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Vivid Dream...May 11....

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:46 AM
At the risk of ridicule, here goes. I am NOT saying these things will come to pass. I am NOT a psychic or claim to be at all. Just thought I would put this out there.

I had a very vivid dream about a week ago. Could actually smell the air. One of those 2 or 3 you have in a lifetime.

Anyway, here it is:


I was under water and could see light above me.I went towards it. Came up through the water. Can remember wondering why I wasn't having trouble breathing. Once above the water, I could see what looked like a coastline in the distance barely discernible through what looked like was a bank of dust. Approached the area to see smoke blending slowly with what I can only describe as a dust storm, but there was no wind. And there was complete silence that I thought was weird. I can't really explain this next part, but at the risk of being called insane, I could all of a sudden "feel" the earth "shake" and for some reason I immediately equated that to a dog shaking off water when it comes out of a pond. Kind of to rid itself of something .. or cleanse itself...anyway, that's what I remember thinking.

I then heard a small voice, and found myself all of a sudden in what i think was a basement. It was very hot and I remember that I was having trouble breathing and wondered why I did not in the water. There was a little light with rays coming in through a broken window through the dust or smoke.... just enough to see a small girl, about 4 or 5 years old. She wanted me to take a piece of paper from her, and I for some reason did not want to take it. I felt like if I did it would be bad. She had been crying, and I could tell by the mascara running down her face (I know little girls don't wear mascara. Remember, I didn't write this!) I remember thinking that If I took it it would be MY problem. Then I remember feeling guilty about not wanting to help.

She insisted I take it and I started crying as if I had no choice. I finally did take it. It was a square, ragged and burnt piece of paper from a flip-type calendar with two "binder" holes . I turned it over slowly. The date read May 11. It had no year, or if it did, I didn't see it it or it was unreadable.


Well, that's it. I remember feeling as i woke up that I needed to tell someone about this...almost hoping that if i did, there would be no event on that date, because I am not psychic. I have been wondering since whether to post it. Figured WTH. So here it is.

One thing is that I will closely be watching the news on May 11.

God bless.


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