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Man awakens after being super-animated for over 100 years (work of fiction)

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:14 PM
Nurse: Remember, this is his first military briefing since the attack. Please don't hyper stress him.

Fleet Admiral Follberry: He'll be fine. Your dismissed........Vice Commander Boldin, your looking well rested. You've been through quite an ordeal.

Boldin: Sir, yes sir. It's good to be awake.

Follberry: We're just going to cover some basics for now. The goal here for the next 30 days I guess is to get you into a state were we can get you transferred to the Command Ship. I need you on that ship son; I want to get that data out of your pretty little head.

Boldin: Yes sir. I understand. I'll tell you what Fleet Admiral, what they did to our ship......

Follberry: I reviewed the data drive from your escape pod. I know what they did to your ship.

Boldin: That first volley sir, it was all over. They could have hit use once and in 15 minutes, that ship would have been nanoized. But they hit us seven times, sir. Seven volleys. And as soon as those escape ships starting popping out............

Follberry: I know what they did to the escape ships. I know what they did to the escape pods to.

Boldin: Well, the escape ships were designed to keep you alive, not to light speed you out of there. It was just luck I ended up in a pod.

Follberry: Commander, knowone has been super animated for over 100 years. 112 years. Even today, it's never been done. What kind of technology ship was that?

Boldin: It was 17 levels above top secret. We were looking at another 20-30 years before we revealed it to fleet military. But somebody knew.

Follberry: I'll say. It was that ridiculious half ore, half supply ship. Everything on that ship and all the secret levels. And they make it dependent on some idiotic convertion ship. You had a black hole on that stupid ship, Boldin. That's when the war turned around for them.

Boldin: We lost?

Follberry: The history drive says as soon as that ship went nano, we white and blued seven planets to wrap it up clean.

Boldin: How could we give away seven planets?

Follberry: That's a conversation for another day. Now I need to know....There isn't a shread of evidence on your data drive.....

Boldin: There wouldn't be.

Follberry: I'm familiar with super secret protocal Commander. There wouldn't be a data record only if......

Boldin: That's right, that whole ship met the criteria.

Follberry: Let's cut to the chase Commander. I want to know what your mission was.

Boldin: We were perfecting super cooling systems for primary cores.

Follberry: Impressive. But you must have had a working model for all the....

Boldin: We had an alpha model before we left the dock.

My God........Commander, a primary core from your day is a core 7 today. Core 7s are used primary on transport ships in safe zones.

Boldin: ....garbage core....

Follberry: I wouldn't refer to any core-tech as garbage Commander. It takes more then a garbagebot to refreeze a core.

Boldin: So we haven't made improvements on garbagebots since I animated?

I'd hardly consider that a priority. Well, I'm curious Commander. You remember any super cooling times?

Boldin: Well, let me ask you this just for sport. How long does it take to super cool a core 7 these days?

Follberry: Good Lord Boldin. How should I know? I'm only a Fleet Admiral. But I can tell you a core 10 super cooling process can be done in about about 2 1/2 hours if your using biocomputers.

Boldin: Biocomputers. That was science fiction in my day. But on the primary cores, the core 7s, it took us 2 hours and 49 minutes on the last run. The goal was 1-59 but we felt like in 10-20 years, we could probably get it down to 55, 1-05 maybe.

No....112 years ago? That's not possible.

Boldin: We did it Fleet Admiral. We did it with an alpha model. Had we not been attacked..........

Follberry: Son, I've got boys and girls on my command ship that are going to make you feel stupid. And I know that's saying allot. I've got 27 ships in this fleet. If you can do what I think you can do, it's going to change the force shield regulators on everything we've got. Our casuality numbers will be a fraction of what they are today.

Boldin: Fleet Admiral Follberry, get me off this hospital ship.

Follberry: You understand that once this technology is deployed, it's going to start wars.

Boldin: I disagree sir. I think it'll be the technology that stops them. This could give us an advantage for 200 years.

Follberry: Well, maybe 50.

Boldin: I disagree sir. Do you know who engineered the super animation drives in my day?

Follberry: Not you.

Boldin: My grandmother sir.

Follberry: Commander Boldin, your going to have allot of girlfriends. Make sure none of them are related to me. I'll see you on my ship in 30 days.

Boldin: Fleet Admiral Follberry, your going to be so impressed with me, your going to let me marry your daughter.

Follberry: You go right ahead mister. But you remember one thing. When I told you to stay away from my family, I was trying to do you a favor.



It's a quick work. Its pretty weak but what do you think? Opinions?

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:25 PM
outstanding action and story line....

that, from dallas
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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:32 PM
They have no change in language with such a massive generational gap?

Story is very reminiscent of the Forever War.

Good overall though, protagonist seems a little quick to come to his senses, and is instantly cocky in an unknown environment/traumatic event.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by Genfinity

Nurse: Remember, this is his first military briefing since the attack. Please don't hyper stress him.

Fleet Admiral Follberry: He'll be fine. Your dismissed........Vice Commander Boldin, your looking well rested. You've been through quite an ordeal.

Boldin: Sir, yes sir. It's good to be awake.


Not bad at all. I do like it and I believe my mind drifted a bit as I was reading. This is how I saw things going down.

Amy turned from her patient and looked worriedly at the hulking Fleet Admiral who had moments before demanded to have access to his now bed ridden Vice Commander.

"Remember, this is his first military briefing since the attack. Please don't hyper stress him." The Admiral could tell that this nurse was a well seasoned veteran at her work and nodded assuringly as he dismissed her for the time being. Amy gathered her notes and equipment and strode past the Admiral shutting the door behind her.

As the door closed the Admiral directed his cold gaze on the Vice Commander. "Vice Commander Boldin, your looking well rested. You've been through quite an ordeal." The Admiral's tone conveyed a degree of disappointment and the Vice Commander could feel that one comment now engulfing him with shame.

The Vice Commander tried to sound confident as he responded. "Sir, yes sir. It's good to be awake." Was that too soft? Was it indifferent? The Admiral's gaze was so hard to read and the Vice Commander was now at his wits end.

The Admiral noticed his Vice Commanders hand reach nonchalantly behind his pillow in the moments after he finally spoke. What he couldn't see or anticipate was that his Vice Commanders hand was now gripping the three fifty seven revolver that Amy had left just for this occasion. The Admiral stood looking disappointingly at his younger officer.

The Vice Commander now smiled widely and returned his own gaze of utter contempt....

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 09:21 PM
Dialogue can be amazingly descriptive, even in an attempt to outline seriously difficult situations as in the OP.

Don't know why that is. Is it because when we read people talking, we immediately try to 'see' them in our minds eye? Is it some kind of psychology at work?

Well written - S&F

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 10:15 PM
I fired off another one over here.

Thanks for your replies. Constructive criticism can be a great thing if you keep your mind open.

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