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Time Travel is impossible, Time is merely your own perception of the energy around you.....Einfail

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 01:20 PM

You said a lot of wrong things up there, on that first post. Man i was shaking my head. Shaking so much i was about to say 'SMH' ugh. You seem to be set in stone on this whole idea. Time ie what you seem to believe it to be which is calander dating, the clock going tick, and believing if we live 5 seconds slowed down by a ratio of .5 per second we would live for 10 seconds perciving 5 seconds as that much, ect, is not what time is. Time is a fabric of the universe. Ever heard of Space and Time? It's pretty hard to define what space is since space is just space. It's just there. Same with time, it's just there. Ever think about what exsists outside the universe? You know how the universe is "Expanding" What is it expanding into? It's expanding in what most scienctists agree to being 'Nothingness' Time is a fabric that holds the universe together. There is a law of time. The speed of light is the fastest thing in the universe. It's the truth. If you believe that we can travel faster than that, it wouldn't be traveling through 3D space that would make us achive such an event. Well it could, via wormhole which isn't traveling faster than light, it's just a shortcut. But you say that we have the potential to travel faster than that. Admiral i agree, but not likely. The only way it seems we can travel faster than light, which bare with me wouldn't literally be traveling faster than that, is if we either cut through the fabric of space and time and shortcut our way through, or if we entered the 4th dimention. If we can travel in the 4th dimention (Which does exsist) than we could easily travel through space and time, very easily. Humans percive the 3rd dimention with 2d images. If we saw in 3d that means i could see every angle of a 3D object. As in my 4d brain would be able to see the front back side middle everything of an 3d object. Now that's hard to comprehend since we think in 2d. 4D should be the fabric of 3D universes connected with something else. But the thing is we exsist on one "4D plane" Just like a line exsists on one "3D plane". So that means if we could, or whatever does exsist on the 4th dimention wants to travel in any way, they need to travel through space and time, literally through time. Our 3D plane is only one "Point" for 4d creatures. As if something apears in your room for a second and disapears, it traveled through our 1 point of 3d space. Now if we could posses the ability to comprehend how to see in 3d instead of 2d, and travel in 4d we could easily travel through any time that will be, and has ever exsisted. Which is interesting if you think about relating it to GOD

Hope this helps!

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 01:37 PM
When we come to understand what the NOW is regarding the mechanics underlying so called reality, you find we exist within a “Processing System”, collectively we (that being “Awareness” or LIFE) produced in the first place.
(No I am NOT referring to the fantasy movie Matrix Trilogy).

We have Produced something to be experienced, then entered that experience for the sheer purpose of experiencing what we have produced in the first place.

To achieve this requires a “Process” of some sorts or we can't experience, as it requires a change or translation to take place producing something of "Sequential nature out of a collective Static environment. Otherwise it remains static.

The very fact that what we experience is “Sequential” in nature involves processing of Data of some sorts.

I would suggest that this is geometric in form, as it involves the changing form, of more than a single dimension.

You could say that all is an “Expression” involving concepts of form in a "Sequential" perspective.

But for all of this to be able to take form, based on “Concepts” require a "Process" or "Processing System" of some sorts.

The fact remains; No "Processing", nothing happens…

This processing involves the presenting of “Concepts” in an order of "Frames" stored in static form then presented in a given order displaying change…

This will involve communication between "Conceptual" ends of perhaps "Awareness or LIFE.

As each frame is presented, this gives the illusion of change interpreted by some of the "Species" as Time.

But so called time travel is only the representing of stored Data.

So ts only involves the access of recorded Data and presentation of that experience again.

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 02:11 PM

Time can be slower or faster based on many factors, whether it be size of the interpreter or the minds ability to calculate/compute the sensory input it receives. But perceiving time as faster or slower than another persons perception is in no way time travel. Nor can you "rewind" or "travel back in time", particles can only exist in two places at one given time, thus teleportation is possible, but even via teleportation you are not time traveling

Actually you are, and those ETs millions and billions of years ahead of us, and EU's far more enhanced than that, outside of the schools, have abilities that are like pixie dust to us. They simply open the portal and walk in.

Our own scientists, the black ops ones I mean, also are starting to crawl up the anthill in technology, though its still on the anthill level.

A metaphorical, interpretation. This is something different and related to the energy waves constructing a 3d matrix, that is shared, and a creation, not just our individual thoughtscape, but we still have abiliites to affect some things. So metaphor only:

The platform is Infinity. There can be no measurement taken in Infinity, as in, placing a dot you still get the same, equal mass of infinite in all directions wherever you place the dot. Of course, we do organize in our minds/consciousness and even sequence events with a sense of "time" but time is a program only, related to orbits, and in reality there is No Time, for thats a measurement. No Time, and its all at once.

