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Vual Was In My Dreams, Til Last Night

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 12:25 PM
First, this is Vual

"Wikipedia : Vual

In demonology, Vual is a mighty Great Duke of Hell, commanding thirty-seven legions of demons. He gives the love of women, causes friendship between friends and foes, and tells things past, present and to come.
Vual is depicted as a dromedary that after a while changes shape into a man, and speaks the Egyptian language, but not perfectly, with a deep voice.
Other spellings: Uvall, Voval, Vreal, Wal, Wall."

Now have a peek at my dreams here :

A couple weeks ago i had a dream (i didnt bother posting it because it seemed irrelevant) that I was outside of my old middle school, which is now torn down, and school had just let out so there were little kids running everywhere. Melissa, my g/f , was walking in the road beside the buses lined up to take children home. I walked up to her, and usually when she is in my dreams, it is pleasant or calm, but she did not want to be around me for some reason, and i persisted on asking her why, why are you doing this? Then the name came out,"Vual". I repeatedly asked her, "who is Vaul, who is the bass turd"? She would not tell me who he was and then it got violent and screaming. I woke the next day with the name stuck in my head, Vol, Vual, who the hell is Vual?! I have had several dreams with his name pop up and it turns me violent every time, and it turns me against my loved ones.

Well, last night's dream proved to me that i was sick of Vual's crap. I, or my sub-conscious rather, found him and dealt with the problem. I was dreaming, of course, and i was in my own home in the den area with Melissa and we were conversing peacefully til' out of nowhere, the name Vual is brought up. I then became so violent i lashed out at Melissa and threw her to the ground, screaming "i hate you, i hate you". Then randomly, i was in a city with a few of my friends, more than likely something of my minds creation, but it started changing. My buildings were crumbling in areas and new ones were constructing themselves, but the buildings were ancient, like ancient india or something. I immediately knew where to point the finger and i sat on top of a high building and began chanting and meditating. I was on the hunt. I believe i placed myself in the deepest depths of my mind to find this Vual. He even tried to build a maze in my own dream to try and stop me from reaching him
I spent some time trying to find him and when i did, i stopped to see a man, with long brown hair, all black clothing, tall, about 6ft, trench coat, and his arms were stretched out like Jesus on the cross and he was chanting in a language i could not understand, probably Egyptian as wiki says.

As soon as i saw him, i yelled his name "Vual"!!! and he opened his eyes and they were bright red with a mix of orange and it was truly exciting to see someone or thing like this, but i had no fear as i knew if i did not stop whatever he was doing to my mind, it was not going to be good. I charged him, and grabbed his coat collar, and began chanting in a language i did not know i could speak. He didnt say anything to me in english, he just kept staring into my eyes with his red-orange demon globes and chanting and as i chanted louder, he did as well. I knew i had to keep staring him in the eyes and to show no fear, because if i did, Vual would prevail, and my mind would then become his. As we both progressed in this chant-off i began to feel a pain in my side, more than likely due to whatever Vual was saying, trying to throw me off my game, but it didnt work, it was mind over matter. I dont know how long i was contending with him before finally, my words were louder and more fierce than his and then suddenly he flew from my grip, backwards through a random glass pane into the darkness. I had succeeded in overthrowing the creature that was creating hatred and violence in my mind and soul, for now. I have a feeling he will be back soon, but i no longer have fear of this entity, for it is evol, and weak!

Now, check this out.

He gives the love of women

I have been having more and more dreams of my ex-loves and it is becoming rather annoying.

and tells things past, present and to come.

Other spellings: Uvall, Voval, Vreal, Wal, Wall.

The other spelling, Voval? cant be a coincidence from my "Mechanical anti-Christ Dream", i believed it was Jesus speaking to me, but i know now that it may have not been, it was Vual. I mis-heard Voval for volvo.

I dont remember everything He said, but the key words were "VOLVO, Anti Christ, Machine, Love"

So, just to sum it up, my dreams are now a battlefield for Good vs Evil and I Will be ready for Vual next time and he will Not slip in so easily. God grant me strength.

BTW, i do not channel or participate in anything of that matter, so i dont believe i invited this thing in to Me.

-Peace and Love to All

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