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How To Piss Off A Police Officer By Knowing Your Rights

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 04:03 AM

Originally posted by mkkkay
When i was young, like 20, i whent to a beach party with a friend, we drank't 1 six pack of beer in a few hours...
When came time to leave, i hade a small buzz but was not drunken....

We left in my car... Ok i did an illegal pass of a car, in a double yellow line.
Next thing i know the police were in my mirror... so has soon as i saw them i began to slow down to stop.
was not even on park yet and my window was open, well i got grab'd by the cop and got drag'd out my window,
and so did my friend in the passenger seat. they broke the chain he hade on his neck.

They put me in the back of the police car, wanting me to blow in their alco test, i refused and said i wanted a lawyer, Is when the police officer said to me, you have the right to shut the f##k up, and keep quiet. wich i did.

My friend refused to identify him self, so they took him in also. When i got to the police station they put me in a small interogation room, handed me a phone book and told me to call a lawyer. so i called one of the lawyers in
that town, he told me to blow and call him in the morning..

So at this point i blew, 1,4, the first time, 1,3 the second time. they hade me for drunk driving and also dangerous
driving. I was wearing only a pair of shorts, no shoes, no shirt, no money (was in the car, that they towd away)

they just let me go... they escorted me to the door and let me go... walk't a bit then came back to police and said look i live like 50 miles away from here, i can not just leave with no shoes and no money... so they called me a cab, and gave me permission to go to my car and get my shoes and money, wich i did...

meanwhile my friend did identifie him self to the police, wich was not good enough for them, they called his mother and had her drive to the police headquarters to identifie her son.

When i go to court, they had i wonderfull storie about the arrest, said i threw a beer can from my window and it fell on the hood of their car, and that i refused to stop for them, they said they chase my car for about 2 miles...

(i kept the empty beer can in the car, did not whant to litter the beach) that is how they knew of the beer cans.

So to keep this short, i plaid guilty, lost my driving permit for two years...and i am now a criminal....

The police can do what ever they want it comes down to what ever they say.
So if you got a camera rolling do keep it rolling...
Because every thing they say is not alaways what happens and they have the law on their side wich we don't.
so keep the camera rolling....

and do go look at
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When I was 16 I went through a drinking phase. I drank a cup of tequila and went out to a local pool hall. Curfew bell rang and like an idiot I stayed. Soon after the cops pulled up and everyone hid beyond a fence(while I sneaked away and hid underneath a postal truck across the street). After everyone left and I thought the cops left I got out from under the truck and crossed the street to see the two cops just getting into their patrol car.

So naturally they came over to me. I didn't run(something a lot of kids did in the area I lived) and was polite to the officers. They busted my chops for a minute about drinking, the slightly younger officer wanted to nail me but the older one gave me a break and they just walked me home(I said I left my ID at home which was true).

Well also the fact I stopped the senior cop from getting run over(when we where crossing the street the two cops weren't paying attention and I slightly grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back or he would of got hit). But after that I really didn't drink that much. Even at 25 I don't drink that much. Maybe once or twice a year if that.

I only had one cop that was a jerk to me(was some young Italian American cop), made me walk over two miles home at midnight because I forgot my car insurance papers(even told him he could follow me home so I could show it to him, was just right up the road on his patrol route). Even threatened me saying "I better not catch you trying to move the car".

But he got "layed off" and the other cops are pretty awesome around here.

It all goes back to the golden rule. If you act polite and respectful cops are more inclined to give you a break, if you act like a jerk they will nail you to the wall if they can.
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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 04:38 PM
"How to piss off a police officer by asking 'Did you see it?'"


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