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I just had a dream about the rapture - and it scared me.

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by Under Water

You have been weighed, measured and found wanting for your teaching has left you doubt full, and the would has let it rule you for your still have worldly needs, for at the end you seek the truth but the truth has come and gone, seek not what is left but seek what is to come. for the truth will not let you fear, hunger, nor want.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 10:47 AM

Originally posted by Under Water

The image of Jesus: It's really really hard to put this into words. It was not what I would have expected. It was very strange. Full of symbolism. The images of Jesus alone will take some time to sort out. I will try to describe it. His shape and 3d appearance looked much like a Michaelangelo painting. But his surface texture looked as though it was made up from pages of the bible. Text and images. Black and white. All wrapped around him. I'll be honest, as art... it was brilliant. It was amazing. I remember even thinking, wow...if the gov or aliens are making this happen, kudos to them for making Jesus look so artistic!

This suggests to me that you really did tap into something while you were dreaming because that's what Jesus is - a symbolic form. Of course, that is not to say "he" is "just" a symbol.

All of us are psychic and during dreams we use our psi to tap into the collective unconscious or Pleroma. The primordial language of the collective unconscious is symbolic imagery.

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by Under Water

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 11:41 AM

Originally posted by Logical one

Originally posted by Under Water

The image of Jesus: It's really really hard to put this into words. It was not what I would have expected. It was very strange. Full of symbolism.

Anyway, lots to sort out....

Jesus isn't real.....nor is God or the "rapture" all you had was a dream about a fantasy that those of "faith" are trying to sell as "truth" but in truth all religion is BS...........albeit a dangerous and often violent type of BS.

The only thing you need to sort out is distinguishing fantasy from reality, but Jesus I repeat is just a man made fairy story.
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Your response is the fantasy to me.. If what you say is true, then I can go commit tons of attrocities and murder with ABSOLUTELY no accountability , and killing family doesn't matter either because once they die there is nothing left right? No one will care or know further because it is all a fairy story?

You are living the fantasy my friend, not the other way around..

And the saddest part is that you actually already know this deep down...

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 12:19 PM
Here is how the Rapture is going to go down:

That Technology's been built and will be like a big magnifying glass in space to Zap entire cities and vaporize everything. Or they could pin point it down to 1 person. Like an ant under a magnifying glass.

Rapture is here. God isn't doing it. Somebody's playing God and doing it. Its a weapon far worse than nuclear bombs.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 12:29 PM
I'm more interested in interpreting the dream symbols.

If anyone is into dream interpretation, feel free to post your opinions. Some of the dream symbols have become very difficult for me to find.
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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by Under Water

Sometimes insight into dream symbolism is impossible until an event in the waking world happens. Then hindsight and a deja vu sort of feeling can shed light on things. So you may have to be patient.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 04:15 PM
Are interpretations of the religious symbolism being asked for, or the personal events? While the larger symbols may frame the events in the dream interpretations of those will be quite a mouth full. But the personal revelations can be interpreted without a massive history of religion discussion. I'm just saying I'm willing to take a pass at one or the other, but you have to choose which.

David Grouchy

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 08:57 PM
the religious symbolism is what is giving me trouble. hard to find answers that aren't too "literal". i'm not a religious person, so trying to figure out why i had a dream like this and why i found it so frightening. i'm open to all interpretations, so take a stab at which ever one you would prefer.
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posted on May, 20 2011 @ 04:49 AM

I'm in a building, but it's as though I can see through it now. We all can.

[font=georgia] The building is the construct of this modern world fed to us by the Media. For generations we couldn't see outside the building. A tiny group from a previous generation broke into the domain of the techno priests and took the power to make windows for us. These days almost everyone is starting to see through the whole building.

The massive light in the distance started getting closer and closer to us. A fog rolled in with it. And what looked like giant branches, spinning from a tree so big in the mist that only it's giant branches would stick out of it as it spun.

The branch is possibly one of the most powerful symbols of all history. There is too much to go into here, and frankly I don't understand it myself. I can only comment on the impressions this sequence leaves me with.

We're all supposed to be looking for someone. There are a lot of omissions in published history. The missing person is known as The one that wrestled Jacob and named Israel, the right hand of Moses, The one that led the tribes across the Jordan, The one who shook the world, and other terms.

The spinning branches are the actual unpublished story of this family and it's impact on world history. Not the official version, but the what-actually-happened version. The pieces of which are explained away as natural cycles, or hidden in the fog of terrestrial authority figures who feel they have the final word.

The branches and the giant tree are the actual story of the human family tree. Instead of the usual diet of being told who we should mistrust this week, and who we should buy from next week. The much talked about singularity. It is that moment when human kind, for the first time, has a clear picture of its whole self. Instead of being told no no no, the next disaster is more important than knowing thyself.

