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Everyone Seems to miss the Main Point

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 04:46 PM
It bothers me that on a daily basis, wether it be on television, radio, the internet or at the local pub I hear people talking about the economy and noone gets the big picture. Everyone is talking about the stock market, jobs, the national debt... ect ect ect.....

Noone seems to realize or acknowledge the underlying fact that our economic system is broken. The cyclical consumption, artificial scarcity, debt based monetary, central bank system of crony capatilism is broken beyond repair. It is no longer relevant and it is the desparate grasping of those in power to keep this system clinging to life that is the primary cause of all the problems in the world.

Noone when talking about job creation seems to realize that due to advances in technology, we can have abundance for all with barely any of the population actually having to work. An economic system that requires everyone to have a job to survive is broken when technology removes the need for people to hold jobs.

Noone talking about the national debt seems to realize that we can't really pay it off. There isn't enough money in circulation to actually pay off the debt. Every dollar comes into the system as debt. They print the dollars, but they don't print the interest. The system has only continued to function up to this point, because there has been enough new loans to cover the interest on the old ones... If the U.S. stops borrowing and increasing the debt.... how will they get the money to pay the interest on the old debt. It's impossible.. Noone seems to realize that.

Soon every institution we have ever known, from economic institutions, governemental institutions, social institutions and religious institutions are going to begin failing because they are mostly irrelevant to the actual reality of the times that we live in. Reality has outpaced all our institutions and I only hope that enough people are aware of the situation to effect the changes we will see so that they will be changes for the better.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 04:52 PM
a lot of people look to the bigger picture of such things as conspiracies of a global nature as this isn't just an USA phenomena. There are other factors which tie into these theories being beyond a national issue.

However, if you would like to look at this aspect of USA and other financially challenged nations then Germany is a good model on which to commence, as it has done a good job of transforming it's financial climate to that of gloom to something very bright and inspiring.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 04:54 PM
They've been saying these things since currency was first developed and yet the world goes on. History is against you on this one sorry.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 05:04 PM
Your point about people talking about the national debt I agree with whole heartedly I mean it doesnl;t matter realy what budget cuts are done. Until you address the matter of the federal reserve. And then what you need to ask people at the pub or anywhere is. Listen everyone agrees be it if you are liberal conservative democrat republican that glass stegal was a major part in thei economic chaos, so why hasn't congress moved to reinstate it?

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 05:09 PM

Originally posted by kro32
They've been saying these things since currency was first developed and yet the world goes on. History is against you on this one sorry.

Especially after a thousand years of control by the same system, and a thousand years of shaping society towards their ends. History doesn't have to repeat itself, if everyone can agree that it won't.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 04:48 AM
The monetary system was broken from the off, as soon as money is gone so will many problems and the problems solved will far outweigh the new problems created i think.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by wisintel


Good post and I completely agree with you !!

People seem to be happy to critisize and complain without either offering any solutions or accepting that the 'good days of excess'' are over and that we, as a society have to get used to not having it all....

People, I think find it easier to 'avoid the issue' and blame someone else YET we are ALL responsible in some way to what has happened...


posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 07:33 AM
There is a lot that needs to be cleaned up, shaken out and fixed up. Keeping you eyes on the prize is needed to get through this mess and come out in a better place. Your post is well put and very important with the whole foundation of money broken, resources misused and capabilities denied. We need to bust open this deception that is based on belief, assemble the facts that allow our potential and stand up to those that deny our individuality. There is something more important than our lives at stake, it is our spirit, our dreams and the reality of our future generations.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 08:46 AM
If it is reality that you seek, then allow me to share some insightsL-

1. Money had been printed and earned. It does not disappear into thin air. The reality is that it had been hoarded up by the elites - corporations and bankers.

In the past, circa 1950s, most corporation and banks would willingly loan funds to invest in MANUFACTURING. But those days are gone, as the elites realized that they could make more money - 6% DAILY, not annually, by playing on the casinoes called stock exchanges, with little risk as they have the largest funds and connections to win against those suckers who plays by small lots.

Thus the impetus no longer exists to put money in banks or invest in manufacturing. And if they do invest in it, they seek the best returns and that can only be relaid on slave labour such as 3rd world nations - China, India, Latin states. The companies no longer answers to the public, but to their shareholders, whom are the very directors of cartels and monopolies. It is them that Capitalism as Adam Smith knew it, no longer existed.

The issue right now is not that there is no money. It is only that is hoarded up or used solely for casino gambling, with little going into manufacturing. And thus the masses are suffering - those with jobs are paid slave wages and those who dont have jobs are them that cannot survive with slave wages paid. The masses had been screwed by the elites.

The Feds - a private institution, supported and protected by US lobbyists, are made up of mostly private institutions, and they are adverse to spend a dime unless it guarantees a substantial return. They in turn influence monetary policies around the world as the US dollar is the most traded and trusted financial instrument.

Destroy the Fed, and you may be left with even more chaos. Would you trust the yuan, which is much more heavily manipulated by the illegitimate gov of China - the CCP, where the rule of law exists only as and when it opens it mouth? Or the Russian/Brazillian dollar, largely unstable and similar in despotism as China is?

There is still a solution:-

USA is still a great country, with its people and its natural resources. The gov may suck, but the people do not, and the sacred Constitution, highly regarded by the world, is a huge guarantee of trust for all mankind. The current institutions of gov - judiciary, executive and legislative, are good enough when fined tuned and the corrupt weeded out to ensure change. The stumbling block is the tyrant Fed.

Our current civilisation is past using murders as solution, and cannot hang the private bankers for what they had done - making money easily avaliable or may even had been encouraging the use of such funds for loans to see higher returns such as wars of conquest and dominations, feeding the military industrial complexes as well.

Today, the solution is the use of legislation to force the elites to encourage them to part with their hoarded wealth, to share it with the masses, not by charity, but by job creation. Not just any job, but jobs that will be useful to society's advancement, such as education, infrastructure, science and medicine research and tech innovations in agriculture, land management, better environments and space.

As our population expands, there will be more labour, along with it, more brainpower, to build and improve upon current knowledge to advance our race even further than today along the way. Earth still has very much resources to share around with mankind for millenia still, provided we do it the technologically advance way of not wasting even one particle of resource.

The only problem right now is - will our leaders, economic, social and religious ones, allow such change? Those whom have wealth and power are the ones whom hate changes not matter how true the logic and reasons proven necessary.

Thus, our young will have to make a stand today, and DEMAND that change, for it is their future and right that they are only seeking, which cannot be conscionably denied by the senile power lusting old generation.

The uprisings you see around the world are not caused by hatred of humanity, or religion, or for power. They are only uprising by the masses denied of freedom and opportunities. Best the elites and dictators pay heed or we will not even need a natural ELE event to wipe us all out.

We mankind are fully capable of doing ourselves in, as M.E. dictators had proven by their stubborness to relinquish power and would rather annihilate all, a common trait amongst dictators around the world.

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