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Solar Variance, And Barmy Weather Any Correllation?

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 05:37 PM
Whilst basking in the wonderful April sunshine, complete with shorts and flipflops on, I began to contemplate the very notion, that as far as I am aware I have never known an April like it in the UK, in fact given that it was about 23 degrees Celcius today (hot,hot,hot
), it led to reminding me how little rain we have had this month too (normally its not called April showers for nothing lol).

So with this in mind I just wanted to share with you some stuff I have unearthed.

The following is from quite a lengthly website LINK:

Some exerpts...

The Sun, like other stars, is a burning ball of mostly gaseous hydrogen, large enough to hold a million Earths. The temperature of its surface is about 6000°C-- as hot as a welder's flame--and the radiation that it emits peaks in a band of wavelengths called the "visible spectrum." It is all that our eyes can see, yet less than half of the solar radiation that reaches the Earth lies within this thin, central slice of a much wider spectrum of wavelengths. Our skin can feel as heat a part of the rest--the infrared--and is also acutely sensitive to another part: the unfelt but more energetic and potentially damaging ultraviolet. Solar X-rays, gamma rays, and radio waves make up the remainder, which constitutes less than 0.1 percent of the solar energy received at the Earth.

Futher forward, it goes on to say....

Observations from space reveal that the total radiation from the Sun is continually changing--with variations of up to 0.2 percent from one month to the next. The timing and nature of these shorter-term fluctuations are consistent with the Sun's 27-day period of rotation, and occur because persisting darker--or brighter--areas on the solar surface alter the amount of sunlight received at the Earth.

As the sunspot number rises or falls, the distribution of energy within the spectrum of sunlight also changes. High levels of solar activity enhance radiation in UV and X-ray wavelengths, and in radio wavelengths, far more than in the visible portion of the spectrum. At peaks of the eleven-year cycle, radiation at longer UV wavelengths, for example, increases by a few percent, compared with an increase of but 0.1 percent in the total radiation. Still larger changes--of factors of two or more--are found in extremely short UV and X-ray wavelengths.

So anyway without wanting to overly bore with detail, I would suggest reading the link to grasp the inner detail, as it does disscuss global warming, greenhouse gases, and more detailed explanation of how volcanic events, can cause cooling, but, and this is a direct quote (apologies) for me is the fundamental question...

Does the Sun affect climate on time scales of 11 years or less?

IMO at present time I would say yes, when I look at (allbeit a short term observation), the weather on a day like we had here in the UK today, I would say it is possible, as we are now in solar cycle 24 working our way to the maximum, in addition this has been a slow to start cycle too, not the worst in history, but noticable.

Of course to an extent I am prescribing to an almost instaneous effect from sunspot activity/solar activity, and obviously there are many confounding variables, such as Ocean Circulation Conveyor Belt.

So at this point I pass the baton to you guy's

Are you experiencing weather in a way you believe to be unprecedented ?

What do think ? Am I a little way off ? Am I stupendously way off ? Or

Am I so way off I have left the solar system (it's been known

Let me know what you think

Oh quick extra link to Wiki (Well NASA loves them lol)

Describes in more detail about Solar Variance

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 07:37 AM
i realy don"t know what is realy happening right know first we can not really argue with people who tell us all this is normal, for my part I do not have adequate knowledge to have a good argument, even if I spend my time in a while to read scientific report is much longer because I'm constantly searching the Internet and in books, I think many people are in this situation.

right now I'm doing some research on these animals in mass dispariton I think we can make a connection with the event is happening

if you ever want to know more here is the link ... it's amazing.

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