Without going to much into alot implied by the cosmic school, infinity within, possibly as small as an atom or grain of sand, for size is a measurement and infinity within, infinity without is all equal endless mass, and can even be compartmetnalized in different ways. Ie. a 20 foot craft on the outside might contain a whole planet or galxy within, or realm, as its gateway, and it depends on what it was made to be by those who understand and can work with what is.

So the metaphor is that the DVD for reality is playing in your mind. Higher Ups have the remotes, and can pause your time program, missing time, and even implant different events on your synapses, input systems, your mind being like a computer can be reprogrammed.

Though there is No Time, it is still in successive moments. There is no movement as that is a perception, and thus we appear and reappear in each scene or clip of a metaphorical infinite roll of film.

Now, lets take earth for example. Earth is concurrent to us in our time. But to those outside the boundaries of our orbit, not so. This can be the far past. To give an example of this. If you were to take a bot and program him to experience your day in 15 minutes, you would disappear from his sight, and to you, he would be standing still or extreme slow mode. Like reading a book or magazine.

Hubble looks out earth concentric on earth's plane or universe. But the universe, a holographic creation, is a collage of different space-times based on orbits, No Time, and densities/astrals. We don't see much consequently.

From a Higher Ups perspective, where Higher and Lower are perceptions and in infinity these measurements don't exist truly but they do in our consciousness, then you would see earth as a DVD run, or book in progress, that has a beginning and an ending, but forever hangs in space, in clips of the film.

Without time travel, but locale or locating, those are clips, you can walk in. Time travel is based on events that are infinite and always there.

We are all moving ahead on the metaphorical roll of film, and taking the next spot when it bumps ahead, with a past version of us, filling the previous spot.

Higher Self can be seen from this perspective easily.

Also time travel done by those who begin to work with the Quantum Physics of the reality around them, and especially Higher Ups and those with millions and billions and even kazillions of years of technology ahead of ours.

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 02:21 PM
Time travel is possible... sort of.

Is there a machine that teleports you to a different time? Of course not. Will there ever be? No.

However, time isn't just a perception for us. Time is exactly the speed at which light travels in your location. Speed travels faster in a vacuum than it does on Earth. Gravitational pull also affects the speed of light. If the speed of light can be slowed surrounding you, then the speed of everything around you slows.

If, one day, we can create a device that slows down time for us while the rest of the world stays at full speed, then you will travel through time. For example, if we have a pod in space that slows down time by 75%, then in 100 years, you'll have only aged 25 years, while the rest of world has aged 100.

Time also goes slower the higher you are. If you're on a ladder, then time, by small fractions, is slower.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 08:05 AM

Originally posted by MaynardisGod
Time Travel is impossible, Time is merely your own perception of the energy around you, aka your own interpretation..... Einstein was wrong about e=mc2 and yes, you can travel faster than light, there is no limitation to anything except your physical body. To think that one man, who's life was in the mere beginning of cutting edge technology and knowledge, was capable of understanding all of the factors involved in physics, is to be naive. He barely even scratched the surface of what is and what can be, and thus jumped to conclusions based on experimentation and calculation limited to the perspective built by human based civilization.

Surely this applies to your statement that time travel is impossible? Do you not base that conclusion on what you know now, what we know now, not what we may know tomorrow?

Just as the Earth was not always round, could tomorrow's discoveries not be the key to unlocking our past and our future? Meaning time travel is not at all impossible, just that our current perception of what it is makes it seem impossible?

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 09:15 AM

Originally posted by Schmidt1989
Time travel is possible... sort of.

Is there a machine that teleports you to a different time? Of course not. Will there ever be? No.

However, time isn't just a perception for us. Time is exactly the speed at which light travels in your location. Speed travels faster in a vacuum than it does on Earth. Gravitational pull also affects the speed of light. If the speed of light can be slowed surrounding you, then the speed of everything around you slows.

If, one day, we can create a device that slows down time for us while the rest of the world stays at full speed, then you will travel through time. For example, if we have a pod in space that slows down time by 75%, then in 100 years, you'll have only aged 25 years, while the rest of world has aged 100.

Time also goes slower the higher you are. If you're on a ladder, then time, by small fractions, is slower.

Your argument about the possibility of time travel merely focuses on TWO types of time travel, namely, moving very fast in no gravitational field or just being immersed in a stronger gravitational field. Anyone with a college education knows about these predictions of Einstein's two theories of relativity. However, Einstein's gravitational field equations have as a possible solution closed, time-like curves (the famous Austrian logician Kurt Godel found such a solution in 1949):
This makes time travel possible in principle, although only in a non-expanding universe. Godel's universe is not a realistic one. But perhaps there are other exact time-like solutions that allow expansion? No one has proved otherwise.

