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"I'm Sorry!", to the girl whose name I can't remember...

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:52 PM
When I was a teenager, not as long ago as my older child would like me to admit or even believe, I was part, and witness of one of those moments...

The event happened while in high school, one afternoon. We had just come back from lunch, and to help with our digestion, we were given an exam.
The thing is, our teacher was mad about some kind of cosmic rule about a color code for pens to be used on our paper works. Being a teenage boy, then, I had left very little place in my mind for this stuff, and was stuck with no good pen to do the exam.

I discreetly asked my friend sitting in front of me to help, and he obliged by giving me a pointy felt tip with ink. A wonderful blue bordering on the glamorous dark purple...

Before going on with the pen, let me tell you where I was sitting. I was at the extreme left of the class, middle of the row, the desks of the line I was in touching the big heater block that made the length of the class room. And the class had been painted a lustrous white a good month before.


I really wish I had brought my pen on that day.
I began writing my name, the date, read the first question and while I was answering it, the ink flow slowly diminished until it left speckles of inky dots on the paper.

I did what everybody would have done, and gave a good one shake movement, as if it was a thermometer.

It was working again as good as new. After a few seconds, I noticed a small, but very noticeable blue dot of wet ink on the paper. I raised my left hand a little, and saw I had smeared a few others on the paper. Looking at my left hand, I saw two bigger dots of fresh ink resting on my skin.
Puzzled, I raised straight on my bench, and noticed more dots on the left of the desk, this time the size of dimes and nickels...

Only moving my eyes, very slowly, I glanced at the heater... It showed a little ark of dots, running in direction of the wall! This time I couldn't help but to turn my head and saw this long, very high ark of dots made of the same damn ink, circling on the freshly painted wall... coming to a steep angle a little behind me, running on the heater again, following its course on the desk behind me.

I snapped right back in place in my chair, my heart racing while I was trying to assimilate what I was seeing.

It is at that time that fate struck a home run. And a loong one...

Once back in position on my bench, I noticed the right side of my desk... Yeah... There were traces of elongated dots, made by my right arm. I leaned front a little to look at them, and looked on the floor, to my right.

There were also these dots of blue ink! And, of course, they lined up. So I followed the line of ink with my eyes, going at about a 45 degrees angle, going straight... to the desk of one of the bad tempered girl we had. She was as slim as a toothpick but took a lot of space by herself.

When my eyes got to her feet, where the dots of inks stopped, I naturally lifted my eyes and to my horror, the poor girl had three big dots of ink on her left cheek!!!

I knew I was dead at that time, but I had to tell her so she could go clean herself. And as I lift my arm to call her, and the teacher, she put her face in her hand, rubbing it in a bored manner...

I was unable to say a word. No sound was coming out of my opened mouth, nor did I intend too at this point.

Her left side was painted in blue...! I cowardly asked my friend in front of me to give me another pen, pretending this one didn't work.

Somehow, I managed to do the exam. When the time was up, the girl's friends went to her desk to talk with her.
The scream the combined trio made, when they saw her face was scary... for me, fearing someone would link me to it by the traces.

I gave my copy to the teacher and stormed out of the class, very very ashamed of myself, while the other students were massing around the girl like vultures... I never managed to find the courage to explain to her what happened. I wanted too, but just couldn't...

So this my Mea Culpa in front of you since I don't remember her name and don't know where she lives now...

And you, ever lived something similar???

Still... I feel for the poor girl, man!...

( MODS: I wasn't sure where to put this, so feel free to move if necessary. Thank you! )

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 12:19 AM
How did you manage to cover floor, desk, walls and one side of the girl with nickel sized ink spots just by shaking a pen in?

And how is it possible that she didn't feel the ink splashing in her face?

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by archasama

I have no idea, but I never felt the ink falling on myself either...

I raised my arm and made a whipping movement, to bring the ink down a bit. I was surprised to find it spilled so much!

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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 01:47 AM
reply to post by NowanKenubi

Oh my God!! That was my sister! She described the same exact event happening to her!!!
She was so distraught! She never knew how it happened!!!

hahaha, no I'm being retarded!
Seriously this is pretty cool... Admitting your short comings and sharing them is how we grow... I think we all could learn from your example... You may only apologized on ATS... but its a start!

I actually was part of a group who mocked this girl in school

I called her ulgy, fat and retarded... I was such an idiot!!
It bothered me for years!!! So I found her on myspace and I sent her a very long message, I apologized to her and told her she was a better person than myself. I sincerely felt bad. I wish I could have reversed time! But she told me it was ok, apology acceoed... and that she had forgot about it... I didnt believe she forgot it... but she was very kind to me and very accepting... If only I had done the same years earlier...

I felt somewhat better after my conversation with her... but nothing will ever, quench the guilt I have... I learned from that... and I do not ever want to be like that again!!!

