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animapocalypse, we are all involved...

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 06:43 PM
many of you had say all this animal death a quite common...

so saying it's quite common and going back to our regulat life is the worst thing to do because there is something going on, if for some these are just simple animals, to me it is all our echo system which shook, and when these animals will eventually all die, we will be next.

Now I give you information watch it please, here is the updated card.

This map count of the animals died en masse in the world since the month of December 2010 and early mars 2011.
In comparison to other card will be established to identify any similar events that could have happened in previous years.
All pins pointing on a region to report an incident of mass death of animals will be accompanied by a link to the newspaper article pertaining to this event.
Red = Serious 100,000 or more deaths
Yellow = More than 1000 and less than 100 000 deaths
Green = Below 1000 deaths


so since five month 198 cases worldwide

this map is from 2008 you will fast see the difference .

map 2008

i also find this video


in 2005 just one case ... juste one in a years and 198 case in five month....for 2011

ok people give me your point of view and if you have others videos or articles about April month put it here please .

thank you

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 06:58 PM
Nothing to see here, move along.

A picture is worth 1000 words, but yet I'm can't find a single word to say. Thanks for bringing this to light in such an illustrated manner!

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 07:03 PM
Wasn't it already agreed these animal deaths aren't entirely commonplace ?

Or did I dream it ?

Of course If the first 4 months of this year are anything to go by, 2011 is shaping up to be anything but normal, animal deaths included.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 07:06 PM
Wow..and I am rarely speechless.
A natural cycle? 2012?
HAARP? Chemtrails?
And why are our overfed, toxin-filled bodies not affected to the same degree?

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by MikeyBones

i had the same reaction, i was really thinking it was common in the beginning and then month after month i start to change my mind so i call the natural wildlife organisation here in france i ask them a few question and the women said at the end, yea is quite common when we have 5 or 6 cases in a years but now it's very disturbing... and many case still a mystery

now even if a scientist don't know ... what eles ?

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by solargeddon

this what many peope we can tell now ! those people were wrong...

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by StripedBandit

what is killing the animals can be anything and everything, but the food chain begins to derail andt for us it is catastrophic ...

why many want to minimize that, why saying there's nothing to see

but when some people say move on there is nothing to see,so I started to worry... and know i want found out
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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by pitchdragon

You have proven their point, mass animals deaths are not unknown. LMAO; but, the number of them and the explanations all fail. It has rained fish before; but, that does not provide a good explanation for it raining fish or more recently worms in a cloudless sky. Good job.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 07:25 PM
reply to post by AQuestion

it's like a cancer you don't pay attention but inside it is growing, this mass death animal is showing us one thing this world is sick...

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 07:53 PM
if this is all true which i suspect it is because this is showing up in our own backyards it is somthing you can not hide this then is undeniable evidence that somthing is not right scentists claim to know why some occur or are those that they claim to know what happened really did happen that way they said or are these infact all connected i say they probably are and we are not being told nice job this really puts things in perspective

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 08:19 PM
A picture is worth 1000 words ( very disturbing)
the truth is believed and not attached to detail
this is happening now don't be fooled.









and BIRDS, BATS,SEA LION, PEGUIN, BUFFALO and more and more

people don"t be fooled dont go back to your basic life because the time is now
we should ask question and keep asking until we have a real answer...

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:00 AM
i will keep my investigation ...
many of you talk about dooms day and end of time but no need too look at the sky , the dooms day
is just in front of your eyes...

so now i 'm talking about the food chain

the major probleme we have here and nobody want realy look at it, is that our food chain is totaly disrupted
and now we are looking at an extinction the link in the food chain, yet the effects are not very visible, but these animals are dying in mass exponentially.

I call WWF today and my surprise, they are actually doing an investigation and they give no information as they do not know what's going on.
I also call GoodPlanet, then i found out weird that they deals with environment and they do not heard that mass animals are dying, the woman on the phone told me "there is nothing to worry about''when I give her the numbers she say "there must be some mistake " i said no i can send you all the link ... she said "I must leave you, I have many appointments ....if you want knowmore about our program send an email" a what ? an email... i will send my foot to kick here azz... we are dealing with a new phenomenon never happen in this magnitude on our planet, and they tell me there is no problem ... it's more then strange is astounding

can someone tell me what's going on, everyone is sleeping or what?
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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:10 AM
Is it any REAL suprize when you think of the amount of rubbish, surplus waste, rotten foods, buildings, diversion and adjustments of water supplies, oil leaks, chemicals in our society, excessive nature of the human species etc etc etc....nuclear leaks (forgot that one)............!!

