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Valvolines NeXTGEN Recycled Oil,Ever Increasing Prices..the NEW way to GO!

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 12:45 PM

Valvoline Introduces NextGen Recycled Motor Oil


So I guess its about time that we stop being so dependent on the Big Oil companies and other countries for our oil needs. I wanted to put this up to let the people on ATS that its out now that didnt know or realize. I was just in AutoZone today and I saw the stand where the new product was and I was like "who wants recycled oil". The guy that worked there said "because by using this we wont have to use so much of the newer oil and that Valvoline is doing this to lower the dependency on oil". It all came together after he said that. I had a major brain fart. They also say that its better for the enviroment to which that is a plus. I personnaly believe that if this catches on and people start choosing it over other products it will help lower the consumption of oil. Maybe it wont be by alot but any amount will help..

Making the world a greener place, Valvoline introduced this new NextGen oil line-up for ’11. The new motor oil is made with 50% recycled oil to deliver great engine protection that’s better for the environment.The oil features Valvoline’s proprietary formula that has already received ’10 SAE Environmental Excellent award for reducing emissions. The oil exceeds all industry and SAE specifications as well. Since over three billion quarts of oil are consumed in US cars and trucks each year, NextGen oil is a great way to conserve our oil usage.NextGen will be available in conventional, synthetic and high mileage variations with sizes ranging from one quart, five quarts or one gallon.


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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by gdaub23

This product is made by Valvoline...another multi-national, conglomerate, greedy corporation. Do you honestly think they have our best interest at heart? I'm all for saving money, and I appreciate the heads up for cheaper oil, but I'm not sure these guys deserve any praise.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by neOrevolutionist

If Valvoline's bottom line meshes with the peoples best's interest i would have to say yes. I like the idea of recycling myself, it's better than just tossing it. Ofcourse now i'm wondering what they used to do with all the oil before they started recycling it?

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 01:47 PM
If it's recycled oil, shouldn't it be called Prev(ious)Gen?

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