But honestly your story is kinda funny, lol

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by EvolEric

Yeah, it feels weird... I'm glad we have two brains... One feels some remorse even if it was accidental, and the other can't stop laughing at the whole situation...

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 11:27 AM
LMAO!! I can picture the whole scene playing out! Good for you for apologizing

I had a somewhat similar situation...and I guess now that I'm nearing my 40's and have "matured" (yeah right)...I guess it's the MATURE thing to do to apologize to someone from my school years as well.

There was a girl in middle school that tormented me endlessly. She was the tough girl as well and while she never actually put a hand on me, she would constantly threaten that I was "dead after school"...I don't think she actually ever intended to beat me up, but just enjoyed the entertainment of watching me sneak out a different door and run all the way home. She did this to many other girls, and some boys, as well.

My revenge came in high school. Grade 9 to be exact. All of us were now the little fish in the sea and even the tough girl seemed nervous and not as confident as she was back in grade 8 middle school. It was the second week of school and we were going to a second period class. Her locker was a few down from mine and as she turned to close her locker I noticed she had been visited by her monthly friend. There was a huge stain on the back of her WHITE jeans (this was the 80's don't make fun!). I went back and forth in my head..should I tell her and possibly she'd become my friend for saving her embarrassment...or should I just let her walk around like that all day and get some payback...choices choices...

I chose to be shallow and mean and let her go
I didn't have any classes with her the rest of the day, so I never knew if she found out and left early or not...I hoped back then that she went ALL day like that while I walked through the halls with my secret little smile!

So, sorry tough girl for not telling you and probably causing you huge embarrassment. But as I'm still not as mature as I should be NANANANANA you deserved it!!


posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by Michelle129th

Hey! We're nearly of the same immature age!

I had a best friend who got a cold, and after an exam, his nose was running... but what was coming out was some kind of radioactive green in color... I tried to tell him, but I choked and he was fast in front of the class, where a girl saw him and started yelling in horror...

I told him I couldn't tell him in time... it was about the same green as this guy is letting out...

It was grossss...

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 12:49 PM
Well I can remember this girls name.

It was Sherry.

I was in the sixth grade attending a rural elementary school the were six classrooms rooms of each grade level.

The 30 students I first met in first grade was the same 30 in sixth grade.15 boys and 15 girls!

One spring day when I had a cold all the boys went out to play in the playground.

Because I had a cold I was not and ended up in the classroom with the girls who none went outside.

Sherry was my table mate.

Our two desks were end to end.

Did I tell you Sherry looked like an angel on earth?

I was a little smitten with her because she had a great personality and was very popular.

Well,I was a little rambunctious from being inside and was sitting at my desk during what not.

Sherry came over to sit at her desk and in a moment of total stupidity as she was sitting down,I pulled her chair out from under her!

She sat down on the floor very hard.

I was mortified to say the least.

All the other girls heard her moan and came over there.

The verbal berating I received from the other girls was terrible.

I felt I had lost all their trust and friendship.

Believe it or not I went on through school into middle and high school with these same 15 women.

There were four elementary schools that all combined in to the upper middle school and high school.

I went from 30 classmates to 200 hundred classmates.

100 boys and 100 girls!

In the upper grades you are assigned lockers.

By grade and alphabetical.

Just by a fluke of nature I had a locker that ended up being in between these girls locker.

For six years.

Every time I went to my locker I had to squeeze in between them.

It was not a very happy time for me.

I always thought they had told on me to every girl in high school.

I thought every girl knew what a cad I was.

Years later after high school,I became friends with another girls in my class.

She was over to my brothers house and we got to talking about high school.

She told me that all the girls thought I was "stuck" up because I never hardly talked to any of them.

They had asked the girls that I had went to elementary with if I was always this way.

They said no he was not that at want time I was friendly and engaging with everybody.

I told her this story.

She said that during lunch hour when we all were eating in the cafeteria,boys at their tables girls at their

tables,the conversation was about me.

Apparently the girls from elementary school at either forgotten the incident or never told the others about it.

But I even to this day have not.

It actually changed my life for ever.

I went from a engaging and friend person to one who actually dreaded going to school because of the chair

incident and the locker assignments.

It is strange that such a insignificant incident can have an impact on a person.

I did not even go to my high school reunion because of this.


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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by IamJustanAmerican

It's a bummer you were so hard on yourself! I would have secretly enjoyed having to squeeze between the ladies, tho!

In my first year of high school, I was sitting next to the most beautiful girl of the school. She was already ALL woman... One day, looking at her notes, she said: "I'm so dumb!" to which I replied "You shouldn't say it out loud, then!"
I was shot with words on the spot!
But maybe I shouldn't tell these stories!
Anyway, this girl quit school a few weeks later and went into the sex biz... :/

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