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On CNN Anderson Cooper Tonight, alots of War Mongering

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 10:03 PM
On CNNs Anderson Cooper Show there was a debate between a Robert R columnist talking from skype
on the show with an military adviser from the pentagon, but Anderson Cooper was not on tonight but anchorwomen was his replacement for tonight, for a moment, the debate was going normally for a min, until the Robert R columnist opened his mouth.

He was claiming how the rebels are untrained, and were only inspired by the revolutions in egpyt and elsewhere in the middle east and went to say how the EU or the states needs to do more, he claims that the rebels were running out of time and that the rebels dont have the time to be trained.

After that he called fora regime change, the anchorwomen went on to say, shouldn't the USA forces or EU personally kill gaddafi.

Did anyone here on ATS catch it by any chance?

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