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German abduction case that allegedly happened in my hometown in the 60's!

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posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 04:32 AM
Hello my fellow ATS people, it's me again - your link to Germany

I decided to share a story that happened in my hometown back in the Sixties. I first wanted to put it into the "urban legends forum" but I think it may as well deserves a place in this forum. The most famous UFO/ Alien Abdcution cases are known to originate from America and now I wanted to share it with you mainly overseas folks.

The story I'm going to talk about is also part of a German book called "Die Spinne in der Yucca Palme" (engl.: "The spider in the Yucca palm") that caught my attention because I'm always interested in stories and tales This book includes several modern tales and urban legends which happened in Germany.

I think this particular story fits very well to ATS, so here we go (not the actual text from the book, just my own words, so excuse any bad English ):

It was a cold winter of 1962. 16 years old N.H. [I know the name but don't know if I should include it here] is ice skating with some friends on the frozen city lake in my hometown in the former GDR. It's about 6:30 pm and already dark outside when his older brother asks him to go home with him but N. decides to stay.

While looking up to the sky he noticed something strange: "Just look up, there's a flying star" N. shouts to his brother who is already walking home and laughing "It's just a plane!".

N. skates to the other side of the lake and heads to a lilttle "island" on the lake. Being just about 40m in distance to this small island an extremely brilliant bluish/ white light blazes up, floating about 5 m above the small island. N. is overwhelmed and feels scared at the same time. While standing there he experiences a tingling sensation and loses consciousness.

When he regains consciousness, he is on the edge of an embankment on the shore of the lake, about 150m away from the island. He was confused, not knowing how he got here while having severe headaches and his eyes hurt him. His skates were next to him. He looks at the clock, it has stopped at 06:40 pm. He goes home in a small settlement near the lake. When he arrives home, it is about 00:00 am. His mother is already in great worry, because he never came home that late before. His appearance startled the mother. The face is red, like after a sunburn. On the right side of the nose there is a small wound. The top skin layer is removed. To this day N.H. still has a small scar there.

The next morning, N.'s father takes him to the family physician. The physician is confused and can't classify the symptoms, so he transfers N. to the polyclinic of [my hometown]. The first two nights he has bad nightmares, is sleep talking (inarticulate sentences), or wakes up drenched in sweat. It's said to him (by the doctor(s)) some time later that he babbled something about astronomy, space and time and from God. The doctor spoke to him about it and N. says indignantly:

"That's impossible, I never engaged myself with God."

On the fourth day in the polyclinic N. gets a visit from two Secret Police officials [I may have to add that the system of the GDR was a suppressing one and the back then so called "STASI" was a secret police that spyed on other people if they say something against the leaders or just for "special affairs" like that case]. They asked him to answer a question sheet, entitled 'Unidentified phenomena and those of other kinds'. They asked him many questions, but again he only can remember the light. When they ask him if he knows what an "UFO" is, he can only deny, in the GDR is the word unknown [you have to know all Western World things like movies, TV shows and even radio were forbidden in the former GDR, that means he couldn't be influenced by any movies or magazines]. A few days later he was introduced to two psychologists from Leipzig by his doctors and they wanted to put him under hypnosis. N. does not know what it is, but it was explained to him that it does not hurt and will help him to remember again. A total of three days N. is hypnotized for 2-3 hours, arising 7-8 tone bands. On the last day of therapy, they play him a five-minute excerpt from the first volume. It contains the following dialogue:

'Where are you now? " -
'I'm on a kind of table. " -

'Are there people where you are? " -
'Yes, men in white overalls. " -

'What do you see? " -
'I see an icon on the collar, .... the tree of life from the mythology, but without the snake. "

The same symbol of life tree was obviously seen by Dr. Daniel Fry at the seat back of the spaceship on 4 July 1950 from New Mexico to New York. Alien to Fry:

'This symbol is well known in your history, as we have some of the same ancestor. "

It's quite remarkable how two contactees confirm the same thing without having heard from the other. N.H. did not even know the word UFO. He still returns to my hometown from time to time and gives a lecture. It was until now I learned about this incident so I will pay attention to the newspapers if he's giving a lecture in near future. The whole case reminds me of the Cash/ Landrum case!

(On a side note: funny thing about it is my uncle attended the same school/ same grade with the boy described in the story!).


P.S.: I can provide pictures of the lake and the small island if wanted!

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 01:50 PM
Thanks for the interesting read.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by stormrider26

You're welcome


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