The suggestion that an alien civilization a billion years ahead of us could never devise the technology to alter the local metric of space-time and achieve time travel is plain ludicrous. And quite arrogant. All we can say is that humans do not yet possess such technology.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by Schmidt1989

Do you know anything about this ???

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 09:14 AM

Time is real, it's just a measure of a difference in two events occuring. It's annoying to read threads in ATS with people always rabbiting on about how we "know nothing", but we actually know quite a bit - it's how you're able to sit on a computer spewing tripe to people all around the world, and not still living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

And the idea about the train that Einstein said is hilariously wrong. He fails to account for the fact that time is merely an interpretation that the mind calculates based on sensory input

When did he fail to account for that? That is what Relativity is, that's the entire point of the train scenario (which I'm not positive but I don't think he even came up with the train analogy).

How we perceive time and what time actually is is entirely different, when I'm bored time drags, but it doesn't actually slow down. A day is 24 hours always - just because I'm having fun doesn't mean that it shortens to 12 hours, even if I may perceive it as that.

Einstein was wrong about e=mc2 and yes, you can travel faster than light,

Can you? How? That equation states that you can never reach lightspeed as you have to have infinite mass (or none), what do you have to show for faster than light travel, except wishful thinking.

But I don't think what you appreciate is that you saying you can travel faster than light is the same as saying you can travel (backwards) in time, to an extent.

It's always good to keep a skeptical mind with things, and by skeptical I mean thoughtful not outright dismissing something you don't fully understand.

Of course time is just a matter of perception, but only in as much as everything else is a matter of perception, velocity, distance they're only perceptions, but they're repeatable perceptions and that's what we call science.

And I don't mean to sound harsh, but I've just taken a look at your "theory of light" thread, you would really be doing yourself a favour by picking up a popular science book that can explain scientific theories that's digestable by everyone. I recommend taking a look at Bill Bryson's "A Brief History of Nearly Everything", it will clear up a lot of things for you.

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by MagnitudeZero

When I say we know "nothing" what I actually mean is we know X amount of infinity. That translates into "nothing" in layman's terms.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

What is the source of this?

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by RoguePhilosopher

LIFE or what was referred to as "The True Mind" in the Ancient writings... It comes from the Libraries, of what was called the Soul, in the Ancient Writings. These Programs can still be accessed today....

Its part of a Program which has to do with "Time Travel". (NOT of Human invention)

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 06:07 PM
Quite amusing to see that people still think space and time are related in any way. We certainly use them both in our methods of equating various factors and variables, but they have no direct relation to each other, nor does light have anything to do with time but we certainly use light as a form of measurement for time when we want to calculate something. As many have stated, time is simply a way to measure the difference between two states of matter/energy... merely a way for us to wrap our heads around what is happening to the world around us.

When I read this article today I was finally glad to hear that the idea of time as a dimension is being disproved by those we call "scientists".

"MARTY! Your not thinking 4th dimensionally!"
"Of course not Doc, we're just actors in a movie about a very fun idea, time as a 4th dimension is as real as our flux capacitor made out of basic supplies from home depot!"

"Great Scott!"

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 06:34 PM
Time Travel isn't possible. That's because time is fixed and always flows forward. This is entropy and since the universe started in it's most ordered state, it will always flow from order to chaos. This is a fixed arrow of time. Time may flow at different speeds at different points in space or on other planets but it will always flow forward.

The key is to warp spacetime. Me sitting here on the computer and me at 5 years of age is just two points in spacetime. If you could warp spacetime you would be carried to the point where you were 5 years old. The key is not to move. As soon as there's motion, you're in the grip of entropy and forward time.

Here's an article on a hypothetical warp drive.

The warp engine is based on a design first proposed in1994 by Michael Alcubierre. The Alcubierre drive, as it's known, involves expanding the fabric of space behind a ship into a bubble and shrinking space-time in front of the ship. The ship would rest in between the expanding and shrinking space-time, essentially surfing down the side of the bubble.

The tricky part is that the ship wouldn't actually move; space itself would move underneath the stationary spacecraft. A beam of light next to the ship would still zoom away, same as it always does, but a beam of light far from the ship would be left behind.

So time is fixed and flows forward based on motion. Space can carry us to different points of spacetime even points in the past.

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by Matrix Rising

How many times can a DVD be replayed ???

All that you experience is prewritten much like a program having multiple choices.

It is always NOW so we can access ALL... NOW.

Just because the primitive species (Humankind) doesn’t have the knowledge does Not prove it can't be done.... LOL.

Man are there some in this Universe (experience) laughing at our absurd beliefs....

