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2012, One more time

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posted on May, 12 2007 @ 05:58 AM
You got to stop taking the bible literally my friend, thats not the way its ment to be read! The Bibles true meanings are hidden between the lines. I do believe something is happening/going to happen in 2012, but the Bible is most definatly not the source of information you want to use. Why? Because its imperfect information.

posted on May, 12 2007 @ 06:35 AM

Originally posted by Tesla
Working backwards and allowing 2160 years for each Age, we are able to date the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian civilization in this cycle.

Fourth Age �� Age of Taurus �� dawned in 4468 BCE
Third Age �� Age of Gemini �� dawned in 6628 BCE
Second Age �� Age of Cancer �� dawned in 8788 BCE
First Age �� Age of Leo �� dawned in 10948 BCE

The Cosmic orbit is opposite of the Earthly orbit.
The zodiac is read clockwise, the Cosmic Zodiac goes counter clockwise.
From Taurus it went to the Age of Aries, then Pisces, now entering Aquarius.

now if one looks closer at the Ages & the correspondences we can see:

Taurus, bull.....that epoch was when the Sumarian, Chaldean, Babylonians were big, Nimrod & such had the Bull motif as symbolic of their people/nations

Aries, ram....that epoch was dominated by the Greek Empires, Alexander the Great is represented in Biblical verses as the Ram who fought against the He-goat (Persia)...also think about the early religions & their animal sacrifices ie lambs or rams etc during that epoch

Pisces, fish....notice that the earlier religions with sacrifices was making
space for the new religion,,,who had the sign of the Fish as the early secret sign among themselves, what became Christianity departed from the blood sacrifices and the Apostles/disciples were instructed to become
'fishers-of-Men' a fitting sign of the epoch, eh

Aquarius, tender of the garden....eventually?? environmental & ecology & cleaning up the chemical polluted, fossil fuel, consumption driven world order will be phased out & replaced by something akin to a bio-sphere project...a earth-&-Timber? single story, hobbit type world of 'shires'?
as we are allrationed out certain technologies and required to downsize former aspirations?? Idyllic? or a dystopia where the privileged elites rule?


as for NYC getting attacked in 2012 olympiad (by self fufilling prophecy driven people) is a non-starter,,,,,,,,,i looked up "2012 olympics" on the search function;
andLondon is the site of the Olympiad not NYC

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 10:22 PM
I would like to differ and insist on counting Daniel chapter 12 verse 12:
1290 from the time of TEMPLE without sacrifice till the time of abomination in the temple:
the first time temple was without sacrifice is 677 AD when the holy of holies was rebuilt by muslims ie Dome of the Rock, The rock is the place of the holy of holies because god instructed jews to place the arc and covenent in it inside a rock with no man' hand work on it( ie the Rock of the Dome of the Rock).
Then in 1976 exactly 1290 years the temple ( dome of the rock) fell in the hand of abominators ( the jews who are breakers of the covenent since Jesus times.
Daniel continues that good news will be for people who wait till 1335 years (ie 45 years after 1290 years then we are at year 2012 which is the year that God will destroy the antichrist. so 2012 is good news and bad news ( bad news because it will happen in the end of tribulations being 2012 the worst year of the tribulation, but it is the year of the sudden destruction of the antichrist, so it is good news for who ever left from the tribulations

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 06:41 AM
all calculations are wrong...the date is actually 12/12/12

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