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Michael Moore shamed O'reilly last night.

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posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 02:40 PM

Originally posted by sminkeypinkey
Wise up and open your eyes.

My eyes are closed, and you are the one who won't answer a simple question.
AND can't SEE evidence.

Ah forget it, no one is going to change YOUR mind, even with evidence pointing to the contrary. Maybe if you ignore it, it will go away.?

It's convenient...Especially if you have plans to make a movie, disguised as a
VERY analagous to what Lefties are saying about Bush, MANUFACTURING EVIDENCE to achieve a goal...
In this case the goal is to belittle what our soldiers are doing to protect us, and others from the war on Terrorism.. AND MAKE MONEY at the same time!

Which leads me back to Moore...Who is very popular with Hezzbolah, these days. Very Popular with Hezzbolah, and The Democratic party...Something
is REALLY wrong with that whole scenario!

I think I'm getting off Topic here...sorry...

posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 06:20 PM
If you looked at the links you cite you will find dispute even there amongst this so-called evidence, what are you talking about?

It's not evidence it's a series of disputed claims.

As I said if this held any water at all it would have been wall to wall for months before the war.....rather than the crap they went with that turned out to be so full of it too.

posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 04:47 AM

Originally posted by Affirmative Reaction
Yeah, keep raising the "YOUR GOING TO BE DRAFTED!!!" bull...takes an act of congress, won't happen for this, period.

Originally posted by EastCoastKid
We shall see. I hope you don't have any kids that will fall into that age group.

Well I dont know If I should get into this.. But i do know 1 thing... without posting backup...

There is an Unofficail Draft going on now.. people who are suppost to come back to the states have to stay an extra year.

people who are retiring have to stay or get exspressed permission from the pentagon...

Do you smell draft yet...

How about this..

If bush gets into office next yr here is what will happen.. on June 15th there will be a draft of people males/females ages 18 to 28 that will be going over to iraq.

ok.. so you may have a kid who is 18-28 send him to college..

oh well sucks to be you cause it dont matter.. you better hope to hell that semester runns 10 yrs cause as soon as the semester is done your kid is gone...

ok so school isnt an option.. we will goto canada..

Well bad news pal.. Canada signed a deal wit the US that anyone that gets drafted and goes to canada gets sent back...

Now proof on this...

A military draft may be reinstated by mid-2005 if President George W. Bush is re-elected in November. An appropriation of $28 million has been provided in the current defense budget to bring the nations Selective Service System up to speed, which many people believe will likely lead to a national draft of young men and women by June 15, 2005.

U.S. military professionals have told American Free Press that due to the Iraq war and large troop deployments in Korea and Europe, a manpower shortage in the armed forces has reached a state of critical mass.

Neither Bush nor his Democratic opponent, Sen. John Kerry (Mass.), would dare to push for reinstating the draft during an election year. The draft was ended in 1973. But many people believe Bush has put the machinery in place to begin a draft by June 15, 2005, which includes setting up and staffing local Selective Service boards throughout America.

The Pentagon has begun a program to fill 10,350 local draft board positions and 11,070 appeals board posts as soon as possible.

Last September, the Pentagon ran an ad for volunteers to fill the slots. But when it was reported in the news media, the ad was quietly pulled.

Registration for the draft ended in 1975. Under President Jimmy Carter, however, registration was reinstated for all men between the ages of 18 and 25 in 1980, in an amendment to the Military Selective Service Act.

Currently, legislation is pending in the House and Senate to renew the draft.

more links

I would get more but i am lazy.. but you get the jist...

thats like saying we wont have a draft is like saying there isnt UFO's or Consintration Camps in the US...

anyway.. thats all I have to say..


I also want to state.. be glad we got people like moore out there.. Alot of people are like sheep Follow anything that is told to them with no reasons at all...

Like someone said earlier.. fear.. They are controlling us with fear.... so a little insight on what is going on is better than no insight at all...

Plsu Saddam had no dealings with this WTC crap.. it was all set up from the beginning...

tell me where a building in the past the size of WTC7 fell after having a fire in it for 3 hrs...

or a building exsplode from the inside out like WTC 6 did...

it was all rigged guys come on face it.. and this crap with sadam was bs in the beginning... just like the fight on flight 93.. Ironically we havent heard the viove recorder on that yet...

[edit on 31-7-2004 by ThichHeaded]

posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by ThichHeaded

There is an Unofficail Draft going on now.. people who are suppost to come back to the states have to stay an extra year.

people who are retiring have to stay or get exspressed permission from the pentagon...

Let me explain something to you. When you decide to join the military, you usually enlist for a minimum of four years active service, although there are now other options being explored for shorter initial tours. In addition, if you decide to separate after that initial four-year term, you agree to serve an additional four years on "inactive reserve". That means you are free to do whatever you wish, but you agree to be called up at any time during that four-year period should your country need you. They may also issue what is called a "Stop-Loss" order. That is what is keeping some soldiers in the service somewhat past their initial commitment. The Army is under such a program right now. Stop loss does not affect all persons, or all services at the same time. It is used to prevent shortages in specific career fields. Retirements are seldom affected, but sometimes are. can read about the Army's recent stop loss program here.

The Air Force has almost completely discontinued stop loss, with a few specific exceptions in critically short career fields.

This is in no way anything CLOSE to a draft, official or unofficial. A draft places non-volunteers in the military. These individuals all volunteered for service and are fully aware of the terms of their service.

The wild speculation that the President is simply waiting for his reelection to re-institute the draft is absurd. The fact is that the US Air Force is actually DECREASING its force by some 13,000 members this fiscal year alone. The Army needs to increase it's numbers due to attrition rates, but the draft will not be used to do so unless dire circumstances require it. As of now, they do not.

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 02:05 PM

Originally posted by Belgarath
Open your eyes America. I don't think America as we know it can survive another four years of this.

Eh, the U.S. as we know it will survive if Bush is re-elected.
I heard the same thing about Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, Carter...

[edit on 8/2/2004 by ThunderCloud]

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