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There are genuinely people on ATS who...

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 04:46 PM
imho there's a feeling of 'it won't happen here it'll be somewhere else, and I can watch it on tv'.
I just pray these last days will be no worse than they must be.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 04:53 PM
im the complete opposite, i want to see people happy and living life to the fullest because they can

but i do see the world heading towards destruction sadly, which seems almost inevitable.

im not scared of death because ive already clinically died. it couldve been then and anytime in between, im on borrowed time, so everything ive seen and will see from then on is a gift or a horrible nightmare, but really, its just a ride that will eventually end and we will never remember any of it.

the scariest part about life is that it doesnt matter to anyone but yourself.

in 500 years, in 1000 years, a billion years from now, who will remember you? what you liked? what you didnt?
no one will, truth, but nothing to fear, live RIGHT NOW and you'll live a billion years a moment.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 05:02 PM
As far as I am concerned nature knows how to keep her house clean.

There are millions of murders and people who comitt crimes against humanity like rapists and violent abusers,who are you kidding ---of course the world would be a better place without them,but there is no god to clean them up and we dont have the guts to call a spade a spade,nature will wipe us almost out and she doesnt care if you are a nice person or not.

In my country I get sick to my stomach when I am forced to listen to television and media adds supporting things like Animal shelters and pet welfare,I literally get ill when I think that humans could be so overtly TURNED AWAY FROM THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS into the arms of animals'

Put it this way,criminals who commit crimes against humanity ,that is crimes against human beings must be executed,yes they can be offered salvation AND THEY CAN BE SAVED but they immediatly abbrogate their right to be offered a future when they hurt another human.So you must be gone as an entity so as not to repeat your crimes,humanity has a right to be gauranteed you are not a repeat offender.

We dont have to eliminate our system,simply let it do its job.

If you took everyone out of prison who was there for a money or property related[drugs] crime the prisons would be nearly empty,and we all know it

This leaves us with a very few bad people ,coincidentally these are the ones we base our retarded laws on that allow most crimes to continue being comitted.Because we allow these humanitarian criminals to be treated with mercy and compassion we create a hugem problem for humanity,we actually regress in our behaviour.

We allow the disease to remain alive and allow it to fight for its reality.This creates appeals and liberalisms that provide a warm spot for laws and attitudes which PRESERVE tTHE WOMB THAT EVIL NEEDS TO BE BORN IN.

jReligons propogate a non-humanitarian approach to the future because this affords religons the WARM WOMB THAT SUCH FALSE IDEAS REQUIRE TO INCUBATE AND CONTINUE TO EXIST IN OUR REALITYS.

It really is a battle for religons to remain in our realitys,we need to ask ourselves why it is such a battle,,if it is natural and right should it be such a battle?

People are not evil by nature it is the opposite we are good by nature,even animals arent evil by nature,so why the lies in religons,lies that say we are all evil by nature??



You see if you take out the lies from religons you are left with the purest truths,THIS IS WHY WE CANT SEEM TO RID OURSELVES OF THIS EVIL----IT IS LIVING AMONGST THE PUREST TRUTHS LIKE A VIRUS,welcome to the future----we are the cure.

We will never stop seeking our creator and respecting our creator,but we will no longer be bound by lies of the past which we inherited from our parents and their parents through a bastardization of the purest truths mankind posesses.

So yes a lot of people will have to die for humanity to progress because the deception is so deeply set

The only hope we have to avoid a global issue with billions dieing is if we can bring all of the worlds major relgons together BY THEIR OWN FREE WILL---FREE CHOICE NOT THREAT OF PUNISHMENT BY AN IMAGINARY GOD.

It is as simple as the beginning of this post,we cant continue to allow evil people who commit crimes against humanity to exist ,we must move past them entirely.So in summation no I dont think the majority of us enjoy seeing millions of people die,we would just like to feel that the lives we lose are the right ones,the bad ones

I dont like the US interdicting in the name of democracy,but they are our true spear tip,we need a global council acting as one and we need it right now,we now have the abilty to implement a council like this and we need it within a few years,AND THERE IS NO REASON ASIDE FROM RELIGON WE CANT DO IT.

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by cloaked4u

Yeah, but with out the rule of religion... The roman kingdom/ empire, aka Catholosism

Its not the followers it's the kings that run it. lol

Just my opinion, no offence to anyone

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by CanadianDream420

CanadianDream420 as disturbing as your statement is I still have to agree 100%. In my short time on ATS I've caught on that there are large groups of people who can't wait to have justification (if only in their minds) to use whatever means they feel is appropriate to kill anyone that walks upon their land, regardless of intent or need.

So far I've read three threads of near-identical sentiment by people living in rural areas of the USA warning 'city slickers' it would be wise to not take to the hills when TSHTF. What starts off as thinly-veiled hate quickly ramps up to blatant threats, bigotry and stereotyping in these threads. Considering ATS promotes itself as a civil forum for exchange of thought it's impressive how quickly and how many small minded people are here.

I'm confident there are many folks who will defend their property with lethal force as soon as the opportunity arises. Not everyone who joins the armed forces / military does so out of patriotic blindness or truly wishing to make a helpful difference. Heck no. There are a lot of special people who can't wait to exercise authority over others, play GI Joe and kick it up big time from the PS3. Not everyone who is allowed to have a firearm should necessarily have one within their grasp. That said, these wing nuts are a minority of the bunch. Gun / firearm owners, collectors, and hunters I've met throughout life have been clear-minded people with tremendous respect and knowledge for their firearms and their use.

Hopefully most of what we read about killing people should TSHTF is nothing more than ITG ranting. 420, for the most part, most folks really are good people just trying to get along. I hope common sense will prevail and help will be offered to those in need. During times of catastrophe the last thing anyone needs is a gun-toting angry person making things worse.

A long time ago as a boy I watched Westerns on the B&W TV with my Dad. Many times during tense situations fellows held back from reaching for their side-iron. Back then the movies depicted the reality of how serious taking a persons life is. That respect is nearly lost in cinema these days, where double-fisted shooters take out a room full of armed toughs without blinking an eye.

Maybe that will be the deciding factor for many who find themselves pointing a loaded weapon at another human being. I feel that under the right circumstances, most anyone is capable of most anything. Let's hope we never have to find out.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by cloaked4u

wether you like it or not, mother earth just may do just that.

Mother earth is not a conscious entity

You or anyone else cannot control the planets burps here and there.

Not yet we can't, give it a few hundred years and we will be able to control the planet at will.

I'm sure the dinosaurs tell quite a tale, or ice samples, or tree samples or any other samples, diaries of doom. It is sad to see that, but it is part of life. Something that is out of your control or anyone elses for that matter.

If we gain the technology to advance to a type 2 civilisation then we will be indestructible because we would have the ability to control every aspect of our planet and solar system. We are still a long way off from this though, a few hundred years if we are very lucky

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by CanadianDream420
truly, hopefully, excitingly, authentically and actually want to witness hundreds of thousands of people dying.

Whether it be WWIII, mega-quake, tsunami, nuclear disaster etc... They seem to be almost praying for it to happen.

My question...

Will the be scared?
Can they be helped?

This is why humanity doesn't deserve life.

1. No, they will be dead.

2. No, they are beyond help from any devices on this plane of dimension

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