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WW III secret High Tech War Has Already Begun, And It Has NOTHING To Do With Terrorism

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 10:37 PM
I'm sure as most ATSers will attest to... the real world is nothing like the one talked about on the 6 o'clock news.

True patriotic nationalism is fading into history as the real power players could care less about lines drawn on a map.

A symbiosis of technology and greed has helped lessen the importance of those lines drawn on the map. Technology being the enabler and greed being the motivator. Technology has made the world ever smaller. What use to take months to travel from point A to point B now takes hours as well as communication becoming nearly instantaneous. Obviously this has had a major impact on the dynamics of the power players in the world. Alliances that were never thought possible only 100 years ago are now commonplace.

Global symbiotic relationships among the rich and powerful of the world have naturally re-aligned themselves into a new world order from the old due to the technological advances. This is obvious. We see this with the 'internationalists' who have dominated US politics and policy the last 60 years that serve only the corporations and not the people. We have literally been betrayed by our rulers. We have a myth of a two party system when in actually it is a one party system. Watch their actions, not their words and anyone can clearly see it doesn't matter if a democrat or a republican is in office, policy remains pretty much the same. While the uninformed uneducated masses squabble over topics that aren't really that important such as abortion.

So now we have a transformation of power structures and their dynamics that have become global. Linking all the associations between these groups across the globe would make your head spin. The problem now becomes that those in control are more loyal to their global partners which enable their power and riches rather than being loyal to the local population. So what is presented to the masses and what is really going on is continually diverging further apart.

So when you see things that the power players do that doesn't seem to make sense or seems totally ridiculous its because you have no idea what is really going on to make them do those things. They may seem stupid on the surface, but they have cunning ulterior motives. The only thing we on the outside can do is observe their actions, not their words and try to connect the dots.

Connecting those dots seems to indicate that those with actual power has divided into various factions. This is where it gets interesting. The technology that some of these groups posses are shall we say more exotic than Star Trek. One of my heros, Ben Rich has stated this several times.

“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity….. anything you can imagine we already know how to do.” - Ben Rich, former Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works

To put it in perspective, you haven't seen any of the good stuff. They have cut the public off. The only thing you have really seen since world war II is an improvement and reconfiguration of existing technologies. For example, the smartphone. It is just a computer and a radio combined into one. We have had both of these techs for 60 years but this is what is presented as 'state-of-the-art'. This should be a total insult to us all. The problem is the technologies that Ben Rich speaks of would make oil go from $100+ a barrel to almost nothing over night.
But the greedy powers that be will not let you or I take advantage of these great advancements out of greed. If we knew half of what the elites did to us, they would be found and lynched in the streets.

So here we are 2011. We have alliances across the globe who are fighting a covert war. It will only be a matter of time before it will be forced to come out in the open.

One of those groups includes Wall Street, the IMF and BIS among others who try to enforce an international banking system. As you can see when Iraq and now Libya tried to go it alone and not use the dollar to trade with they have been invaded and taken over. What reinforces this is the fact that in Libya just a couple of weeks into the civil war THEY ESTABLISHED A BANK THAT IS PART OF THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING SYSTEM in Benghazi! Now why would that be a first priority!

Perhaps one of these groups wasn't so keen with the international financial system. 9/11 could have very well been a shot across the bow. The official explanation is ludicrous. Those building were vaporized into dust and then fell at free fall speed, including building 7 which wasn't even hit. This looked like a scalar interferometer signature. This was one power group shooting a shot across the bow to another power group.

Then we have the Norway Spiral which was surely a demonstration for Obama as he was in Norway to accept a nobel peace prize. The Norway Spiral was another demonstration of this technology.

And lastly we have the Japan super quake.

Ok here is where you will get the friend of a friend stuff. Take it with a grain of salt. I am not sure what to make of this but hearing this is what inspired me to start this thread:

An ex-Navy friend of mine has shall we say 'seen' a few things that has turned his perspective of the world upside down. He sent me an email of which I have cut and paste the pertinent part here. He describes getting an email from his friend on a sub in the Pacific at the time of the quake:

I was the first to say this was only natural. That the conspiracy nuts will see a conspiracy in anything although after finding out what I know I am one myself now. And after receiving an email from ******** currently on the ******** [a US sub] that was in the area has told me some very interesting information regarding the unnatural characteristics of the quake. He said from whatever sensors they have it was obviously not a normal quake and that he and others were briefed about this event not to say anything to anyone. Fortunately they surfaced shortly after the quake and he was able to send me the email rather quickly after it happened before the briefing.

I'm just speculating here but from some of the new toys that even we are getting to play with now we could knock a f**kin Klingon warbird out of the sky from a depth of 500 ft. hint not a missile!

If you do an internet search you'll see that Colonel Tom Bearden is thought to be a quack scientist. How does this explain all the documented work and more interestingly the undocumented work he has done for those f**kin army jackoffs? He says the Japanese Yakuza obtained scalar technology and equipment from the Russians in the 80s. He didn't say this but I'm speculating they the Yakuza may have had a hand in 9/11, de-materializing the buildings in coordination with the russians and chinese. The us just paid those bastard some payback with that quake. The epicenter was in a position to wipe out their biggest underground HQ. Things are getting interesting!!!!

It sounds like this navy guy has just gotten into the conspiracy world. Some of his speculation is rather amusing. But sadly I think he may not be that far off.

I don't think it was the Yakuza and I think the quake was natural. After all they are sitting on the ring of fire.

But what is strange is the slow leak of strange news that doesn't add up. Spirals in the sky, UFOs all over the place and frequency of mainstream news about them.

The question is, when they are forced to admit they have these techs, will the covert war be exposed and therefore stop, or get worse and turn into a full blown war?

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by wakeUpOrDie

Agree that technological progress is well in advance of current public knowledge and that it is possible that advanced technology is being used in covert ways by the big players as it always has and always will be. However, to suggest that the Japanese Yakuza has any involvment in such covert activities and technology is pushing the boat out a little too far!

You may need to post some evidence of what you state even if it is only indicative to prompt further discussion.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 03:29 AM
reply to post by RoguePhilosopher

Agreed. I don't think the Yakuza would have to much of an interest in destroying the WTC towers.


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