The phrase most are familiar with is "Behold the BRANCH." Apparently there is a singular individual who will be revealed by this process. The powers of this world have prepared a terrible reception for that person. He is to be labeled THE antichrist. Surprisingly the phrase "the antichrist" appears nowhere in the scriptures. Antichrist always being used to refer to multiple peoples or a singular spirit of denial.

The only apocrypha I've can point to on this, so far, is Sefer Zerubbabel.

Here is the relevant section

A wind lifted me up between heaven and earth and carried me to the great city Nineveh, city of blood, and I thought ‘Woe is me, for my attitude has been contentious and my life is at great risk!’ So I arose in distress in order to pray and entreat the favor of the name of the Lord God of Israel. I confessed all my transgressions and my sins, for my attitude had been contentious, and I said: ‘Ah Lord! I have acted wrongly, I have transgressed, I have sinned, for my attitude has been contentious. You are the Lord God, the One Who made everything by a command from Your mouth, and with a word from Your lips will revivify the dead!’ [color=gold] He said to me, ‘Go to the “house of filth” near the market-district,’ and I went just as he had commanded me. He said to me, ‘Turn this way,’ and so I turned. He touched me, and then I saw a man despicable, broken down and in pain.

That despicable man said to me: ‘Zerubbabel!? What business do you have here? Who has brought you here?’ I responded and said: ‘A wind from the Lord lifted me up and carried me to this place.’ He said to me: ‘Do not be afraid, for you have been brought here in order that He might show you.’ When I heard his words, I was consoled and regained my self-composure. I asked him, ‘Sir, what is the name of this place?’ He said to me, ‘This is mighty Rome, wherein I am imprisoned.’

The apocalypse of Zerubbabel

Official history is not faked, or false, or made up, so much as one key piece is always left out. And failing that; what was done by an individual is attributed to nebulous forces, or what is done by a rotten group-spirit is attributed to one fall guy. For instance the loss of the Republic is laid at Caesars' feet. But if this was the scheme of a lone mad man, why did the republic not return after his fall?

The spinning branches in the tree are the true human story viewed from our current perspective, as we start to see through the building, and still believe in cyclic history. But it's the tree that doesn't spin, only our perspective of it. Being driven from even to event, from crisis to crisis, our perspective of our human history and our place in it keeps spinning and spinning.

All of this got closer and closer until it reached us. And when it did, Jesus himself appeared in the light and stood before us all. He didn't say a word. He didn't have to. Everyone immediately, almost zombie like (honestly I could taste the fear in the room) all just bowed before him without question and without taking the time to even freak out about it.

This implies that the reason "no man knows the hour" is because even the missing branch doesn't know when they will be found, and the searchers don't know if they will ever find that person. Surprising isn't it. All these centuries and the secret rulers are still halfheartedly looking. I used to wonder why it was so important for this to be kept a secret, surely everyone knowing would make it go quicker, but then I realized they would be trapped in the desert of imposters.

For instance with the advent of the telephone the entire human family could have been mapped. But who to believe? Countless people would be claiming that they were Napoleon. And for some reason it was deemed unacceptable to let them be part of Napoleon's family. How a person defines them self is not important to the existing world order, and people must be _told_ who they are.

The image of Jesus: It's really really hard to put this into words. It was not what I would have expected. It was very strange. Full of symbolism. The images of Jesus alone will take some time to sort out. I will try to describe it. His shape and 3d appearance looked much like a Michelangelo painting. But his surface texture looked as though it was made up from pages of the bible. Text and images. Black and white. All wrapped around him. I'll be honest, as art... it was brilliant. It was amazing.

A very nice description of the secret name of Jesus. "The word of God". Or "Beginning". Genesis reads differently when the word 'Beginning' is taken as a proper name and not just a noun.

In the beginning God created heaven, and earth.

Genesis 1-1

Despite all the symbolism applied to him, all the visuals of him we are told to believe in that were commissioned by men and made by genius like Michelangelo, despite all the pages written to paper him over; somehow you can still see who he is, as he defines himself.

It's the age old obfuscation of first causes, completely muddled by legions of philosophers and authorities of letters. The “who created the creator” word game. Consider one house is being built by a carpenter and that carpenter is presented with two foundations. The beginning of that house is not the foundation that was laid, it is the choice of which foundation to build on.

Say a person decides to build a house on a plot of land. A foundation is laid. That person comes and inspects it and rejects it. The foundation is broken up and a new one laid. The beginning of the house is when the foundation is chosen.

Take a house off its foundation and move it to the wilderness where a new foundation is built for it. Is that house now younger because it's on a new foundation half it's age? Or is the beginning of that house still when the first foundation was chosen for and it was constructed.

These are simple things to understand and they can be explained to a seven year old. But our young are taught about punishment, and fault, and who is to blame. Who got in trouble is the most interesting subject and not “look what I made over the weekend.”

