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The All Seeing A.I. - Mysteries & Birth Pangs of the New World Order

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 07:40 PM
An EXCELLENT watch IMO. Serving both a good introduction to those that are perhaps newly "awakened" and as a nice perspective to those that are more in the know on the issues that seem to be but a temporary means to the end. I believe that the uploader did a good job in recognizing/identifying the signals/symbols in use by those that have created and/or are driving this series of VERY unfortunate events that are/have been transpiring around the globe at what seems to be at an ever increasing pace. Many will say that these events are normal and have been happening since the dawn of time and that because we are able to share information at near-real-time speed it only APPEARS as if they are occurring with greater frequency...and to that I say BS.

I recommend that all of you that share a similar view to please watch. Of a particular note, in this video you will hear Professor/Dr. Michiu Kako make a reference to "terrorists". I ask that you please pay particular attention to WHO he is referring to and in WHAT context as I USED to have a lot of respect for him as a person (who he had overcame to become the person he is today) and as a scientist....not anymore after I had heard/saw the original interview (you can research that one on your own if you like) with him saying that. To me he showed his true colors and who it was that he truly served in an instant with that comment.

"The transhumanist view of mystery symbolism for the new age."

Additional links/props:

Hope you enjoyed

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 08:37 PM
Yes a Planetary Civilization is our future. Not a New World Order, they are different.

A UNITED PLANETARY ALLIANCE based on the "Law of Equality".

Not a New World Order Ruled by Masters.

We are going through the "Birthing Pains" of a New Reality. The Darker the moment, the Brighter the Light. The Frequency is increasing, creation is increasing, it's coming to a climax, a fever pitch....

Ian Xel Lungold the Mayan Expert talks about this progression of energy, frequency as it pertains the the 9 Levels of the Mayan Pyramid.

What kind of reality do we want to be born in? A free United Planetary Alliance/Civilization based on Equality? Or a civilization based on Masters and Slaves as in the New World Order?

New A.I. Technologies based on and beyond Quantum Physics will allow and be a foundation of BOTH. TECHNOLOGY is NEUTRAL a's the "Thinking Minds" behind it that use if for positive or negative. And when I say "Thinking Minds" it can be anything that is Self Aware and connected to a Soul Complex, not just Human. I/We just hope it's RESPONSIBLE minds. As in Namaste, "The Divine in me, bows to the Divine in you" type Civilization.

The Phoenix will Rise from the flames.

Big Jedi

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 06:20 AM
I hold it to be true that there is a new order that these mythical 'true rulers of this planet wish to establish and also a new order that YOU wish to have soceity behave as, some utopian reality of perfected humans which would soon go horrible wrong because those malevolent forces would return in a new insidious form. I seen it happen. Planetery harmony is not everlasting and should humankind expand more physically into the universe in about 500 million decades the new world order struggle will still be in motion. Remember we are not the only generation 'V' to try and thawt the Big Bad. I take it throughout human history as far back as to the 14th Century. No sucessful attempts to put a final end on their tentacled control of humans secret enslavement.

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