away from the fact of what had just happened and i began 'dreaming' (not that i knew i was dreaming) that i was still playing football in the garden again (and i thought i was still too) but i had no knowledge of what just happened to me that actually by now in 'real-life' i was laying on the ground unconsious. When i woke up (with a mighty headache and temporary blindness/concussion), it suddenly came to me that what just happened but i totally forgot during those 10 seconds, but it was hard to grasp that what i had 'dreamed' was almost like what would of played out if i didnt black-out - like my mind just carrying on the story sort of thing.

Sorry if its hard to follow, i found it hard to write down properly as not understanding the situation myself.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:28 PM
Sounds like dimensional shifting. Myself - I had the nastiest cold you could ever have, so I simply made the choice to focus on the alternate universe where it did not exist. The symptoms seemed to be rescinding quickly, and I also decided to focus on having more energy. Anyways I woke up at midnight last night and the cold was already going into remission (after 1 day), and I was wide awake. So I stayed up until now when I am posting this basically.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by coquine

I remember reading something about a theory that when we reincarnate we get a certain number of opt outs. Meaning if we feel we have learned whatever we chose to learn this time around or if we decide for whatever reason we can't fulfill our contract in life we can chose to abandon ship (die). Maybe the time slip is our souls reveiwing our life and deciding if we want to continue to live or take the opt out and die. If we chose to go on maybe that particular path we were on gets frozen and we get zapped onto a different path.

On the other hand, maybe one persons death option gets taken up on while another person shows up (your elevator event) and somehow he needs to be diverted so he see's auras or what have you so that he doesn't get pulled into someones elses opt out by mistake.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 05:20 PM
Thanks for posting this thread OP. Loved all the posts. Have had my own experiences, but will refrain for now. Just love this issue and how it evolved. Awesome people! S & F.

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