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What does it mean to overcome the world?

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posted on Jul, 27 2004 @ 04:48 PM
This is something important to consider.

What did Jesus mean by overcoming the world? I have a little bit of insight about this. . .

I'm not going to give you any bible quotes. Personal experience is much better.

Apparently, overcoming the world is more than a matter of avoiding physical things. It is a psychic contest as well. I mean psychic in the original sense of the word: The realm of the mind, thought, and emmanation.

Where are the doctriones on this? Where are the scriptures? Where are the words to guide us in this matter? Are we deserted by our leaders in this? Or is there something else happening?

The only books to address this aspect of overcoming powers in this world with the mind are the Gnostic gospels found at Nag Hammadi. They are the last surviving books about the subject available to the west. If something so important and visible is buried and denied, what exactly is happening?

Those of us who are a part of the children of light know these things already, or at least we have a notion. What many of us do not know is that it was not always kept silent, it was not always a secret matter. These things fell into secrecy by intimidation by our advarsary, not because it is virtuous and wise to conceal this matter. It is not.

Our adversaries in this world are those who have fallen into the mass of darkness. Their minds become violent towards us, and project harmful forces and matter. Because their minds are full of dark material, and are hateful towards the children of peace, they attack and oppress us. because they are filthy, they delight in casting their filth upon those who remain clean.

So overcoming the world is much much more than just avoiding sin. In fact, sin has very little to do with it. It is all about power and will, and the powers of the mind. Our enemies use sin as an excuse to attack and oppress. That is what is meant by "accuser of our brethren." They are not judges, wise men, or arbiters of any kind of justice, they merely watch for sins so they can attack someone in weakness. They are animals.

There is a schizophrenic division in our present society, and it is very harmful to us. People use their minds in a disjointed fashion with their outward actions. It is a decption and a lie. They have created an environment where they can act inwardly without outward reprocussion, no apparent consequence for their evil. People have no vocabulary, no cultural apparatus to deal with psychic evil. At least, not in THIS PRESENT COUNTRY. In other times and places these matters were openly recongized, and there were strong taboos and guidelines to prevent this kind of corruption from spreading.

This is how people's minds get screwed up. This is what causes them to fall into depression, weakness, and despair. It is the effect of these powers pummeling them relentlessly. That is what is meant by the flood acting against the house, if on sand it will fall, if on rock it will stand. It is the house of the mind that He spoke of.

So what is overcoming this power like? There is no scripture in the bible to teach us this. That is largely due to the Roman Catholic Canon and their murderous extermination of the "heresies" that were actually the original Christian traditions that empowered individuals over the power of the church.

Fortunately, because of the will of God and the foresight of His children, we have these precious documents to teach us what was hidden from us, to keep us ignorant and fearful.

Mormons, read the Nag Hammadi Texts and prepare yourself for a battle. Once you learn these things, you will be attacked by these forces and you will enter the REAL understanding that Jesus taught. You will see the prison that has been constructed for us, the trap laid for us, and the powers that sought the life of Jesus and any other human being who teaches what He really taught.

So why are people not talking? Why are they hiding this most important and basic aspect of human existence? That is why these books are so important, because they illustrate these things clearly and plainly.

Overcoming is really this; making your mind's emmanation bright and strong so that it forms an envelope around you and reaches up into the air. Your thoughts rise up and become joyous.

Our enemies try to crush this, trying to prevent you from raising your thoughts up. They attack your mind with theirs, anything to distract or hold you. You see, many of our neighbors have discovered how to use their minds to influence others, and this has become an obssession for them. They will outwardly profess innocense, but inwardly be raving wolves. These are the very same who claim to be Christian, but are in fact servants of the devil.

So overcoming the devil is REALLY overcoming the powers of other people. There is no cartoonish firey pit where a red-skinned devil lives. It is right before our eyes. It is the construction of consciousness, and to rise above this intact is the process of overcoming.

Apparently, the goal is to gain enough light to overpower those who surround us and press down upon us. It sounds like a zombie movie, but it is like that.

Of course, not everyone is equally agressive, or motivated to do this kind of evil. Some will use their minds to assist you, others ignore you, and sometimes these people will quarrel with one another concerning your treatment.

All of these things I have experienced. I know that many of YOU have experienced these forces too. How could you not have? I am asking you to address these things with me, just like our ancestors did, so that we might gain some reassurance and strength from each other.

It is not against some heavenly law to do this. It is only in this time and place that these things are hidden, and the motivation to hide these things comes from our advarsaries and their will to act without any oppostion or threat of consequence.

Without taking this thread into the discussion about the nature of evil and our advarsaries, and what their apparant goals are in this time, it is sufficient to understand that their numbers have grown large, and they are in a group mind, sharing each other's will and power. That was described to us in revelations, and this is what it meant.

So while people are still debating about other parts of the bible, the book of revelations has unfolded and become present. It is time to look at it right in the eye and confront what has come to us.

For far too long our enemies have taken advantage of our child-like natures, and our innocense, and have ruthlessly eliminated every trace of wisdom that our Lord left for us. We cannot co-exist with our enemies without the understanding of their natures and their actions. We MUST protect ourselves and prepare for the inevitable conflicts their evil will bring upon us.

The present wars and troubles in the world are entirely the cause of our advarsaries. They are trying to establish their kingdom by force, and by corruption, and it seems as though only Muslims are resisting this. That is the core of the problem between the west and Islam - it isn't political or economic - it is a real struggle of good against evil, and the supremacy of the forces of darkness against those poor nations who would preserve their pursuit of rightoeusness and independance.

Even if they are tyrannies, or poor, or whatever, they still are following a hgher spiritual path than the west, and no one can deny this. What do the western government stand for? What are their goals? If you can answer this than you will find the reason why we are at war right now.

So be shocked - the nature of the world is very different than what you have been conditioned to believe. Don't unwittingly be a servant of evil, don't be convinced to assist and contribute to what is obviously a very powerful evil now trying to dominate the world.

Overcome! That is the battle cry of the righteous of this generation. You see, those of us who are righteous, the children of the living God, the children of light, we are the same no matter what nation we are from. We must speak out, we must join our own numbers together, because we are going to enter a very terrifying time as this age comes to a close.

Wake up, you children of light, I am calling to you. It is time for us to gather ourselves and prepare ourselves, and to cut off the world from us. Armed with the understanding of the ancients, and the true testimony of Jesus, we are able to do this. It will soon become too late for those who are attached to the world. The snare will close, and the hunter will set the line taught, and the greater share of the men, women, and children will go into the fire.

So overcome! And see clearly the battle, and join your brother who is teaching you these things. Now is the hour of darkness, and the final stages of this culture, and the final hour of this age. Just like it was told to you long ago. Believe!


posted on Jul, 27 2004 @ 09:58 PM
The world says if it feels good, do it. Put "me" first. But not everything is good and brings consequences to self and others.

J esus first
O thers second
Y ourself last


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