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Peter Joseph - Social Pathology

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 11:49 AM
Peter Joseph – founder of the Zeitgeist Movement has given this lecture on 13th of march at Z-Day in New York.
Transcript of introduction to the speech:
I’ve entitled this “Social Pathology.” I decided to use the metaphor of disease to describe the current state of social affairs and the trends it foreshadows and perpetuates. I was first introduced to this idea of relating social state to a cellular state by a man named John McMurtry, who wrote a book called “The Cancer Stage of Capitalism.” The rationale is pretty simple. Just as human beings have to deal with pathogens invading and harming their life system, so too does the social system we all share. Of course, these societal diseases are not generated by ways of physical germs or the like. Rather, they come in the form of presupposed principles of preference; cultural “memes” that transfer from one to another based on values, and hence, belief systems. These “memes” or patterns of perspective and behavior are what eventually result from or comprise the cultural manifestations around us, such as the ideas of democracy, republicans, democrats, the American dream, etc. In chapter one we will examine the symptoms, and hence diagnose the current stage of disease we are in. Then in chapter two we will establish a prognosis, meaning what can we expect from the future as the current pathogenic patterns continue. And finally, in chapter three, we will discuss treatment for our current state of sickness, and this is where the concept, of course, of a resource-based economy will be initially examined….

The website says its published yesterday, enjoy!

I found it to be again very informative, his presentation is brilliantly clear, i enjoyed it alot.


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