It is surely un-deniable that Human exsistence has had an effect on the planet we live on..... nature's balances are balances FOR A REASON and we have altered them in many different ways to suit OURSELVES....

Even with information like this, presented by the OP the VAST majority of the human race doesn't Give A Feck because it is consumed by Consumerism...............

We who care are in the minority and the ONLY satisfaction we will have is the ability to tell all the other Idiots " I told you so !!" .......... unfortunately, when it is too late.....! It really get's me........



posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by PurpleDog UK

We who care are in the minority and the ONLY satisfaction we will have is the ability to tell all the other Idiots " I told you so !!" .......... unfortunately, when it is too late.....! It really get's me........

I quite agree with you, but to say "I told you" for me is far from satisfaction, because I am also involved in the PROCESSES and i am trying to find a real solution to make an impression I do not want to look back and say I did nothing.

Now i don"t have a glorious image of a certain portion of the population, they slumped on the stupidity that's so much more in demand and take.

and if you think i feel superior to people in saying this, I advised them to "go heal there inferiority complex and just work with me to make this world a peaceful place and not this filthy rubbish dump".

we must stop this mad rush to anything ... there is a no way out...deadlock ,what is fendamentale to our survival is dying in a front of our eyes, forget the xbox, the iphone, lady gaga and other crap, Forget The 2012 ow elenin Because The Time Is Now ... after it's too late...stop puting our head in the sand, the world is sick...
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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:45 AM
Great post. S&F. I have been following this for some time. It is very scary. Interestingly I had bookmarked that same map but it was a link to that same map in English but the link doesn't work anymore. Hmm...

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by Redwookieaz

all was done to make people not paying attention , look for flu 1HN1 for months they have trotted out , it was an epidemi... the result nothing !!

but it's more serious than the flu because it is something that kills animals and this is something for a reason i don"t understand is put in a deep silence.

that's not normal ...all this silence makes me even more curious..

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by pitchdragon

I don't know much for sure but I do know there is a great deal of weird things going at the moment. I follow the trends to get a picture of what is really going on and there are many strange things going on. Thanks for your contributions.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by pitchdragon

All signs are pointing towards the sixth extinction, all other previous extinctions were caused due to natural cataclysms and massive meteors falling on earth. But this one is unique, as it would be caused only by man.

we are losing one animal species every 20 minute.

we are losing 30,000 species per year i.e. three per hour.

And at this rate we will lose 50% of all species by the end of the century.

The Sixth Extinction.

Edward O. Wilson, The world's leading authority on Biodiversity, Emeritus Professor of Biology at Harvard and author of "The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth."

There is little doubt left in the minds of professional biologists that Earth is currently faced with a mounting loss of species that threatens to rival the five great mass extinctions of the geological past, the most devasting being the Third major Extinction (c. 245 mya), the Permian, where 54% of the planet's species families lost. As long ago as 1993, Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson estimated that Earth is currently losing something on the order of 30,000 species per year -- which breaks down to the even more daunting statistic of some three species per hour. Some biologists have begun to feel that this biodiversity crisis -- this "Sixth Extinction" -- is even more severe, and more imminent, than Wilson had supposed.

At a casual glance, the physically caused extinction events of the past might seem to have little or nothing to tell us about the current Sixth Extinction, which is a human-caused event.

we are destroying the natural animal habitats and are polluting the nature, and still humans are thinking that they will be able to survive this sixth extinction.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:40 PM
I just cant believe they dont have answers to this yet. That is strange. Unless they do know and they're just not telling the public. I also read something a month or two ago about trees dying too. I wonder what else is dying off in mass that we just wouldnt notice as easily. Like bugs and what not.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:49 PM
There is no question that a large part of the kill offs on the Atlantic and East Coast is related to th BP Spill and Corexit toxin.

Timing and location fits the large number of die offs.

Expect more soon with Fukushima... already happening if you factor in the Tsunami and Earthquake with abandoned livestock.

We live on Doom Planet... anyone got a ticket off this dump?

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