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Democracy Now (watch this)- Media Benjamin et all

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posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 11:07 AM
I was watching this channel about 10 mins ago, and they showed a lady dressed in pink being wisked away from the dnc all because she was saying "stop in the occupation in iraq, bring the troops home, where's free speech"

The DNC is highly scripted, they were going to arrest her BUT they thought it wouldn't look good...

This convention is costing 25 million dollars, 7.6 of fundraiser's are lobbyists the rest or wealthy people, corporations, ect... What the McCain-Feingold got going on called softmoney.

This happens when you do this:

"Money has a corrupting influence on politics - it undercuts the basic democratic premise of 'one person, one vote' by allowing the wealthiest among us to exert undue influence."

Teresea Heinz kerry spoke last night, which I thought was a good speech.. I like her accent personally, listen to part of it here... Excerpt

I'm not a democrat but I am watching it...

And is a good site, I just found today...

THe girl was from Globe Pink - wore a pink shirt saying " end the occupation Media Benjamin was escorted out by two police officer's you can also watch that on the excerpt with mrs. heinz kerry... Soft Money - Wanna know?

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