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A simple Message to ATS Members...

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:13 PM
I wanna write this,not to compain,but to give some advice to the newer members of this site. I myself am a newer member but I feel that I have gotten to be comfortable enough to be a contributor to ATS. I recently recieved a post from someone, on a thread I started, complaining about the subject and going off about it telling me to give him a break. All it was, was a video that I found to be interesting and felt like sharing. And the member wasnt even new but only had a few posts under their belt. Coming from someone that adds no contribuations to ATS at all I was a little offended that they had the nerve to complian in the matter they did.

When I first joined I spouted off about a few things that I really shouldnt have and I was put in my place. I didnt get mad but rather I understood where the veterans were coming from when they told me I didnt have any reasons to complain and maybe I should wait til I have been a member longer before speaking out about certain things. I appreciated their advice and appreciate anyones, those who care to advise and not critsize. Anyway lessons learned and I moved on.

For new members its crucial for you to sit back and get used to things and how they work instead of jumping right in and thinking you know it all and how ATS works after being here for a few days. Because I definately dont know everything there is to know and everyday I get on here I try to figure out as much out as I can. Myself and many others on ATS try offering advice to newer members to help them along in knowing how things work and to feel more comfortable while theyre here. My advice to new members is to take all advice for what it is and dont think that its people trying to critisize you. People are trying to help make things better for you so everyone here can have a good experiance.

Another thing is for posters that are newer or only have a few posts under their belts. Heres some advice before you slam someone elses posts or threads that are only trying to contribute. Make sure you at least have attempted to contribute something informational or interesting before attacking someone that has at least tried to. Before cutting someone down please make sure that you have at least earned something for your contribuations before ridiculing someone who has. Or at least start to contribute something, rather than nothing, other than rude posts directed at others that at least try...I feel people should earn their way like myself and many others are trying to do.

So in short,to all new members please try to take advice from those who know what theyre talking about and are only trying to help you. You can tell who these members are by just by looking at their stats. Please dont slam members or leave rude comments on those posters threads that are only trying to contribute especially if you yourself have done nothing to try to do so...Ats is a great place to be on as long as people dont act the way the example i mentioned did...
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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:25 PM
I hate it when I say something and a veteran member is like "You've only been here a month.!"
I'm like, no, I have been here 3 years. This is just my 4th account. Because for some reason, any time I log out of ATS it refuses to take my name, password, or even the password given by the site in my Email.

I have recently decided that restarting my browser helps.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by gdaub23

Don't apologize for the arrogance in these forums!
Just because some losers feel the need to flex there virtual muscles for there daily ego fix.

Some of the best threads and posts are from new members.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by gdaub23

It has nothing to do with New or old ATS members. Many of us have been playing on the internet far far far longer than ATS has even been around and I was probably on it longer than some here have even been alive...

I think we need to concentrate on common sense, courtesy, and respect. When I decide to chastise someone for being rude or inappropriate how long they have been here has no bearing at all.

I've called top 50 contributors on BS the same way I'd call a guy with 1 post.

You never know who is behind the keyboard on the other side so it is always best to speak to the content of a post rather than a poster.

Granted you will get to know posters, like some, dislike some, laugh at others who have odd avatars.

All that said I do feel you!

I hate when someone just jumps in and slams you all while adding nothing at all. If you're going to slam me at least add something to the discussion!

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 10:14 PM
I have only been here for a little longer than a year, and as you can see, I have never authored a thread. But, I try to comment and add my two cents here and there. I agree with you about sitting back and watching for a while. You learn so much from others, and you actually get to learn about the posters themselves.
For example, you are someone who comes across as honest, able to take criticism (constructive and otherwise) and adds much to the threads you reply to. I think you will find, after you have been here and "observed" for a while, that most of the posters here are generally extremely patient, kind and like to offer their help at any given time. The'll soon learn to try to ignore. (notice I said "try to ignore")
Well worth the effort though! I spend most of my free time on here and can't tell you how much I have learned from some!

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