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National Guard

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 07:40 PM

Originally posted by tyson

Originally posted by Sforscott

Originally posted by itsawild1

big mistake-go read your bible and find out about real life-or if you just want to be a good human being, go find a honerable job that you can be really proud of later in life-
A war dog for the nwo-hero worshipping crowd will bring you what it has brought for most vets---guilt to a point of killing yourselves, depression, many serious health problems from -immunization shots-chemicals-being around depleated unurainum war heads-[plan on kids who dont have extra-or not enough body parts]-not to mention being shot for being in a country you have no right to be in---GO AHEAD AND BE A KILLER-but you will get yours as everybody will

I'm looking for more constructive criticism rather than an anti NWO rant.

You may believe the poster is just engaging in a NWO rant but you should check the facts. The "government" has an occasional habit of experimenting on the troops ('___', other drugs, nerve agents, agent orange, "vaccines", DU, etc). They have also been known to discard their "cannon fodder" once they have taken a hit. Google "Gulf War Syndrome" and "burning semen syndrome" for an eye opening read.

The positives of "service" are job training, job experience, maybe travel, maybe some excitement. You may have the opportunity to build your mind and your body. Just remember that civilian opportunities may extremely limited in some job (MOS/AFSC) specialties.

The negatives of service are many. You may go missing or end up with missing parts. You may end up missing parts of your mind. You might come home in a box ... maybe in pieces. Do you currently believe you are a moral person? That may change. War porn on Youtube and Liveleak can be very revealing.

No matter what you decide, try to understand what this is all about before the event. Talk to people with a variety of opinions. Eyes open. Good luck.

Sforscott this is a question you have to answer for your self, don't let anti American people that probably aren't even from America influence your dissuasion to enlist. I have two daughters one 15 and one 17 they have both taken the ASVAB and one wants to join the Air Force after high school and the other wants to join the NAVY after high school they both decided this after talking to my nephew how just came back from the U.S. Marine Corps boot camp and also talking to other family and friends that have served or are serving.

I think maybe it would be good for you to take the ASVAB and see what you think after that. If you still think you want to join talk to a recruiter then think about it for a while. If you still want to join figure out what you would like to do so you can get into what you what to be trained for so when you get out you can get into a job doing what you like. O and yes you will be a bad *** survivalist and they give you gear but I'm sure you'll want to buy more. I hope this helps you and I hope all goes well for you and if you go into the service then me and everyone I know thanks you. The people that talk about not going into the service because of the nwo/elite would be begging for a Military to save them if America didn't have a Military.
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posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by Sforscott

I am on this same boat but I'm 19 nineteen years old & spent two years in college( which feels like a waste of time). Besides the survivalists skills and discipline that will be invaluable, I have been having this recent urge to do something greater than myself, plus seeing this recent tornado rip through those states makes me wanna join even more. Update us on your decision!

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 02:32 AM
The "Guard" like every other branch of military service does not give you anything. But it will give all you can take and are willing to learn. You can spend 10 yrs. in the Army and never be a soldier. But the training is priceless! If you know what to take and leave. They have taken a lot of the manliness out of the military but if you can get pass that? Go for it! If you enlist in the Guard, SELF STUDY! Grab FMs, TMs and all the GTAs you can get your hands on and read. Also Fitness can't stress it enough.

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