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Rare Interveiw With Gaddafi Were He Challenges The Federal Reserve.

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 07:42 PM
in this interview with gaddafi (dated: 2011,02,28)he says he live's in a tent,and he don't like money,and his not like them,with their foreign money,i don't need money,he says

then goes on to say his challenges them,and he pokes his fingers in their eye's.

now to me that sounds like he really was about to completely drop the dollar for gold currency,his certainly got enough gold to get the ball rolling in africa and the longer this war goes on the more and more support gaddafi will get,as it's becoming clear to everyone this who war and uprising is BS,and us idiots are paying for it in tax's.

when this whole libya war started,and i wasn't a great fan of gaddafi,but something never seem right about this whole libya thing,so i took the time to look into it myself,and was very very surprised to find all the crap i've been told on the mainstream news to be half truths to complete lie's.

and in a strange sort of way,i kinda have a bit of respect for gaddafi now,not only has he turn his country round and has a better standard of living then we do in the west,his the only one in the whole world who is actually standing up to rothschild and telling him up yours....

you have to respect that.

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 07:54 PM
Great interview, thanks.

I've also heard he was about to modify the Libyan oil industry in order to get more profits for the country. The oild companies were american, and they weren't happy with these new reforms. A month later, upheavals started. This is so cliché, it is sad that so many people believe in a true revolution. Now the EU plans on invading ON GROUND.


posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 08:21 PM

too funny, at first i was curious and a bit concerned...
Why is the Fed Bailing Out Qaddafi?

why would he need all that money, it seems he was just playing games all along...sure ill pay you back...

It also makes sense when you hear talk like this, though i am glad it did come in a somewhat public forum, it was frustrating to here the interviewer HERE be so ignorant and try to argue his points from dis-connected perspective, simply reciting the script laid out for him like a good little reporter

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 12:47 AM
It is great to see one of the little guys stand up to these international terrorists, I vote for Gaddafi. The really dumb thing with all these oil wars is that we do not even need oil. With the patent office suppressing around a couple hundred inventions each year due to oil profits, I mean national security this situation is beyond insane.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 04:33 AM
as much as you all get fed the propaganda bullsh#t about gaddafi,you have to respect the fact,his standing up to the banksters/gangsters of this world.....

and for all the atrocities were told his done....the west has done it ten fold.....

and you only have to look at what these so called rebels/fundamentalists are doing to gaddafi soldiers and civilians beheading them all FFS..thats a Islamic fundamentalism thing...which clearly shows the rebels have dangerous religious ideologies..and as i've already stated in my other investigation about these so called rebels,are infact mujahideen fighters who believe if we don't support the word of the koran,we should die...

we are all told gaddafi soldiers are mercenaries..another load of western to make it look like gaddafi needs mercenaries to fight for him.

its all one big fat lie....were all being duped by the televised illusion to support the invasion of a sovereign nation.

the real fact of this whole libyan conflict is because gaddafi stuck his fingers up to rothschilds counterfeiting banking system.

and you only have to look at some of the other threads about gaddafi to see how mis-inform everyone tainted the news were getting over here about it all...

from being one of those that got sucked in by all the crap on the gaddafi at first that his the new devil of the world.

to finding out the truth myself..and actually starting to have a lot of respect for gaddafi.....his standing up to the big man....that no one else in the world has the bottle to do..

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 06:34 PM
I don't know much about Gaddafi . All i know from the news is that he is an evil dictator who kills his fellow countrymen for personal interest. I do not know whether he is a criminal or not but at least THIS criminal has a face ,unlike the uknown , anonymous REAL threats who organize everything .

I am disappointed from people very much , from my family,my friends,my countrymen ,the whole world . No one cares about the well being of his friend,or a stranger anymore.

My , television shows , wasting time in the coffee house , eating garbage food , racist , addicted to tobacco , lies , pretentiousness . All these words or phrases descride them .

My friends...lazy,unwilling to read books so that they can broaden their mind,wasting their lives in front of a PC monitor,racist,hatred,bullying,despair,darkness,uncertainty.

My country .. it is not even my country because i don't feel i have any rights or power , some others have the power not even the corrupted congressmen .The people have come to believe that the strikes or their vote is their only desperate way to show that they exist , the only way to make themselves heard . The folk has become so weak that they are willing to trade , without second thoughts, their only true power, their vote , in exchange for cheap promises of unnecessary "fake" needs .

The world is becoming a living hell,the grip of the oligarchy is becoming too tight yet through different means ( technology , media , religion) they make us think otherwise . Here i am writing my opinion on a "small irrelevant dot" in the endless ocean of the internet,as well as thousands of others because no one will listen . A few truly care . So what we say our opinions here , and so what ? How better would it be if there was no internet and we could talk to our neighbour and he would listen carefully to what we had to said and vice versa .

All these achievements of mankind and technological breakthoughs are supposed to make us live better , bring us closer , our minds , not our bodies, are turning away from each other , we are all alone among millions of people . Has all of this made our life better ?

The bottom line is that money destroys everyone . Those who have it are wasting their lives trying to manage it and gain more , and those who do not are trying to . Humans have no other goals , only money .

I do not know how badly Gaddafi treats people in Libya or any other Gaddafi in the world ,from where i am standing thats easy to say but, if those wicked minds who pull the strings are feeling uncomfortable from his actions then i will "support " him . I do not rule out the fact that he could be in the plan as well but thats another story . It's late and people tend to become too fond of conspiracies and eventually they lose the true meaning , they waste their lives chasing a conspiracy .

To those who know about the "evil" warlords of this world or work with them , don't you have the dignity to take a gun and erase them ? Maybe killing is not the solution , it definitely isn't it has been done again and again throughout human history and like the Lernaean Hydra , you cut one head and ten more will grow .

Really , what is the true solution to it all ?

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 07:15 PM

Originally posted by RadicalRebel

too funny, at first i was curious and a bit concerned...
Why is the Fed Bailing Out Qaddafi?

why would he need all that money, it seems he was just playing games all along...sure ill pay you back...

lol, wake up lil brother,
it makes more sense when you see
the timeline of events.

In Feb, 2011 Banks in the UK froze Gadaffi's
assets in the UK and Switzerland.

This denied Gadaffi his working capital to
operate Libya. Libya had no debt to any banks
and was sitting on their reserves in UK and
Swiss bank accounts. When the UK and Swiss
confiscated those bank accounts it forced
Gadaffi to borrow money. Borrowed money
has an interest attached. Gadaffi would have
never borrowed if they hadn't stole Libya's
$40B working capital.

Basically it was financial extortion at gun point.
Gadaffi knows this was their plan all along
and is the very reason why he is being
targeted for assassination to silence him.

posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 09:07 PM
You can say what you want about the fed the cfr the imf etc. . If he would have been a good leader, attempts to drum up a revolution wouldnt have been so fruitfull.

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