If the day ever comes where every single crime is confessed without fear and without reprisal, we may find that we didn't really know people like we thought we did. That some we are told are horrible are not really as bad as we thought, and some who are righteous are actually quite twisted.

Everyone was a stranger to me. Although Patrick Stewart was sitting at a table reading. He looked unaware, or uninterested. Everyone else was just moving around. Going about their daily activities maybe? Everyone just seemed unaware.

This may very well have been The Branch, reading the book of life. The book contains A lot of crime and confession which people will learn not to hold against each other. The day may come when people will no longer celebrate notorious deeds, or whisper of them from ear to ear. And everyone, instead of grouping up to celebrate blame, will be interested in beginning their own creations. [/font]

Anyway I hope that helps. And please someone else do a better job of interpreting than I did. This stuff is all so subjective. Member "Under Water" may be shaking their head and thinking how wrong I got it all. But either way, it's one of the best apocalypse dreams I've ever read.

David Grouchy

The little known secret about the existence of Cities and their relationship to the law is that cities are where a person is to flee who has committed a crime. Even accidental manslaughter. They are to present themselves to the high priest of the city and to be protected from the vengeance of the victims families. A city was intended to be where one goes to face judgement, and the chains of reprisal are to be broken. The person has to labor for or serve the city until the High Priest passes away. The casting of stones was designed to encourage people to flee to the city for safety. It was never intended that cities should swallow the whole world and people to labor in them for generations without end.
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posted on May, 20 2011 @ 05:11 AM
The moral of the story is don’t get off the elevator…

Seriously though, if I had to venture a guess based on the psychological reasons behind it, I would say that your subconscious is telling you that you are spiritually heading down the wrong path. Maybe you should pursue getting your child baptized, and attempt to get your significant other into church.

BTW, the description of Christ as being made out of the pages of the Bible is interesting as Christ is literally “The Word of God made flesh”.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 07:15 AM
What people don't realise is - its not the overall dream that matters it's the little, odd things you notice whilst in the dream. The money, noticing someone reading a book. Even a damn teapot or the tree.
The substance of the dream itself is nothing but a manifestation of your inner fears, the symbolism underneath all that which you wont take notice of is the miracle brain trying to sort out your REAL problems in sleep.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 11:19 PM
David, what an interesting take on the dream. I very much enjoyed reading your interpretation of it and will probably read over it again later when i'm not full of pain medication. (Wisdom teeth issues, ugh!)

This has definitely been one of my weirdest dreams ever. Thank you to all those who left their input.

If anyone is interested, I would like to share one more dream here. It's the one dream that has stayed with me more than any other. It's the only other Armageddon type dream I've ever had. I was young at the time I had this dream, maybe around 10 years old. It didn't feel like a dream. You know how you have one that just feels so real and potent? This was my first experience with a dream like that. It happened so long ago that i've lost much of the detail, but I still remember how it went down.

I was on my porch, playing with a friend of mine who lived next door. A fog suddenly rolled in, and it got really dark outside. She decided to go home because it was getting dark. I watched her run to her house, then I stood up and opened the door to walk inside. I walk in, door still open and notice my dad where he always is in the evenings, laying on the floor, watching tv. I turn around to close the door behind me. There is a window in the door. As I'm closing it a reflection in the window catches my eye and I freeze. It's an image of a tombstone, with a clock face on it. But instead of numbers, the clock just has 3 words on it. The first word I can't remember. The second word was actually a date, but I can't remember it anymore. The final word was end. The clock hand had suddenly moved to the "end" position, and that's when all hell broke loose. There was an earthquake, and fire started shooting out of the ground. The end of the world was beginning.

That's all I can remember from that dream. Always wanted to get hypnotized to try and get help remembering the first word and the date. Scariest dream I've ever had, and I've never had one come close to that until this most recent one that I posted this thread over. Wish I would have known to write down the dream symbols back then, I bet there were a bunch of amazing details that I've forgotten since then.

posted on May, 21 2011 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by Under Water

Wow, that's a very interesting one as well.

I have to wonder if there is anyone else in the world who may have had the exact same dreams as you? Or if anyone dreams the exact dreams of another? That would be fascinating. As well as interpreting the dreams, to compare life circumstances of those who dreamed them.

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 01:56 PM
If you have ever watched a television series called "Stargate Atlantis" there is a species of alien called the "Wraith" that have these "beamships" that take people aboard, whom are later "harvested" for their life-force. Perhaps, we are all simply being prepared for thier arrival. Perhaps people are being silently conditioned in thier dreams and through the television, waiting for some kind of "switch" to trigger them. Those who resisted being able to remain on Earth, perhaps when the smoke clears, they will turn us into prisoners or something, so they can control the "farm" - but who knows, the illusion would probably shatter by that stage.
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