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Einstein A Thief

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:11 AM

Originally posted by davesmart

As more people are finding out that some of his calculations are wrong or slightly out,and
i rememberd something i read many years ago but had to do a bit of searching to jog the old gray matter...


Interesting stuff about his wives,
but one only has to remember the issues of his time for more clarity.

[disclaimer: warning the following information may appear both sexist and racist,
for that I apologize. I am only relating what was happening in those days,
not my own opinion. Proceed at your own risk.]

One of the main arguments, prior to Einstein, that was made by Hitler and the Nazis about their supremacy and Jewish inferiority was that /quote the Jews never produced a great scientific mind /end quote.

The entire worlds media was desperate to find anyone to prove them wrong.

On top of that the zeppelin was seen as a great accomplishment and it was
invented by a German man named Karl Arnstein so publicizing Einstien
served two purposes. I reminded people of the Hindenberg disaster,
because Einstien's name was so similar, and introduced the idea
of a rich intellectual life that existed outside of supremacism as
Einstein was quite liberal in his marriages and lifestyle.

All of the physicist that I grew up with knew that he
didn't do his own math, and that it was actually
done by the circle of brilliant mathematicians
who gathered around him. But his ideas,
truly are inspirational and converting
his word problems into formulas is
a worthwhile and useful exercise.

But to suggest that he "stole"
his ideas from any woman
in his life is to force our
modern view of ladies
onto the past.

There are only two super geniuses of science that I am aware of.
Lavoisier and Einstien. In both cases these men were blessed
the the rarest of occurrences. A lab assistant that they were
both deeply in love with and who were their wives. Back in
those days finding a woman with a love for science and a
knack for being a lab assistant, weather a chemistry lab
or a laboratory of the mind, was as common as finding
a supernova. And the great many of potential genius
died alone and unloved by any woman, as their wives
usually hated their work or were jealous of their time
spent in the lab. It was a different world back then.

I do find it interesting though, that here in the post feminist world
the story is being revised to suggest that those men stole the work from their wives
when for hundreds of years one of the great laments of science has been about how much
genius has been lost because of the rarity of finding a good husband and wife team. And now
that we have generations of empowered scientific women capable of participating in just such a relationship
the drum beat for castigation of men in general is being whipped up to a louder and faster beat.

Disgusting if you ask me.

David Grouchy

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 05:24 AM
Kinda wondering how you fit that whole divorce thing in there.

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:34 AM
reply to post by Idotwhat

Not to mention history shows that most men that became powerful had a strong intelligent women standing behind them. Most likely doing all the work and getting no credit.

Another example was Edgar Allan Poe's mother, she went down in history as an insignificant entertainer that died at a young age in England. I've always believed there is a deep Poe conspiracy that has never been made public.

The funeral had to be held at midnight?
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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:59 AM

Originally posted by davesmart
this thread is not intended to prove anything,more of a nature of turning on a few light bulbs

As more people are finding out that some of his calculations are wrong or slightly out,and
i rememberd something i read many years ago but had to do a bit of searching to jog the old gray matter...


He had Two wives. First he married Mileva Maric who bore him three children. After divorcing her,
Einstein married his own cousin, Elsa Lowenthal Einstein. Ever since the marriage between
Elsa and Albert, they have been together until death.

Read more:

now lets have a look at his first wive

Mileva Maric

On December 19, 1875, Mileva Maric was born into a wealthy family in Titel in the Kingdom of Hungary,
Austria-Hungary (today in Serbia) the eldest of three children of Miloš Maric (1846–1922)
and Marija Ruzic - Maric (1847–1935). Shortly after her birth, her father ended his military career and took a job at the court in Ruma and later in Zagreb. She began her secondary education in 1886 at a high school for girls inÚjvidék (today Novi Sad in Serbia), but changed the following year to a high school in Sremska Mitrovica.Beginning in 1890, she attended the Royal Serbian Grammar School in Šabac.
In 1891 her father obtained special permission to enroll Maric as a private student at the
all male Royal Classical High School in Zagreb. She passed the entrance exam and entered the
tenth grade in 1892. She won special permission to attend physics lectures in February 1894
and passed the final exams in September 1894. Her grades in mathematics and physics were the
highest awarded...

In the autumn of 1896, Maric switched to the Zurich Polytechnic (later Eidgenössische
Technische Hochschule (ETH)),having passed the mathematics entrance examination with an
average grade of 4.25 (scale 1-6).[6] She enrolled for a diploma course to teach physics and
mathematics in secondary schools at the same time as Albert Einstein. She was the only woman
in her group of six students, and only the fifth woman to study mathematics and physics at
the Polytechnic She and Einstein became close friends quite soon.


Elsa Lowenthal Einstein

Second wife of scientist Albert Einstein. Born on January 18, 1876, in Ulm, Germany. From
the 1910s until her death, Elsa Einstein was an invaluable aide and trusted companion to her
famous physicist husband Albert. She and Einstein were distant cousins and had known each other growing up.

i dont know much about her except she was so devoted to Einstein that she even turned a
blind eye to his affairs.

a few years into his 2nd marriage he began an affair with Betty Neumann


Betty Neuman was born in 1924, in Lowel, Ohio.

BS in nursing in 1957
MS in Mental Health Public health consultation, from UCLA in 1966
P.h.D. in clinical psychology.

There are other woman that he had affairs with most of whom are scientists of some sort.
My theory is that einsteins calculations were wrong because he BORROWED/STOLE alot of his
1st wives work and came to a wrong conclusion to quickly due to his wives research.

I cant finish this thread without having to mention Tesla.
its been told that tesla and einstein along with other top scientists worked together on the
PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT,for those that are not familier,this experiment used einsteins
unified field theory to degause a ship and render it invisible to enemy radar and also used
teslas massive ac generators to produce the power needed. The experiment was more than a
success and the whole ship actually dissapeard,Its said that tesla was against trying it
again with a skeleton crew on board because of the time clock was not set to the time
continuem (i have no idea what that means) but just before the 2nd run tesla decoupled one
of the generators,so it didnt work 2nd time.After teslas departure they whent for the 3rd
time with a skeleton crew....Il say no more than that cos i know a lot of ats members will
be familiar with the experiment.

A few years ago i seen a site which shows correspondance between a researcher and someone in
the greek navy that says the ship (USS ELDRIDGE) still there!! if any ats members can take a
couple of minutes and tell me what you think.. heres the address

The Current Whereabouts of the USS Eldridge

more detailed story

thx for the input good or bad...dave

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Grammar is your friend...

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