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Tried killed at camp: Norwegian boy (11) hung up in three

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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 08:21 PM
One or more unknown persons on Good Friday put a rope around the neck of a 11 year old Norwegian boy and hung him up in a tree at a campsite in Charlotte Berg in Sweden.

He was surprised when he was playing on the playground of one or more unknown persons. They lifted him up and threaded a rope around his head. The boy says he has been on foot for ten minutes to avoid being strangled

For 10 minutes! High masons havng fun.. kidding kidding..

11-year-old was very scared and bewildered, and remember only one person who disappeared from the site. He has not been able to provide information about the person, and the police does not rule out that more could have been together about the gruesome act. - Did not the boy managed to stand on tiptoe, he would have been strangled.

a eleven year old kid, was he involved in criminal shiz?? No..

but a group of people plans to kill a kid, by hanging him?.. for what.. ...!

TO Mods:
Shizfacced to put this on right room.. please move if wrong, and im sooory.

here is the Source


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