Come on Children of Earth Wake up from your slumber....

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by MaynardisGod

your post sounds more like a denial of time existing.
if time doesnt exist, how can one travel in nothing?

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 05:15 PM
Before you make phony arguments about the impossibility of time travel, speak to Patrice Chaplin,
the daughter-in-law of Charlie Chaplin, accomplished writer and screenwriter, one of whose books was made into the film "Siesta". Or read her two books "Secrets of Girona" and "The Portal". They will blow your mind.

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 05:25 PM
A quick skim through of the first page has left me a little confused. How is it that one can defend the concept of time travel so easily? We flock to movies contain this ideas and the paradoxes that come with it but if any scientist today were to say "I am building a time travel device" would he actually receive funding? There would be a ATS thread devoted to that scientist with many naysayers with in. Most would say he or she was a charlatan without actually saying why. Thats whats so amazing about ATS - the hypocrisy that abounds within.

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 06:35 PM
Quantum physics will show that time travel is not only easy to do, but we will be able our physical body's that is to travel through time with our thoughts.

Why I say this is that at the Quantum level we are no different than any other object that we see, but with the ability to control our body's at the Quantum level with out minds will allow us the ability to not only travel back in time or forward in time but travel all over the universe to any place that we think of and exist in any state we wish to be in.

As crazy as this sounds it's the next perfect evolutionary stage of our existence, just think with free will and the ability to travel freely any where in the universe, with no government or any other person to hold you back or telling what you can't or can do we would be better that some of the ET that are around us right now.

I can't understand why we as a race of beings are so hard pressed to always thinking that we are so limited in how we live and think and what we can do, I guess until the first person starts doing it, will make the rest of the world believe that you can do it to.

If you live in a box, then the box is your life, them this is all out side of the box.

posted on Jul, 5 2011 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by MaynardisGod

Unforunately Time Travel is an impossibility as outlined below... However Teleportation may be a reality. Only through space but no through time.

All scientists, mathematicians, and theorists are missing the primary ingredients of Time Travel. They have leaped into the Sci-fi impossible without looking at some basic facts. I personally would love to be able to Time Travel. I would go ahead in time and gather Stock Market charts and then come back and be a billionaire.

Here are some practical things that must be reconciled to allow the smallest possibility of travelling in time.
1) Life is constantly in a state of decay. We are not physically eternal. In order to go back in time you have to assume that every form of matter must be captured in a time wave protal to the nth degree of timing. Every sound, light, physical matter, odor...all must be assumed to be eternally existent in order to go back and visit every minute detail.
2) In the future you would have to assume that the same events and matter already exist in all forms of matter simply awaiting to be set in motion. This is not even rational for some of the most educated minds of science and theory.
3) Time is simply an element of measure. It only exists on earth. It began at creation when God said, "the evening and the morning were the first day." Time and seasons are based on the rotation of the earth, the earth's revolution around the sun. Out in space away from our solar system time does not exist. so the person who travels light years for 3 light years vs. 20 years on earth...they were still gone and absent for 20 earth years. They will be 20 earth years older just like all of us.

The fact that the earth rotates and wobbles and changes its elipse causes time travel impossiblity. you could send someone back and they could land in the ocean or in a tree.

4) Even the slightest deviation, a change in pace of a passer-by, someone stopping to give you directions like Basiago, any change would cause a change in the already delicate system of the eternal ripple of time and activity.
5) The g-force to reach the speed of light would not allow any creature to survive. They still would have to overcome the pressure differential to create a zero gravity within the sealed craft that would hold together at such speeds.
6) If you went to the future to visit yourself and give yourself some type of advice you would not be surprised to see yourself because you would already know you had met yourself from the past. If you go into the past to correct something with yourself you would not have needed to do this because you would have already been visited by your future self when that original time occurred.

That is the dilemma. If we are simply waiting for the future to come so we can achieve Time travel to go back in time and correct history. Then that is evidence that all matter is not eternal and we are on a single timeline headed in a single direction. When time is passed it is gone forever, never to be regained or reviewed.

7) There is a possible solution that scientists have overlooked. They have overlooked it because they would have to admit that God exists. The answer is found in the Bible. I have a theory as to how it might be achieved but all the issues I've mentioned make me believe it is impossible.

posted on Jul, 5 2011 @ 03:51 PM
I agree that time travel is essentially impossible. But there may be a way of changing one's perceptions and perspective enough to "be" in a different time and place without actually "traveling" there. That's the trick. And that's supposedly how the UFOs work. They don't so much travel from where they come from to here, they "become" or "manifest" themselves into our reality for a short time.

Unfortunately, we have very little understanding as to how that is accomplished, since we still tend to think of reality as solid objects bouncing off each other.

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