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Too Smart to Vote

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posted on Jul, 27 2004 @ 04:16 PM
America's November Election Already Decided

There has been a lot of chatter the past few days over the mainstream "noise" networks about the probable or improbable likelihood of November's presidential election being suspended because of some real or imagined terrorist threat. While civil libertarian groups, Democrats, and conspiracy researchers are out sounding the alarm over this impending danger, it would really behoove us all to take a deep breath and remember one vitally important fact. November's election has already been decided, no matter who wins or whether or not the elections get suspended.

It is disheartening to see how long it is taking for this all-too-obvious truth to settle into the collective consciousness. Like drug addicts pining for their fix "one more time", we are still holding on to the illusion that democracy prevails in the Western world. All the anti-Bush forces are preparing for their Bostonian love-fest at the end of this month (which is the start of the esoteric New Year, by the way), imagining it to be some great show of liberty against the neo-con forces of darkness. A few weeks after that, with Sirius proudly asserting itself in the sky (the "dog days of summer"), conservative Americans will exhort the warmongering god of the bible to deliver George Bush to victory once again. Both sides, wittingly or unwittingly, will continue to lead themselves down the dark road of tyranny.

You see, the result of November's election was worked out well before the Primary process began. John Kerry will win. But even if this prediction is wrong, the thrust of it is not. For John Kerry and George Bush are one and the same man, and they work for the same people. No matter who wins the election, one thing is certain…you do not!

Each candidate will paint themselves as different than the other, and media pundits will try to depict them as polar opposites, all for the crafting of the illusion of choice. Like mind-controlled puppets, we will debate the "issues" with our friends, neighbors and co-workers, imagining all the while we are participating in some divinely favored democracy.

The stark naked truth of it all is that both Bush and Kerry, related by more than secret society oath, are just a part of the mask covering the ugly face of tyranny that rules the world. This year, and all the years after it, will continue on the well-planned road to a reduced global population with greater centralized control by a shadowy elite. No matter who captures or remains in control of the White House, the next president will be as much a corporate captive as any of their predecessors.

You think George Bush is free to do as he pleases? You think John Kerry has an original idea he can put into action? If you answered "yes" to these questions, do not trouble yourself by reading further. FOX News and CNN are waiting to give you your daily dose of mind pollution.

What then does the unlearner do? One thing is certain…you do not vote. This isn't done out of any sort of "statement" that you're making to the powerful. It's done because you have so much more interesting things to do with your life now that you are freed from the illusions of it. Perhaps you'd like to wake others up, but this isn't, as a rule, required of you.

As the noise of the "real world" fades into the background of your life, you may begin to see all of the creative possibilities your life has to offer. Engaging in them might provide you with the power that you are looking for.

What to do with the world that you've just left behind? Try to imagine it as the weather. There will be times when it seems sunny outside, but be careful because you might get burned. There will be times it seems cloudy and dreary, perhaps a chance to stay "indoors"? To be sure, there will be storms…several are forecasted in the coming months. Like any reasonable person, you try the best you can to plan for these contingencies, but you don't let them get in the way of your creative pursuits.

To sit in the dark, gnashing your teeth, and waiting for the end to come, is only a self-imposed hell that benefits no one. In the time that you have left, why not shake the dust from your eyes and see the world as it really is just once before you leave it? Perhaps then you might find the love necessary to transform it and yourself at the same time. For nothing can be changed, nothing can be loved, until it is clearly seen. Voting for that is the only decision that will produce unlearned results.

Whose Life are You Living?

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