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More local military activity??

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posted on Jul, 27 2004 @ 06:36 PM
I live in the far NE corner of Washington state, an area where one jet flying over is something to write home about. Well today, in the space of 3 hours, I saw a total of 12 jet contrails, 6 of them were in parallel tracks of 2, each time over the same space. Every single one of the contrails went in the same direction, from west to east, over one valley. Not once did I hear a jet, which is also odd, because anything flying low enough to make the contrails I saw would be loud. The one time I did hear a jet, I never did see it. The wind is blowing the contrails down the valley, so the fresh ones are really noticeable.

Also, yesterday, right over the same valley, I caught the tail end of a jet of some kind doing a complete loop and flying off behind a ridge to the west before I could identify it. Again, it made no sound. Nothing. The only reason I spotted it was that I happened to step outside at the right time.

I know there are military bases south of here, near Spokane, and some in Idaho. Could these flyovers be related to military activity? Are troops/planes/equipment being flown east from Puget Sound? It's giving me the creeps to see trail after trail in the sky, all heading the same way.


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